Dirty Work Review

artist: All Time Low date: 07/04/2011 category: compact discs
All Time Low: Dirty Work
Released: Jun 6, 2011
Genre: Pop-Rock, Pop-Punk
Label: Interscope/DGC/Geffen
Number Of Tracks: 12
All Time Low have just released their 4th studio album "Dirty Work", their first on major label Interscope. "Dirty Work" has a much less polished sound than on "Nothing Personal".
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 6.8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 5.3
Dirty Work Reviewed by: -DeathByDisco-, on june 10, 2011
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Sound: All Time Low has been one of my favourite band since "Put Up Or Shut Up". They were Pop-Punk back then but now they went for making unicorn-poop-pop-girly-music. I know it sounds like I'm a "hater" but that is not really true. I've listened to this album several times and I wanna love it, but I just can't! Even though there are a few catchy songs which go in to a little more Rock direction like "Do You Want Me (Dead)?", "Heroes" or "Forget About It" the overall Sound of "Dirty Work" is and always will be POP. I remember reading an interview with Alex Gaskarth, where he said they wanna ditch the "unicorn poop" sound that "Nothing Personal" had. But in the end they made it even worse. Songs like "That Girl" sound like they could have been written by the Jonas Brothers and it's just sad! I don't wanna b-tch about All Time Low even if it maybe sounds like it. Now I will take a look on each song. 01. "Do You Want Me (Dead)?": one of the best songs on the record. It starts slowly but picks up really quickly and there's a riff in it which I really dig. 02. "I Feel Like Dancing": at first I didn't like this song at all but later that day I was singing it at the top of my voice. A catchy song. AWFUL LYRICS! 03. "Forget About It": my favourite song. Great Chorus and a easy but awsome guitar solo. 04. "Guts": a example for what this record could be. If every song on "Dirty Work" could show this kind of creativity I would love it. Its a new sound but it doesn't try to appeal to 12-year old girls. 05. "Time Bomb": I remember listening to a demo of this song on YouTube. Nice melody and I liked it but ATL ruined it with all this delay and weird effects they put on Alex' voice. 06. "Just The Way I'm Not": decent song. Nothing special. Lame excuse of a verse but the Chorus is a sing-along though. 07. "Under A Paper Moon": an ok song. Not one of the best but still ok. 08. "Return The Favour": weird mix of ATL and Panic! At The Disco with Piano and strings. Not bad but you have to get used to it. I think it just doen't match with the rest of the record. 09. "No Idea": slow song which isn't bad of course. But this is just awful! No catchy melodies, no good lyrics... I really hate it. 10. "Daydream Away": reminds of "Remembering Sunday" but it can't live up to that potential. 11. "That Girl": like I said earlier - sounds like it could have been written by the Jonas Brothers. Moreover it got some really crappy lyrics. 12. "Heroes": a proof that they CAN still write fast pop-punk songs! It got a heavy bridge and a great Chorus -> I love it! 13. "Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me": weird but cool beginning. I really enjoy the guitar riff but the chorus is kind of a let-down. 14. "My Only One": this is like "No Idea" -> Awful... I can't say more. 15. "Merry Christmas Kiss My A-s": catchy song which had been released before. I like it! 16. "Bad Enough For You": nice melodies but the lyrics ruin the song. The sound of this whole record doesn't really appeal to me but there are a few songs which are ok. // 6

Lyrics: Alex Gaskarth is one of my favourite singer and that hasn't changed much. There was a live video of "Under A Paper Moon" on YouTube ven before the album came out and both versions sound almost the same. BUT I've never heard such awful lyrics. Just "I Feel Like Danicng", "That Girl" or "Bad Enough For You" show the lack of creativity here. "That girl she's such a b-tch" - I mean... What is that?! And I think it's really sad it the lyrics kind of ruin a song. // 3

Overall Impression: I'm torn. There a few songs on "Dirty Work" which I don't want to erase from my ipod anymore but there are also so many weird and crappy effects and melodies which just compleatly ruin the album. Most impressive songs from the album would be: "Do You Want Me (Dead)?", "Forget About It", "Heroes", "Guts". I wouldn't buy this record again. I just would download my favourite songs from iTunes because there's too much useless junk on this album. This is a let-down even if you're a fan. It's not bad - It's just a disappointment. // 7

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overall: 7.3
Dirty Work Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 04, 2011
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Sound: You either love All Time Low, or you love to hate them. Even if you're part of the latter group, there's no denying that "Dirty Work" is one of the most eagerly anticipated rock releases this year. Having seen the studio updates and hear the previews, I was really psyched for the album, and I wasn't disappointed. 01. "Do You Want Me (Dead)?": An impressive opener, which boasts a huge riff and punchy vocals. The song really sets the tone for the album, although some sections feel a little disjointed. 02. "I Feel Like Dancing": I heard a lot of crap about this song, but honestly, it's not that bad. A guilty pleasure from the record. Good, but not great. 03. "Forget About It": A really catchy and high energy tune, whith some nicely placed synths. The spoken word bridge ruins the ending, however. 04. "Guts": Doubtlessly the best song on the album. Killer guitar work and standout vocals make this a must-listen for anyone who's ready to write off this band. 05. "Time Bomb": A catchy tune, if a little underwhelming. The instrumentation leaves a lot to be desired. 06. "Just The Way I'm Not": One of the more poppy songs on the album. The more you listen, the more it grows on you. 07. "Under A Paper Moon": An awesome track. Heavy hitting, and full of lyrics about love and how crummy the world is. Bliss. 08. "Return The Favour": The one thing that ruins this track is that it tries too hard to be mature. The Spanish guitars and pianos attempt to show a more grounded side of the band, but it just falls flat. 09. "No Idea": Another mature sort of track. Doesn't fare as badly as "Return The Favour", but is still just a little bit too tame at its core. 10. "Daydream Away": This acoustic track is hard to bear. It wants to be Remembering Sunday badly, but doesn't have the depth to fill those shoes. 11. "That Girl": This song has no redeeming qualities. Bad lyrics, bad instrumentation. Just awful. 12. "Heroes": This song sounds like a bit of fanservice for those who miss the days of "So Wrong, It's Right". It certainly works, and ends up being one of the best tracks on the album. 13. "Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me": Another guilty pleasure. Not quite in keeping with the tone of the album, but still a good song. 14. "My Only One": Just bad. Plain bad. 15. "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass": Nothing special. A listenable track. 16. "Bad Enough For You:" Yet another misfire. // 7

Lyrics: Alex Gaskarth has handled lyrics for the band with reasonable skill, and remains lyricist for the album. There is a notable difference between the style of this album and "Nothing Personal". Gone are the snarky lines about girls, booze and one night stands. Pretty much every song in the album is about love, something which really annoys me. Are there really no other topics? His singing on this album is stellar. His range is immense, and he hits every single note with searing emotion. // 7

Overall Impression: If you're one of those people who hate All Time Low for becoming "poppier", or are worried that that's what's happening, then this is when you jump off the bandwagon. There are no signs of them reverting back to the "So Wrong, It's Right" era. Personally, I think this album is awesome. Some tracks are hilariously bad, but for the most part, the record is great. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Dirty Work Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 10, 2011
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Sound: All Time Low have just released their 4th studio album "Dirty Work", their first on major label Interscope. Between their touring, they began writing for the album. "Dirty Work" is the follow up to the commercially and critically successful album "Nothing Personal", the album that shot them into the public eye. "Dirty Work" has a much less polished sound than on "Nothing Personal", Described as "less polished, more gritty" by front-man Alex Gaskarth and working with Rivers Cuomo and having guest vocalists. The guitars on this album don't follow the simple 4-chord patterns found on "Nothing Personal", and they have some interesting guitar hooks and lead parts. As always drummer, Rian Dawson has done a brilliant job on this album and Gaskarths vocals sound brilliant. Having jumped on the all time low band wagon after hearing "Nothing Personal", it feels like this album lacks the fun they had on that album, but still a solid album. // 8

Lyrics: 01. "Do You Want Me (Dead)?": this is my favourite track off the album at the moment. The chorus is very catchy and the lyrics are very interesting with lines such as "I've got my hands up, I'm staring down the barrel of a loaded night". A solid, good intro to the album. 02. "I Feel Like Dancin'": the first single off the album, released prior to the albums launch. When this song came out I hated it and felt down by the band, but the more I listened to it the more it got stuck in my head. The song grew on me and I knew the lyrics after a few listens. Lyrics on this song aren't the best admittedly "Everybody getting kinda crunk, I think some dude just grabbed my junk". Gaskarth said the song was meant to be a humorous parody of most things played on the radio. Written with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. 03. "Forget About It": good verses/sing-along chorus/Very interesting bridge. This song is the most "Nothing Personal" sounding. It features gang vocals in the chorus and a good guitar solo. The bridge is just Gaskarth talking saying: "You know, there are some days when I really feel like this could work. Like, you and I are finally gonna get it right. Then there are days like today, when you make me want to tear my fucking hair out." 04. "Guts": "Guts" doesn't sound like anything they've done before, interesting guitars, more of a punk-pop song than the usual pop-rock. Powerful vocals throughout and features guest vocalist Maja Ivarsson. 05. "Time-Bomb": they played this song live when I saw them back in march. It was originally a simple plan song, but when they were recording, simple plan gave it to them because they believed "This is more of an all time low song". "Nothing Special" on the lyrics here and a chorus that gets stuck in your head after 1 or 2 listens. Solid song. 06. "Just The Way I'm Not": another new step for them, some good lyrics on this song like "When it's broke it's perfect". Sounds well produced if not slightly over. 07. "Under A Paper Moon": inspired by Ella Fitzgerald's "It's Only A Paper Moon", showing the wide musical taste, this was another one of the songs the played live prior to the album release. This is another favourite of mine. It was interesting to see how the lyrics would fit this song as Gaskarth posted them online before it was played live. I imagined a slow acoustic number, but it's a fast paced up-beat sing along that doesn't slow down. 08. "Return The Favour": the song starts with a Spanish guitar and fades into a kind of dark, sinister number. The lyrics show a vulnerable side, when compared to the usual dance/sing along's. Very different for them. 09. "No Idea": a brilliant song, sounds similar to that of "Too Much" off "Nothing Personal". A song that everybody can relate to. It gets lost amongst other songs though with it being one of the last songs, but still a stand-out song. 10. "Daydream Away": another stand out song of the album, lyrics are amazing on this song, bar the "Douche-bag wives" line. The lyrics "I'd drink a little too much, You'd offer me a ride, I'd offer you a t-shirt and you'd stay another night" Hits on a personal level. Lyrics on this album are a lot more mature than previous stuff. This acoustc jam is the best song on the album, would have been the best song to end the album with but still amazing. 11. "That Girl": I like the new sound on this song, over-produced but still a song that you can shout out and dance along too. This song captures elements from other genres and puts them with pop-rock and it blends well together. 12. "Heroes": sounds like it would fit in with their earlier works. It would go in well with "So Wrong It's Right". This song is meant to be a tribute to their earlier fast paced punk sound and it does that well a good song to end with. I have other bonus tracks and studio demo's of songs but their not worth reviewing with the rest of the album give them a listen on YouTube or iTunes. Gaskarth's lyrics and vocals are outstanding yet again on this album, just at points I wish they would use a little less auto-tune as he has an amazing voice. // 8

Overall Impression: I think that this album is brilliant, but then I'm a big all time low fan. From an unbiased point of view I think this album isn't the best they've ever put out but is a very worthy follow-up to nothing personal. It has parts where you recognise the things this band do so well and other new parts that the band explore well. The downside is that they have moved even further away from their original sound, I personally love the new sound, but other fans disagree with this. So for me this album is fast becoming one of my most played already but I know it may have alienated other fans. Worth a listen though, recommended for fans and people who have never listened to them. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Dirty Work Reviewed by: tobz66, on june 16, 2011
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Sound: Sound: When I first got into the American music scene All Time Low was one of the first artists I heard and they have become my favorite band and I have followed them grow from the early works of "So Wrong It's Right" to the brand new album "Dirty Work" and I must say. I'm very pleased with the new sound. There is a good mix of the original All Time Low sound that everyone loves and then we have new sounding songs like "That Girl" and "Daydream Away". I'd agree with Alex Gaskarth about the album being a lot more grittier. And I will admit it does sound a lot more mainstream but don't most albums when a band releases an album on a major label? Altogether the new sound really suits the band! // 8

Lyrics: Lyrics: 01. "Do You Want Me (Dead)": Brilliant, strong start to the album. Very catchy chorus. Lyrics are very All Time Low like but also quite mature. Great start 02. "I Feel Like Dancing": Possibly the most catchy song on the entire album. I personally think that the lyrics are very good for a parody song. Alex and Rivers did a great job writing this song. Brilliant song. 03. "Forget About It": A definite different song for All Time Low. Different style riffs, Guitar Solos and a different style lyrics. Yes it does follow the standard Pop-Punk idea of a relationship but the lyrics show it in a completely different way to how All Time Low usually show it. Alex's vocals on this song are brilliant in my opinion. 04. "Guts": This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I find that every aspect of the song is amazing and makes me want to hit the replay button over and over again. I find the chorus is one of the catchiest choruses I've ever listened to. The lyrics 'is this what it feels like, finding out that I've got the guts to say anything' are very easy to relate to in any circumstance. The vocal melodies are exceptionally good even when Maja comes in. It makes a good change for ATL. 05. "Time Bomb": Loads of people give this song a massive load of grief when they review it and I don't get why. YES it is a Simple Plan song originally. But could you really imagine Simple Plan performing it? It just wouldn't go. The lyrics are cheesy but aren't most All Time Low Songs? The vocal lines are very good as well. 06. "Just The Way I'm Not": This is a very different type of song for All Time Low. I think it is possibly the most Mainstream song on the whole album but it is a very good song anyway. The chorus is very catchy. The whole music is very well fitting to the lyrics as well. Altogether a very strong song. 07. "Under A Paper Moon": Another one of my top songs on the whole album. The chorus is one of the most powerful choruses in the whole of All Time Low's history. The lyrics are very powerful as well. Simple. But powerful. I think this may go down as one of the songs ATL use live a lot more as it stands out so brilliantly. 08. "Return The Favor": This song is brilliant. All the genres mixed into one song makes this song another standout on the album. The lyrics are a lot more mature than what we are usually used to from All Time Low but are still brilliant and stand out a lot. Great song. 09. "No Idea": This song I am quite mixed on because every time I listen to "Dirty Work" I sometimes shut off on this song. It is a good song and has very mature lyrics that people can relate to but it's just not one of my favorites. 10. "Daydream Away": Great song. Took me a few times to get into it but I did in the end. It is a very tight song with some great melodies. The lyrics are very powerful. The only line that isn't is about the douchebags. Otherwise it is a great song. A top song by ATL. 11. "That Girl": Love it. It's cheesy. Really poppy. Just an all round great song. The lyrics are very strong. It does remind me of Mcfly in a weird way and it is an obvious change for All Time Low but it is fantastic. Really strong song. 12. "Heroes": One of the closest songs to the original All Time Low stuff which I think people can actually relate to. Mainly the chorus. Loads of people can relate to "You're not a hero, you're a liar, you're not a savior, you're a vampire". And lines like "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer". The melodies are like traditional melodies Alex would do so it sounds brilliant. Great Album closer. // 9

Overall Impression: Comparing it to the last ATL albums. I do believe that "Nothing Personal" is still the best but "Dirty Work" shows they are growing up and maturing out a lot more. There are songs on this album that will compete with songs such as "Weightless" and "Dear Maria, Count Me In". I love the whole concept of the album though. Most of the songs are about relationships either going sour or not actually happening and they are all shown in completely different ways. I also love the new sound. They sound even more tight than they were which means they are going to be a lot stronger on their next major album. I can't really find anything I really hate about this album as it is a strong album like each album before it. All Time Low are just great songwriters. The definite leading songs on this album are: "Guts", "Under A Paper Moon", "Daydream Away", "Heroes". All around though. "Dirty Work" is a very good album! // 8

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