A Stimulus For Reason review by Alpha Galates

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  • Released: Mar 25, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (4 votes)
Alpha Galates: A Stimulus For Reason

Sound — 9
First, start by introducing some autobiographical information of this band, since it is an emerging band and "A Stimulus For Reason" is their first full length album signed by a label, after several Ep as "Natio", "Vita", "ab Gehenna" and "Obitus "; all published under the name of "The Hollow". The band is composed by the leader Matthew von Wagner (Lead Vocals and Drums), Karen Wagner (Bass Guitar), Rowan MacPhail (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Todd Lefever (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Harmony (Piano, Keyboard, Backing vocals ). Alpha Galates is a progressive metal band with a sound very special, because inside their sound is mixed so many different kinds of metal and not, but above all we must recognize the talent of all musicians, both for the composition of songs for their execution, truly extraordinary. The real strength of this band, which can be regarded as their true soul or their spirit, and is present in every song of the album, even if you play different kinds, is the feeling of negativity, discomfort, " forbidden "(when you listen to this album you will understand, because I can not find better words to describe it). This is one of the few bands in which the sound is an integral part of the lyrics and vice versa, something quite rare these days. I can also say that every song is very different from each other, I think you have already understood this, but entering into detail, in this album are songs is very calm, and fast songs, songs with a strong influence psychedelic, and so on... in short, the Alpha Galates make real prog.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are quite special and different from the usual metal lyrics, this concerns both the name of the band has some lyrics in "A Stimulus For Reason", to explain this in the best possible way without falling into misunderstanding, I quote what said the leader of the band Matthew Von Wagner: "First Gauls is the literal translation," explains Wagner. "It all ties into the Priory of Zion stuff, and apparently it's real. I saw it in a book called Rule By Secrecy and I just liked the name. There was some resistance group in World War II in France that was helping free Jews from Paris. I mean, there's not really any evidence that any of this stuff exists outside of Dan Brown books and a few documents, but it's all quite interesting. " However, not all the songs of the band talking about this, for example, other lyrics like Love Passion and Despair, respectively, describing the love and passion of the person so beloved by "I would rather die than to risk the thought of not having you" And the other describes the feeling of love and conception after a story going to end badly. For my humble opinion the lyrics are well done, even if they are not as important as the sound, I repeat that the lyrics and sound are closely linked, to transmit the listener the deep sense of unease, and carry the listener in Alpha Galates dimension, and it has succeeded perfectly. The fact remains that the lyrics containing the arguments presented by the leader of the band could not please everyone.

Overall Impression — 9
First put the tracklist of "A Stimulus For Reason" followed by a personal mini-analysis for each song: 01.Conformity: an indefinable intro for an indefinable album. 02.2 Months in: after the intro you enter the heart of the album, a song double-sided, as the sound varies from slow and light moments, to fast and heavy moments, with a touch of psychedelia that runs throughout the song. 03.Standing: this is also the first single of the album, which was also made a video, in this track, as shown in the video, speaks of the theory of conspirations. As for the sound, is one of the most catchy songs of the album, and is characterized by an excellent bass riff. 04.Natio: in this song the guitars reign, starting with an unforgettable riff, with a long guitar solo over a minute in the middle of the song. 05.Obitus: one of the most particoular songs of the album, because its main purpose is to create a special atmosphere, perfectly made by guitars, by the battery, by the electric bass, by piano and by the voice, in short by all the musicians, very beautiful. 06.The Darkest Eyes: by the name of this song it seems to be heavier than any other, on the contrary this is the quietest song of the album, without losing the dark vein of the album. 07.Passion: This song as the previous starts in the same way, namely the singer says the verse without music, but unlike the earlier this is much heavier. 08.Stop Programming: Interlude that needs no explanation, just read the title and know that we talk about a band Prog. 09.Love Despair: To give you an idea of this song are not enough these few lines, then I invite you to hear this from you. 10.Time Out: one of the heavier songs of the album, too, the title makes the idea very well, very well played, there are several mini guitar solos and several parts sung in screaming. 11.Subliminal: even for this song are not enough few lines, to give you an idea, however, in the final there is one of the best guitar solos throughout the album, as far as lyrics is closely linked to that of "Standing." 12.Entropy and Chaos: the most beautiful song of the album (at least in my opinion) to close, both physically and as far as lyrics, one of the best prog album of the moment. Awesome! Council to all fans of prog and not, to listen this album. Nothing more to say : Buy and Enjoy It.

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