Elegia Balcanica review by Alogia

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  • Released: Oct 6, 2014
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (4 votes)
Alogia: Elegia Balcanica

Sound — 10
The sound of AlogiA is incredible. All of the band members definitely excel at their chosen instrument, and I love how the guitars work together with each other and with the synthesizer in particular. This band features two guitarists and are both very focused on lead playing which makes them sound amazing, and I love the twin lead guitars. The quality of the sound is also amazing and the whole album sounds very professional. I also love the effects used in this album, especially the synthesizer sounds that sound almost experimental at times.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics itself are probably the only slight downside to this album, as they don't sing in English. However, since I am obviously all about the guitars it doesn't matter to me that much. The vocals are very well sung and I love the way the vocals harmonize with the other instruments. His voice is actually very professional and therefore deserves at least 8 out if 10, if I could understand the lyrics I would give an even higher rating. I do appreciate a band singing in their native language and not following the trend and singing in English without really speaking the language and understanding what they are talking about.

Overall Impression — 10
"Elegia Balcanica" is the latest album from Serbian band AlogiA, and you can tell these guys are true professionals and have been doing this for quite some time now. The album starts off with the song "Almagest" and the guitars will actually blow you away. I love the incredibly fast rhythmic playing that suddenly changes into a more melodic riff. The guitar solo at around 1:30 is also really well played, and I love the techniques used and the melodic feel to it. 

The second song is called "Callis Ad Astra" and this song features the amazing voice of singer Nikola Mijic and I have to say I just love his voice. He manages to hit those higher notes each and every single time, not only in this song but throughout the entire album. This band actually completely earned their place as opening for acts such as Whitesnake and Apocalyptica

"Galija" is another amazing song and I really love how this band is using guitars, bass and synthesizer to create a sound that will knock you off your seat. This song also features some amazing female vocals that really set this song apart. 

"Vreme Je" is very melodic and almost more hard rock, rather than progressive metal. It reminds me a lot of iconic bands like Iron Maiden, which is always a good thing. What I really love about this band is the way both of the guitars switch between rhythm and lead. 

The next track is called "Elegia Balcancia" and this track is probably my favourite. It not only ticks all the right boxes for metal fans, it also features an acoustic guitar that works really well with the strings and just gives this song a very unique angle. This single is actually the main song on the album since it has the same name and was also released as a single, and I really love the video as well as the single as it really shows that these guys must be amazing playing live. 

The next track is called "Ona Zna (Lilith)" and it features very melodic guitars and an amazing synthesizer on top of that. This song focuses a lot on the vocals and I have to say it is once again very well sung. What also really stands out here is the second solo, in particular the twin guitar part. There is nothing better than two guitars playing awesome lead riffs at the same time. These guys really know what they are doing and this song has got a hint of '80s metal in it, which is always a big plus for me. 

"Inferno" has a heavy sounding intro and a slightly slower part for the verses, and once again the guitars work really well together and compliment the vocals, drums and synthesizer. I should also mention that the bassist and drummer do a great job (not just in this song but throughout the whole album) and are able to keep up with the guitars and keyboard player. This is something that only very few metal bands can do, so it is worth mentioning. 

The last official track on the album is called "U Tisini" starts off with a clean guitar and synthesizer sounds that almost remind me one of my favourite bands ever; Pink Floyd! Once the distortion kicks in this song starts to rock and I love the lead melody in this. The vibrato style the guitarist has is really unique and gives band a very distinct, amazing sound. 

The bonus song "Intentionally Blind" features Silent Kingdom and this song has a quite different style and vibe to it than the other songs, which is refreshing to hear. The effects used on this song are different from the rest and this song features awesome screaming from start to finish, along with the usual incredible instrumental work. 

All in all this is an amazing album for anyone who is into progressive metal and I am sure this band will be even more successful in the future than they already are now!

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    Guitars...sound...ewwwww...Music is also somewhat too predictable for my taste. But eh, it's okay. Sounds like a not-so-well-working mix between Dream Theater and Ayreon.