AB III Review

artist: Alter Bridge date: 10/08/2010 category: compact discs
Alter Bridge: AB III
Released: Oct 11, 2010
Genre: Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge, Progressive Metal
Label: Roadrunner, Alter Bridge Recordings
Number Of Tracks: 14
"AB III" is the third studio album by the rock band Alter Bridge.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.1
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9
AB III Reviewed by: p_a_morgan, on october 08, 2010
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Sound: The album kicks off with a track called "Slip To The Void." Up until about a minute and a half in, the song has kind of a strange feel. After a verse of Myles' whispering, it kicks into the Alter Bridge we know and love. "Isolation," one of my personal favorites comes in at track #2. This was the first single from the album. It is classic heavy AB. The song begins with Scott Phillips' snare and it doesn't stop until the 4 minutes and 13 seconds are over. With a Myles and Tremonti taking turns on the lead between the verses and choruses, this song offers quite a bit of musical variety. I wont go in and review every song, but another memorable piece is "Words Darker Than Their Wings." With Tremonti singing co lead, this song stands out quite a bit. In short, the sound of the album is still the Alter Bridge we know from the last two records. You can easily tell that melody is still the most important thing to the band in this album as in the previous two. // 9

Lyrics: Singer skills? What can I say? Myles Kennedy is probably THE greatest rock vocalist on the face of the Earth right now. His voice is so diverse and not to mention Mark's backing vocals and even his leads on Track 14.

If you listened to "One Day Remains" and "Blackbird," you've probably got a good hold on AB's lyrics. According to Mark Tremonti the theme of the album goes as follows

We all believe different things, he says. In fact, the overall theme of this record is Myles' struggle with faith. He has trouble believing in anything spiritual, and he really puts that out there. Personally, I don't believe in organized religion: I think it's crazy to believe that people are going to burn in hell if they don't go to the same church that you do. // 8

Overall Impression: It's incredibly hard to top "One Day Remains" and "Blackbird." As I've just began listening to "III," I can't say if they have made a greater album this time around. It usually takes a while for a new record to grow on me, but none-the-less AB III is a wonderful release that is still up there with the last of the band's releases. In my opinion, right the most impressive songs from this album are "I Know It Hurts," "Isolation," "Breathe Again," and "Fallout." I think all these songs offer so much variety, yet consistency. If you didn't expect a few of the songs to have the classic AB structure (Clean, melodic verses, heavy halftime chorus, and a sweet guitar solo following the high anticipated bridge.) then think again. I'd say half of the tracks are exactly what we were expecting from this album and I couldn't be more happy with it. I highly recommend that you all buy this album (not Download) and listen to it forever, until the next AB album that is. // 10

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overall: 9.7
AB III Reviewed by: Nassarofficial, on october 08, 2010
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Sound: If you've probably heard Blackbird or One Day Remains (Albums), you will find out that Alter Bridge already did EPIC songs that its hard to top, like In Loving Memory, One Day Remains, Broken Wings, Blackbird, Brand New Start... This album is darker than before due that its based on Myles' problems in believe and faith. The sound of the album is really diverse, it truly captures Mark metal background, Myles Bluesy fills, along with Myles GREATEST Vocals ever, which he is singing like in his last band Mayfield Four... I would give this a 10, because Alter Bridge is all about the sound, you can't find anywhere else, Mark's tone, or Myles vocals... // 10

Lyrics: As I said the Lyrics are dark. Its talking about Myles struggles in the past, and him believing... But despite the great vocal ability, I think Alter Bridge could have done better in lyrics, they are really good lyricists, but in their songs, they keep throwing lines from other old songs. The lyrics definitely suit their music behind, specially on this album Mark back vocals a lot, and even leads on their last track "Words Darker Then Their Wings". The singer skills can't be talked about, Myles really does his best, you can hear his supersonic high notes, on Words Darker Then Their Wings, and Breath Again, also Mark Tremonti's vocals are really good and have improved. I give this a 9 because of the lyrics aren't that strong enough despite their meaning. I would have given a 10, because of the singing only. // 9

Overall Impression: Compared to Blackbird, and One Day Remains, this is their best album as a whole. Blackbird, Shed My Skin, Broken Wings, are really difficult songs to top as they are probably the best songs ever. In ABIII every single song is awesome, but only a few standout, such as Words Darker Then Their Wings, Show Me A Sign, Slip To The Void, All Hope Is Gone. As a whole this album tops the rest of their albums, but I don't think that a song there can top their best songs mentioned above, because although each and every song on this record is pure awesome. Maybe with more listens, I will realize that there is something better then Blackbird! What I love about this album is that, we get to see different sides of the band, Mark singing, Myles soloing on Isolation or probably some other tracks, Myles highest notes, the drums and bass by Scott Philips and Brian Marshall are flawless as usual. What I dislike about it is the track Life Must Go On positioning in the track list, I think it should have been in another place, or another song, its probably their weakest song on the album, but Alter Bridge's weakest is like not epic but Excellent. Definitely a truly epic album, if it was stolen from me many times, I would keep on buying it over and over, if I didn't have it on my iTunes :p // 10

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overall: 9
AB III Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 12, 2010
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Sound: ABIII was released on the 8th of October here in Australia. Although the record had been released on NME I deprived myself of listening waiting for the actual record. Alter Bridge III sounds incredible! From the eery whisper that leads the start of Slip to the Void, to the heavy chugging riff of Isolation and the sing along chorus of I Know It Hurts. ABIII has something for everyone. My first listen I was slightly disappointed, but every listen since has gotten better and better. In my opinion the previous AB records have followed a similar trend, 5-6 incredible songs, 5-6 good songs and 1-2 alright songs. ABIII follows this formula but surpasses it slightly: 01. Slip to the Void- Incredible song, sets the dark theme for the record. 02. Isolation- Incredible song, most lively and energetic of the record. 03. Ghost of Days Gone By- Good song, like the bridge/change. 04. All Hope Is Gone- Good song, ironically optimistic, cosidering the name. 05. Still Remains- Incredible song, personal favourite. Love the chorus and main riff. 06. Make It Right- Good song, sort of like "Rise Today" off Blackbird. 07. Wonderful Life- Incredible song, really emotional great verses. 08. I Know It Hurts- Incredible song, chorus is very emotional, bridge is awesome too. 09. Show Me a Sign- Incredible song, really creepy intro similar to Slip to the Void in a way. 10. Fallout- Alright song, pretty stock. I like the guitar solo though. 11. Breathe Again- Alright Song, Chorus is interesting but not quite on the ball. 12. Coeur d'Alene- Incredible song, the chorus is very cool, the tagline slides off Myle's vocals very nicely. 13. Life Must Go On- Good song. I know I, V, VI, IV chord turnarounds in the chorus are very mainstream but I do have a soft spot for this song. 14. Words Darker Than Their Wings- Incredible song, love Marks singing and I really like the ending. This song closes the record very nicely. The band sound is very tight, Tremonti's guitar solos are more dynamic than ever and seem to blend in well rather than take over the song. The tone in solos like the 2nd verse in I Know It Hurts is so cool, I love it. Its almost Santana like. Myles' guitar contributions to this record really make it. His solo's being much more vibrato based then Mark's, its highly noticable. As usual, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips do an awesome job at keeping the rhythm backline tight and structured. // 9

Lyrics: As Myles often is often quick to point out, the lyrics on ABIII are very dark. I also notice that Myles' singing often brings up reaccuring lines, such as: "How can you justify the life you're living" and The topic of "Wings" he seems to be obssessed with using them for imagery. I don't have anything wrong with these reacurrances, but I was expecting a much darker lyrics. Although it is Myles Kennedy singing who is possibly the greatest rock singer of this century, certainly to come out in the last 10 years. His high notes in the outro of Words Darker Than Their Wings in incredible. The whispers in Slip to the Void are creepy. And in Still Remains the lyrics spell doom to all "So carry on, if you must go your way". Mark's singing in Words Darker Than Their Wings also fit in really well. // 9

Overall Impression: On the whole, ABIII is better than One Day Remains but doesn't match Blackbird. Blackbird's themes, structure and songs surpass ABIII slightly. I was highly anxious to listen to ABII, I love the band (my favourite modern rock band) and before ABIII came out I had over played One Day Remains and Blackbird so much it wasn't funny. The sound quality of ABIII is much better than the previous releases... The songs on ABIII that are really rocking and make me want to jump up and down are Slip to the Void, Isolation, Still Remains, I Know it Hurts and Coeur d'Alene. Songs I like for their dynamics and change in sound are Life Must Go On and Words Darker Than Their Wings. I love this album, even though its not Alter Bridge's best and it passed my expectations. This album will be over played by me soon and then I'll be waiting for the next one to come out! Buy this album, you won't regret it! Alter Bridge should be way bigger than what they are! // 9

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overall: 8.3
AB III Reviewed by: Shor-T Zero, on october 12, 2010
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Sound: What can I say about the sound that hasn't been said? AB III is, as the band has described, much darker in sound. 01. "Slip to the Void" starts out with a long, whispered intro full of deep bass. It sets up a haunting tone that never seems to leave throughout the whole song, even when it gets heavier. The structure seems to be different than previous efforts and lends itself well. The chorus has a melody that gives me goosebumps (granted, this happens a lot throughout the course of the album). 02. "Isolation" kicks things into great with a hard and heavy track that seems reminiscent of a track like "Metalingus" from 'One Day Remains'. 03. "Ghost of Days Gone By" is next, which starts out, to be frank and critical, a little odd and almost "wrong" in the sense of Alter Bridge. It seems too poppy and it really detracted from being sucked into the album. However, I give it credit for going back to their distinct sound for the pre-chorus and chorus. Props to them changing the song almost completely in the bridge and breakdown. It hits like a ton of emotional bricks. 04. "All Hope Is Gone" swings Alter Bridge into a slower, 6/8 song that goes for their sound. Nothing really new, but it is a solid track that features a melodic hook that will have you humming along. I will mention that this breakdown, as well as others, really stands out from the track. It adds a lot of "headbang-ability". 05. "Still Remains" follows up in with a clean, slightly dirty intro with Myles's vocals far off and slightly distorted. Very heavy intro with a catchy hook to it. The verse-breaks and chorus really caught me off guard though, in a good sense. They were haunting in sound, lyrics, and key. For this reason, it really is one of my favorite songs on the album. No solos, but the bridge and breakdown make up for it. 06. "Make It Right" doesn't seem like it will be a great song at first, but it does catch on with a few listens. I think it is a solid track, but definitely not one of top picks. 07. "Wonderful Life" is the song that you'll listen to while looking at a sunset with a drink, guitar, or your romantic partner in your arms. Myles's voice is very enchanting in this song. It is a slower song, but I do enjoy it, just for the peacefulness it brings. 08. "I Know It Hurts" comes out swinging with the inspirational tone and lyrics that Alter Bridge is known for. This really gets your spirits up after listening to some of the darker stuff from them. A fast rocking song. It makes for a great listen while driving down the road. You'll be finding yourself singing along to this. 09. "Show Me A Sign" slows things down with a much more somber song that really questions things beyond us. This one will be played in more "brooding" times. The bridge is giving me chills as I listen to it right now for this review. 10. "Fallout" has an extremely addictive chorus. I honestly have no other way to describe it. I think it is a song good for getting crowds chanting along. The little blues inspirations fit in perfectly. The tale of the man in this story is a sad one indeed. 11. "Breathe Again" is a solid song. I don't really have much to say about it because it hasn't struck me as a powerful song all the way through, although it has its moments. I'm not saying it is terrible, it just doesn't feel like anything more than slight album filler. But coming from a band like Alter Bridge, just know that it isn't that bad of a thing. 12. "Coeur D'Alene" really seems like it would be a "lighter" song but you would be surprised. Some really surprising heavy riffs make their way in here and it was a shocker of a song for me. I don't often blast this one in the radio, but with some more listens, it might make its way to my play list. 13. "Life Must Go On" is another song like "Wonderful Life". An inspirational song with Myles's soothing tones. A great jam to listen to while relaxing. 14. "Words Darker Than Their Wings" is the last track and man, does it not disappoint. You could equivocate it to being this album's "Blackbird" on the first listen. Then you'll realize it is just an entirely different bird altogether. Myles sings the questioning verses while Mark trades off for some co-lead vocals in the "inspirational" verses, finally teaming up for the chorus. It is a powerful effect. I'm glad Mark stepped up to the mic in this album because he adds a very nice dynamic to the album. The chorus has gotten a "manly tear" out of this reviewer for just how powerful it is. The whole song is great, although I would've really liked an awesome solo exchange like in "Blackbird". However, I will let it slide for just how powerful it is. This song is the raw emotion of the tension built up by this album and condensed into one sad, but hopeful song. I want to give a spell shout-out to Myles for that extremely high note in the outro. When you hear it, your brain might explode from the copious amounts of emotion and heart. As a guitarist nerd, for those that like their tuning used on songs like "Come to Life" and "Broken Wings" (as well as a few others), it is used almost religiously in this album. It makes for a good dynamic and awesome sounds, but be prepared for lots of B flat ending notes. Also, Tremonti's creativeness with drop d flat tuning (or, drop d, down a half step) is something I always look forward too. To re-cap, their sound is definitely the same, but with the usual aging and perfection that comes with working on your craft. The production is very clean, although I wish some of the acoustic and clean riffs would "sparkle" more with some high-end shine. That, however, is just a personal preference. The drums are tight, the bass is solid, guitar tones are amazing, and vocals are superb. I want to give a higher score, but some songs just took me out of the "sucked in" experience, and even though they were brief (or few and far between), I think it is bit noteworthy. It still is engrossing however, so as long as you expect it. On the second listen, you will fall in love. // 8

Lyrics: I won't really go into all of the lyrics and meanings here, even though this is the lyrics section. Mostly because that would take forever. It has been stated by the band that the album is more of a concept record, reflecting on life and the beyond. Or, to quote Mr. Kennedy on their site, "This record is definitely a departure from the last two albums in terms of its subject matter. It touches on the thoughts and emotions of someone who has come to question everything that was once regarded as an absolute truth. It's the realization that everything you once believed in might not exist. Lyrical and vocal performances worth noting are "Slip to the Void", "Still Remains", "Wonderful Life", "Fallout", and "Words Darker Than Their Wings". Myles has only gotten better with time and hearing Mark get on the mic for a song duet was a great experience. I will say that I like the lyrical change, because I've always wanted to see how the group thinks on the darker side of life. It is fascinating and I'm glad to hear that they explored it. // 8

Overall Impression: This album took a little getting used to. That's not a bad thing, but unlike "Blackbird", I was not pulled in immediately by all of the songs, or at least 80%. However, this album is still very solid. If you're an Alter Bridge fan, but on the fence, just give it a few listens. It'll suck you in with time. It only took two for me. One qualm I have is the fact that this song was so close to being perfect but fell short with some lackluster songs. The album started out different, yet awesome. It just clunked with the intro to "Ghost of Days Gone By", giving off that "pop" vibe. But I say this out of my taste and preference, so you should listen and judge for yourself. I would definitely by this again. Granted, I listened to all the tracks via youtube or other sources (except for the released songs "Isolation" and "Words Darker Than Their Wings") and I can't wait to pick up the inevitable special edition to not only support them, but get all the goodies. Here's hoping for some of their talent so I can be half as good as them! AB III is a great album for any type of rocker and may even reach some metal heads. The heavy riffs, incredible vocals, and amazing talent really shine through with this album and it really deserves a listen. If you have not heard of the force that is Alter Bridge, do yourself a favor and educate your ears. While some songs can be hit or miss, others are aural sex. Take a listen. (And now for something completely different: I'm a raging Alter Bridge fan, and I would give all 10's, but I am trying to entice new listeners rather than preach to the choir. Also, opinions rock, don't lose them.) // 9

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overall: 9.7
AB III Reviewed by: Dobbsie, on october 18, 2010
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Sound: I have been a die hard fan of Alter Bridge ever since I first saw the Open Your Eyes video on a Metal Hammer DVD from a friend. I was sucked in by the beautiful musicality and harmony, soulful rock vocals and the ripping solos that I couldn't stop listening to that one song.

I've been keeping up on the news of AB 3 up to the when it came out on Monday. Kerrang! Magazine had rated it 3K!'s out of 5. This didn't stop me from buying it, as far as I was concerned, I'm a fan and Kerrang! has never stopped me before.

AB 3 is the bands' first ever concept album. As far as I'm aware, it is a concept based around the Bands' struggle in terms of faith and religion etc. Please correct me otherwise! The concept is about a man who loses hope and his faith in God, the song "Wonderful Life" is a beautiful yet sad song about the character's wife dying of disease. Like I said if this is wrong please feel free to correct me, but if this is the theme they want to convey then by golly have the done it! I'm the kind of musician that likes to portray and emotion or theme through my guitar playing or songwriting or any other instrument etc. So this album really does it for me in that in that respect!

Overall, the tone and vibe of the album is a lot more dark and aggressive and sounds like a progression from their previous album 'Blackbird'. So basically if you were a big lover of AB's heavy and aggressive riffs much like the songs "Come To Life" or "One By One" you're gonna love this album!

What took me by surprise in 'Blackbird' was the fact that frontman Myles Kennedy decided to pick up his guitars a lot more which really changed the way songs were written as oppose to the 'One Day Remains' album where the majority of guitar parts were written by guitar extroardinaire, Mark Tremonti. In AB 3 Myles has decided to join Mark Tremonti as guitar extroardinaire. There is definately a balance between who plays a guitar a solo in this album, but it has been really been an oppurtune moment for Myles to shine by tearing his guitar to pieces! A lot of people haven't heard him play like this since back in the days of The Mayfield four! The guitar playing is definately a lot more intricate in this album especially for Myles. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics are hard to judge; as far as I'm concerned, lyrics are your own personal input on life or the concept or whatever you're writing about. In my opinion, the lyrics used are mainly simple but affective and they definitely reflect against the instrumentation beautifully. The lyrics are meaningful and the musicality is harsh and aggressive and together I think it really conveys what message and feeling Alter Bridge are trying to get across.

In terms of vocal skills, when has Myles Kennedy ever had a bad moment? He has such an amazing tonal quality and range that a lot of rock singers long for and has proved himself worthy in the music industry for recently appearing in Slash's brand new album in 2 out of 14 great tracks, and fronting for Slash's touring band to promote the album. He didn't exactly fill Axl's shoes when it came to playing the Guns' classics but that wasn't the idea, he still arrived on top.

Vocals are also another aspect that has developed from the previous two albums. Myles really shows his aggression a lot more in this album with his voice and you start to get the impression that he means what he's singing... which is something we may not see a lot these days!

We all know that Mark Tremonti has always been there to add that little extra alongside the voice of Myles Kennedy, but what may surprise you is the chorus in the final song "Words Darker Than Their Wings" where Mark Tremonti takes the role of lead vocalist. Once again, just as a delightful surprise as hearing Myles play lead guitar. Awesome! // 10

Overall Impression: It's hard to compare to the previous two albums positively or negatively! The reason I say this is because this tone didn't just appear from nowhere. The sound that Alter Bridge have today has simply appearing from a healthy progression from their first album to present day. I think the band have managed to develope what they had from 'One Day Remains' whilst still keeping those aspects that make Alter Bridge and as a result they've became a more well rounded band that and appeal to much bigger range of people.

What I love about the album is what I love about Alter Bridge. They bring something new to their table everytime. For example one of my favourite songs in the album is "The Ghost of Days Gone By" this has a sound that I've not heard from AB and the general feel of the song gets me everytime. It's a lovely experiment and I like it.

The most impressive songs? The open track is definitely something we haven't heard from AB. "Slip To The Void" has an eery, ambient opening before they introduce you to the beefy riffs and epic chorus.

"Isolation" is the first single from the album which comes in after "Slip To The Void" that sets the mood for you before "Isolation" kicks in. "Isolation" is just a straight up heavy rock song, heavy riffed verse and melodic chorus which once again, is ridiculously catchy! Intricate guitar solos from both guitarist and the perfect metal breakdown. The first two tracks practically set the bar for what's in store for you!

I'd happily without even thinking, suggest this to any AB or metal fan that has an appreciation the technical side of music, and if you're one to believe in faith and hope this could have those little moments where songs speak to you, it certainly does for me!

When I bought 'Blackbird' I actually dropped it and the case was smashed to bits; I was gutted but straight after ordering AB 3 I re-placed my old battered copy of 'Blackbird', so yes, if I this was stolen or lost I would go out to HMV or log on to Amazon and buy it again! Hope this has been helpful to you.

All the best! Daniel // 9

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overall: 9.3
AB III Reviewed by: replica_, on october 26, 2010
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Sound: Definitely alot darker than the previous albums. Blackbird was pretty dark, but it was more meloncholic than this. This is quite dark, lyrically and sounding. In some songs, they even twist from something being as bright and melodic to a dark sort of sinister tone. Slip To The void - Intro, very wierd, I didn't think it was AB. I thought it was Perfect Circle or Tool. I actually had to look at the CD to make sure I hadn't put in the wrong one! very very dark, sets the scene for the album. Very different, excellent song. Isolation; Heavy, ballsy, in you're face metal riffing. There is the odd melodic progression in there, the chorus especially. Some decent solos from Tremonti. Theres some odd timings in there in the middle. Little change. Excellent! Ghost Of Days Gone By: Starts out like a Pop/rock, something off the radio. I found that strange to go from the previous track to this. However, it completely fooled me into thinking it'll be like that the whole song. Catchy, sweet vocal melodies, then in the bridge it goes very dark took me by surprise. Very good song. All Hope Is Gone: wasn't too fussed on this song. Starts out like some Irish Folk song haha. Not too fond on their 3/4 feel. The chorus is good. The middle was ok. The solo was pretty sweet. Still Remains: Very heavy, reminded me of Come To Life off Blackbird. Lots of grooves, quite dark and melodic. Not sure, I think Tremonti might be using a PRS seven string? Make It Right: Another 6/8 feel song. Little bit better this one. Little less dark this one, more melodic. Again, the chorus delivers with aplome, never ceases to disappoint. The solo is sweet. Wonderful Life: Very melodic, very meloncholic, like Broken Wings from One Day Remains and Watch Over You from Blackbird. Nice song slow melodic rock song. Big Crescendo towards the end, very epic. I Know It Hurts: Excellent Hard rock, true AB song. very melodic, with a few kickass Heavy grooves in there. Excellent solo!! Show Me A Sign: Excellent main riff, very dark, little sinister in places. Definitely a big progression from the other albums. The whispers are very sinister and dark for AB. very heavy, again could be a seven string. Fallout: Less sinister haha, more melodic yet still dark. A little like something off of Blackbird. The chorus again excellent. Breathe Again: Reminds me of Tomorrow Comes, and Down To My Last, Brilliant melodic rock song. Love the chorus vocal melodies. The song changes into a heavyass melodic groove, fits very well. vocals are EPIC! Probably my favourite song off the album. it embodies everything that I love AB. Coeur d'Alene: Heavyass rockin' riff opens it up. Its very dark, and melodic, very brooding sound to this song. It sounds like Phrygian mode Tremonti is basing the song on, which has a very brooding sound. Life Must Go On: The opening riff sounds a little like In Loving Memory, but the song itself is hard rock ballad. A mix between happy sounding progression and melancholic and a little sad. Words Darker Than Their Wings: Mark Tremonti has a big part in the vocals along with Myles. Epic ballady song to close the record. Slow galloping feel to the song. alot of guitar layers in this. Big mix between dark and melodic sounds, but mostly very melodic hard rock ballady feel. Myles has a very high note at the very end, you can really feel his emotion in the last few words and in that humongous high note. The song reminds me of Blackbird the title track from Blackbird. Excellent sound, as AB has, brilliant tone, excellent quality sound. Its very strange, over the course of the three albums they have progressively gotten darker, from the end of One Days Remains to the end of AB III, progressively darker. And when you look at the cover of One Days Remains its the picture of a really beautiful countryside, and the other half of the bridge (which runs across both side of the picture) there is a real dark setting, clouds, darkness. So, its kind of like an allegory to their musical progression. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are very dark, alot to do with the loss of faith and disillusion, loneliness and how you cope with it. Myles Kennedy has only gotten better and better with each album. Very sinister in places, brooding. Certainly darker than the others. Mark Tremonti has very very good rock grunge voice! Look out for it in this album! Definitely should be more sharing between Myles and Mark. Reminded me of the great Alice In Chains. // 10

Overall Impression: It had alot of comparison to Blackbird in that it was dark and brooding. But with this album, they take it one step further with sinister whispers, very dark lyrics, theres alot of heavy grooving songs on this album. Myles, as I've stated has gotten better, Mark makes a sort of debut with shared leads at the end song, and has a surprisingly very fresh grungey sound in contrast to Myles soaring melodies. Perhaps we'll see more of Mark and Myles sharing leads in the future? I hope so. Its certainly alot more fresh and brings something new. One thing I will say is that, the best solos Tremonti has done is on the song One Day Remains and on the song Down To My Last off the same album. And really I've yet to see him top those solos. One Day Remains is probably my fav song too. But he certainly has got alot more into heavyass grooves which is excellent. What I love is that they haven't strayed too far away from AB sound, but they've definitely stumbled into something more deep, dark and sinister sounding, without compromising the true integrity of AB. In comparison to the other albums, I think they've definitely got more hooky choruses, they always had, but the chrouses on this fit well with each song. Other albums had the heavy sound, but this is one step further. Its basically Blackbird, but more heavy, more dark and sinister and sad, yet there are a couple songs that give a sense of empowerment and determination. Breathe Again for me is an excellent song that really has everything I love about AB. But the rest of album, Isolation especially, is very heavy, ballsy and melodic and brooding which I love also. The sinister touches are a new thing for AB, which again I instantly fell in love with. I would buy this again if lost or stolen, definitely. // 9

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overall: 9.3
AB III Reviewed by: AC0RN, on april 07, 2011
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Sound: I found the band Alter Bridge after listening to Slash's solo album, featuring Myles Kennedy. After listening to all three of their albums, I've concluded that this one is the most complex, being my personal favorite. The overall sound of this album is phenomenal. The opening of the first song, Slip To The Void, sets the mysterious tone throughout before exploding into a probably more familiar sound from Alter Bridge. Isolation is the first single off the album and is definitely the strongest song. It features a heavy sound along with a melodic chorus. The loose concept of the album starts to come together over the next few tracks. Myles battles his brain in a war over regret of lost oppurtunities and loneliness. There are some lighter tracks however, such as a Wonderful Life, Breathe Again, and Life Must Go On. There are some duller songs that could be passed over in favor of others, but I can confidently say none on ABIII are bad, just not as memorable. I can't say for certain the album ends happy with Words Darker Than Their Wings' chorus saying "Into the light may you follow." Hopefully Myles did make peace with himself and Alter Bridge continue to pour their soul into their albums. // 9

Lyrics: Myles Kennedy is one of the best singers of modern rock out there. You can especially see his varying vocal range on the song Ghost of Days Gone By. He makes a simple word such as "isolation" fun to say and maintains a melodic style throughout. The lyrics focus on very personal thoughts of Kennedy; his views on religion and his life overall. Although I wish for a wider range of subjects on their next studio effort, I respect this concept album and Alter Bridge delivers. Once again, Myles Kennedy is the perfect hard rock / alternative metal singer and brings ABIII a step above their contemporaries. // 10

Overall Impression: ABIII is in my opinion a stronger effort than their previously acclaimed album Blackbird. A main part of this is their hit single, Isolation. There is a lot of variety on here, and it shows. This is also a very strong guitar album with, could it be, two lead guitarists? The lyrics are relatively easy to connect to, although it will take a few listens to truly appreciate. Who knows, it may give you a new lease on life or just give you another song stuck in your head. The ritual has begun, now you tear away from everyone. // 9

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overall: 8.7
AB III Reviewed by: sg4ever, on november 24, 2010
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Sound: Alter Bridge have continually been a shining light among the majority of modern mainstream rock. Their past albums have showcased intricate guitar parts, heavy riffs, high tech solos with just the right balance of speed and melodic passages, great vocals and harmonies, big anthem choruses, and a solid rhythm section. This album is no different as far as those general expectations. There's a lot of good things to say about the sound. The emotion of vocals really seem to capture of mood of each song and the lyrics. There is a lot of variety in the songwriting. They juggle anthem oriented hard rock, metal riffing, softer rock ballads, great light and dark contrasts, melodic and moody riffs, and a lot of lead guitar with different styles (courtesy of Myles and Mark trading off). They have a neat way of juggling a more upbeat sound in a song and taking on a darker and more sinister feel in the middle of it like in Ghost Of Days Gone By. Another note should be the drums. It seems like they stand out more and more each album. They have nice feel, the parts are becoming more and more intricate and some nice feels are unleashed. I feel like it was a smart move to incorporate the guitar talents and songwriting of Myles as I feel it has become an almost integral part of their sound that has helped to steer them away from sounding too much like Creed with a tenor vocalist. It's a nice contrast to hear the smooth feel and strong vibrato of Myles and the strong legato, speed, and complexity of Mark. Isolation is a good example of such interplay. The weak points of the album? There are moments where perhaps the sound becomes more mainstream than I or other people would prefer. It's not a deal breaker, because I can listen to some pretty mainstream sounding music, but it becomes noticeable on songs like Ghost Of Days Gone By, Wonderful Life, and Breath Again. I'm not doubting the emotional validity or amount of effort put into the songs, but they have that infamous radio rock vibe to them. Don't doubt that they are good songs, as I really like Ghost Of Days Gone By for it's change in mood, but you have been forewarned. I also feel like the chording took over a bit too much and it would have been nice to hear at least a couple more riffs instead of a roaring wall of crunchy guitar. My last complaint is that the bass playing is nothing special as usual. All in all, the complaints aren't enough to make it a bad album in sound. The sound is still going strong and they keep improving I think. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics have never been poor on any of their albums and they usually refrain from cheesy lyrics. This album seems to be based thoughts concerning doubt in faith and religion and the struggles of an individual as he faces this. While, I am a person of faith, I can't condemn a person for doubting it as everyone goes through that. You either embrace faith or you eschew it. These are the two eventualities and Myles simply illustrates that. There also lyrics of reflection and remembrance such as in Ghost Of Days Gone By and Wonderful Life, the latter conveying the joy someone takes in remembering all the times they had with a dying loved one. The overall mood of the album is pretty dark and brooding, but there are also messages of perseverance and holding on even while the doubt and uncertainty exist. Myles continues to have an impress rock voice among whiny 20 somethings and semi-truck driver cookie monster vocals. He has a great range that goes from moody and mournful low moans to soaring high notes with vibrato. He also seems to be able to more effectively convey the emotions of each song, going from an eerie whisper to an almost wondering and questioning tone. If the lyrics convey feelings of wandering and being lost, he sounds lost. If the lyrics are desperate, he sounds desperate. I also have to give the man props for pulling off that stratospherically high note in Words Darker Than Wings and holding together with tone and vibrato. A pleasant surprise is Mark joining in on more prominent parts, singing co-lead on Words Darker Than Their Wings. He showcases a clear and strong baritone voice. His harmonies are also mixed more distinctly. Overall, it's a top notch vocal performance. // 9

Overall Impression: I really can't give this a straight comparison to anyone exactly. They have separated themselves from the Creed identity and they taken on a more unique sound. Granted, they DO have radio friendly songs, but they do it a unique manner. The guitar craft is polished and not at all simplistic, except for chords. A power chord or barre chord will always sound...like a power chord or barre chord. The tones aren't overly squished together and overly distorted and mushy, by they sound huge. So yes, it is radio friendly at times, but I can't really compare it to the overly distorted tones and poor dynamics of a lot of radio rock. I'd say the songs that probably stick out to me are the Slip to the Void, Isolation, Ghost Of Days Gone By, Wonderful Life, and Words Darker Than Their Wings, but all sixteen tracks are strong. It's commendable to make an album of sixteen tracks that are all strong. I really enjoy the album in general, but I can't deny I dislike some of the radio friendly quality of a few songs. It works for them, but it doesn't seem necessary sometimes. If I somehow lost this album, I would certainly get it again. New good music is in short supply and this falls under that category. // 9

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