Nothing Personal Review

artist: All Time Low date: 06/18/2016 category: compact discs
All Time Low: Nothing Personal
Released: Jul 7, 2009
Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Hopeless Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
It's a repeat of their past works but with a more positive attitude. This album is a fun, up-beat karaoke sing-fest.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.3
Nothing Personal Reviewed by: Bair, on july 08, 2009
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Sound: Since this is another pop punk/ emo band the guitars and drums aren't expected to be too complicated and they're not, but they're catchy and thats the goal. There's a fair bit of synthesizers used throughout the album but they compliment the lyrical content. It's a little lighter than their past records but I'm guessing they were going for a more up-beat sing along type of feel. All in all, there really isn't anything new here, another bunch of songs that sound the same but since they all serve their purpose (putting a smile on someone's face) they all sound awesome. // 7

Lyrics: Again, nothing different from most bands. They seem to have shifted their focus from angry, complaining lyrics about past love and depression to alcohol abuse and partying which is more up my alley. There's still a fair bit of references to girlfriends and break ups but from a different point of view. They speak of them with a "I don't care, I'm gonna get drunk" attitude. They use more profanity on this album than any of their others, but it still melds well with the lyrics subject matter and ideas in each song. I understand now why the songs "Weightless" and "Damned If I Do Ya" were released as singles since they're the two best. // 8

Overall Impression: There's a reason why this review is so short, it's because there's not much to say about this album. It's a repeat of their past works but with a more positive attitude. For me personally the best tracks are the two singles, "Break Your Little Heart" and "Stella" but I'm sure other people will find other songs enjoyable. This album is a fun, up-beat karaoke sing-fest but what's wrong with that sometimes? I found it worth my time but not worth the wait I had for it's release. If you need a "pick me up" then definitely pick this one up. Nothing Personal though. // 7

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overall: 8
Nothing Personal Reviewed by: mallen i am, on july 08, 2009
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Sound: I'm quite new to All Time Low, only getting So Wrong, It's Right a few days ago. Needless to say, I thought that was an excellent album, so I decided to purchase Nothing Personal, which conveniently came out only a few days after I first dipped my feet into the All Time Low pool. My first impression of this album was positive, with the first 6 songs grabbing themselves a 5 star rating on my iTunes. I'm not totally sure what I liked about the songs. Maybe it was the fun, catchy, pop punk guitars, or the lyrics that seemed to dance around various tales of love and loss, as well as other topics. After those 6 songs though, my interest cooled slightly, as synth was introduced to the mix, a sound which I personally feel did not fit the rest of the album. The exception was Hello Brooklyn, which did not heavily contain synth. I will explain my dislike of this song in the Lyrics section. However, when the album reaches song 10, the guitar riff grabs me from the start, in a kind of way that, despite it not being challenging, it just creates a classic pop punk "epicness", for lack of a better word to describe 4-chord fun. From thereonin to the end of the album, it is again very good. // 8

Lyrics: My hatred of the song Hello Brooklyn was very strong after hearing it. The fact being that, at the end of the chorus, the line "Everybody knows that there's a party at the end of the world" just seemed cheesy and clich. I didn't understand why a song with lines like that managed to make the album, when the lyrics everywhere else appear to be well thought out. Also at the end of that song the lead singer reels off names of random cities from every corner of the world, sounding a bit like a Eurovision caller. This song really failed to impress me, and brought down the album somewhat in my mind. Apart from that though, it was impressive lyrically. There were few childish lines, few clich lines, which kept the album fresh to listen to throughout. // 8

Overall Impression: Compared to So Wrong, It's Right, this album is not as good, but when you reach your third album you can't expect to retain the spunky freshness of your other releases. There isn't that much new to offer if I'm honest, just the same formula that's been followed in previous albums, which has always worked for me. I would rebuy this album if I lost it, but only if I had a few quid spare. I wouldn't say its flaws bring it down too much, and overall provides a good listen all the way through. Fans of pop-punk music, possibly looking to fill a void until blink release something new (as I am), would probably enjoy this album. My personal favourites are Break Your Little Heart and Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Nothing Personal Reviewed by: bloodred16, on july 14, 2009
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Sound: Since 2007's So Wrong, It's Right, All Time Low have progressed with their sound. They still have that pop-punk vide which keeps you smiling from ear to ear and makes you want to jump around, but there's also an added sense of maturity to it. Nothing Personal, in this sense, is a step forward for the band. They've managed to progress and bring out a different record to it's predecessor, whilst still keeping their roots. The album itself is very polished and sounds like it's been made to fit in with mainstream pop-punk, like that of The All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy. It works as well, they've brought in new components like strings, programmed drums, and "Daft Punk" style vocals. It's been done in such a way that it doesn't overpower the albums sound, but gives it a bit more flavor. This flavor is showcased very well in the song "Too Much". It brings plenty of new elements with the "Daft Punk" styled vocals, programmed drums and synths. It gradually builds up to introducing the entire band and it's transitioned well. However I do find it a weak link on the album, it's a good song and does work well with the album, but it feels like it's holding the album back. With "Therapy" they do what "Too Much" does in being a slower paced song, yet it's stripped of all the new elements, and works better for it. It's a nice, gentle end to a great piece of work. // 9

Lyrics: Catchy and easy to remember pretty much sum up the lyrics. There are a few cliched "oh-oh"'s here and there, but they tie in well and don't feel over used. The vocals themselves have been produced to sound flawless, you can't nit pick at them because there's nothing wrong with them and all backing tracks flow well both with the songs and the lead vocals themselves. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall this album is a step in the right direction for the band, I wouldn't say it's better than So Wrong, It's Right, but I will say that the next album should be a killer. I look forward to a few years down the line and seeing it's appearance. Stand out tracks are "Weightless", "Break Your Little Heart", "Sick Little Games" and "A Party Song". The first single off the album - "Weightless" - has an interesting start and wastes no time in introducing the programmed drums before kicking in and becoming unforgettable. It carries that All-American Rejects sound and it's pulled off well. Altogether it's the sort of album which could stay stuck on your CD player for days and not get boring. Wind the windows down in your car and play it loud, 'cause it deserves it. Having listened through the album 5 times over I gotta say, it gets better with every play, so if you're not so sure the first time, give it another try. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Nothing Personal Reviewed by: samcox855, on june 18, 2016
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Sound: As a vocalist/guitarist, I think Alex Gaskarth is one of the most talented clean vocalists on the pop punk scene. Even from All Time Low's earliest work, his voice has remained both passionate and easy to hear. Many pop punk artists slur their words or sing unintelligibly, but Gaskarth keeps his words discernable, creating songs that are enjoyable to listen to and easy to sing along to. These incredible vocals, combined with the astounding instruments, make the album the great 12-song CD that "Nothing Personal" is. The bass is audible amongst the guitars without drowning it out, and the lead and rhythm guitars do their respective jobs almost flawlessly. Overall, the tunes created by the band are a must-listen for all All Time Low - scratch that, all pop punk fans. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrically, this album is the epitome of 2000s pop punk; being dumped, dumping, hating your town, you name it, the album has it. Moreover, this album has some of the catchiest lyrics I know. I haven't overplayed any of the songs on this album, yet I can still sing along to most, if not all, of the songs with enough memory of the chorus to hold my own in an All Time Low karaoke session! As well as the stereotypial pop punk cliches, the album does have some deeper lyrics as well. None come to mind, but I've listened to this album enough to understand the deeper meanings to some of the lyrics beneath the catchy, foregrounded choruses, which truly makes this album a near-perfect 41 minutes of easy listening. // 9

Overall Impression: All Time Low have stuck to their roots on "Nothing Personal," maintaining the pop punk, Blink-182-esque sound they had and have continued to have up to "Future Hearts" (2015). This album is a perfect example of modern-day pop punk, and sets an example for other bands (the album was a notable influence on Tonight Alive's album "What Are You So Scared Of?" (2011)), as well as proving to their new AND lifelong fans their worth as a band on the pop punk scene. Would definitely recommend to fans of Blink-182, Green Day and 5 Seconds of Summer, and anyone who enjoys being able to sing along to songs. // 9

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