AB III review by Alter Bridge

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  • Released: Oct 11, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (228 votes)
Alter Bridge: AB III

Sound — 9
Definitely alot darker than the previous albums. Blackbird was pretty dark, but it was more meloncholic than this. This is quite dark, lyrically and sounding. In some songs, they even twist from something being as bright and melodic to a dark sort of sinister tone. Slip To The void - Intro, very wierd, I didn't think it was AB. I thought it was Perfect Circle or Tool. I actually had to look at the CD to make sure I hadn't put in the wrong one! very very dark, sets the scene for the album. Very different, excellent song. Isolation; Heavy, ballsy, in you're face metal riffing. There is the odd melodic progression in there, the chorus especially. Some decent solos from Tremonti. Theres some odd timings in there in the middle. Little change. Excellent! Ghost Of Days Gone By: Starts out like a Pop/rock, something off the radio. I found that strange to go from the previous track to this. However, it completely fooled me into thinking it'll be like that the whole song. Catchy, sweet vocal melodies, then in the bridge it goes very dark took me by surprise. Very good song. All Hope Is Gone: wasn't too fussed on this song. Starts out like some Irish Folk song haha. Not too fond on their 3/4 feel. The chorus is good. The middle was ok. The solo was pretty sweet. Still Remains: Very heavy, reminded me of Come To Life off Blackbird. Lots of grooves, quite dark and melodic. Not sure, I think Tremonti might be using a PRS seven string? Make It Right: Another 6/8 feel song. Little bit better this one. Little less dark this one, more melodic. Again, the chorus delivers with aplome, never ceases to disappoint. The solo is sweet. Wonderful Life: Very melodic, very meloncholic, like Broken Wings from One Day Remains and Watch Over You from Blackbird. Nice song slow melodic rock song. Big Crescendo towards the end, very epic. I Know It Hurts: Excellent Hard rock, true AB song. very melodic, with a few kickass Heavy grooves in there. Excellent solo!! Show Me A Sign: Excellent main riff, very dark, little sinister in places. Definitely a big progression from the other albums. The whispers are very sinister and dark for AB. very heavy, again could be a seven string. Fallout: Less sinister haha, more melodic yet still dark. A little like something off of Blackbird. The chorus again excellent. Breathe Again: Reminds me of Tomorrow Comes, and Down To My Last, Brilliant melodic rock song. Love the chorus vocal melodies. The song changes into a heavyass melodic groove, fits very well. vocals are EPIC! Probably my favourite song off the album. it embodies everything that I love AB. Coeur d'Alene: Heavyass rockin' riff opens it up. Its very dark, and melodic, very brooding sound to this song. It sounds like Phrygian mode Tremonti is basing the song on, which has a very brooding sound. Life Must Go On: The opening riff sounds a little like In Loving Memory, but the song itself is hard rock ballad. A mix between happy sounding progression and melancholic and a little sad. Words Darker Than Their Wings: Mark Tremonti has a big part in the vocals along with Myles. Epic ballady song to close the record. Slow galloping feel to the song. alot of guitar layers in this. Big mix between dark and melodic sounds, but mostly very melodic hard rock ballady feel. Myles has a very high note at the very end, you can really feel his emotion in the last few words and in that humongous high note. The song reminds me of Blackbird the title track from Blackbird. Excellent sound, as AB has, brilliant tone, excellent quality sound. Its very strange, over the course of the three albums they have progressively gotten darker, from the end of One Days Remains to the end of AB III, progressively darker. And when you look at the cover of One Days Remains its the picture of a really beautiful countryside, and the other half of the bridge (which runs across both side of the picture) there is a real dark setting, clouds, darkness. So, its kind of like an allegory to their musical progression.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are very dark, alot to do with the loss of faith and disillusion, loneliness and how you cope with it. Myles Kennedy has only gotten better and better with each album. Very sinister in places, brooding. Certainly darker than the others. Mark Tremonti has very very good rock grunge voice! Look out for it in this album! Definitely should be more sharing between Myles and Mark. Reminded me of the great Alice In Chains.

Overall Impression — 9
It had alot of comparison to Blackbird in that it was dark and brooding. But with this album, they take it one step further with sinister whispers, very dark lyrics, theres alot of heavy grooving songs on this album. Myles, as I've stated has gotten better, Mark makes a sort of debut with shared leads at the end song, and has a surprisingly very fresh grungey sound in contrast to Myles soaring melodies. Perhaps we'll see more of Mark and Myles sharing leads in the future? I hope so. Its certainly alot more fresh and brings something new. One thing I will say is that, the best solos Tremonti has done is on the song One Day Remains and on the song Down To My Last off the same album. And really I've yet to see him top those solos. One Day Remains is probably my fav song too. But he certainly has got alot more into heavyass grooves which is excellent. What I love is that they haven't strayed too far away from AB sound, but they've definitely stumbled into something more deep, dark and sinister sounding, without compromising the true integrity of AB. In comparison to the other albums, I think they've definitely got more hooky choruses, they always had, but the chrouses on this fit well with each song. Other albums had the heavy sound, but this is one step further. Its basically Blackbird, but more heavy, more dark and sinister and sad, yet there are a couple songs that give a sense of empowerment and determination. Breathe Again for me is an excellent song that really has everything I love about AB. But the rest of album, Isolation especially, is very heavy, ballsy and melodic and brooding which I love also. The sinister touches are a new thing for AB, which again I instantly fell in love with. I would buy this again if lost or stolen, definitely.

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    well, i know this much, when you see Creed or alter Bridge, that bass tone is CLEAR! I set my ipod to default so i can hear it as it is naturally. On ABIII and Full Circle, I had to put bass boost. Didn't ANYONE learn from Iron Maiden? Maiden has 3 ****ing guitarists yet the bass still was very audible on The Final Frontier...even with bass REDUCTION!
    Easily my fav record in the last few years or perhaps even ever. The musicianship is awe inspiring and the whole album is epic til the very end. A prideful 10!