Blackbird review by Alter Bridge

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  • Released: Oct 9, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (463 votes)
Alter Bridge: Blackbird

Sound — 10
Well, there was a HUGE change between "One Day Remains" and this one. It is way better in every way possible. According to this interview with revolver magazine, their old label was holding them back. Also, Miles started writing a lot more of the music. Who cares what changed them, bottom-line, they changed. As always, Miles's voice is absolutely fantastic. He can change from a deep, grunge-ish voice (Blackbird and Wayward One) to a high-pitched, mellower voice (Watch Over You) and back to the awesome howls he's known for (in like every chorus). Mark Tremonti where to begin. First off, every riff gets stuck in your head! Second off, his solos are some of the most melodic, catchy, and incredibly insane I've ever heard. Yeah, overall It sounds great. Plus, this is a great album to all kinds of music-orientated people. I usually like thrash and progressive metal, but I loved it, so get your ass out there and buy this.

Lyrics — 8
This is the downside to the album. Actually, there are some awesome lyrics. Especially on Ties That Bind, Blackbird, Brand New Start, and White Knuckles. But besides them, they mostly go back to their basis of overcoming obstacles. They still hit you just as hard as One Day Remains, it's like it never gets old.

Overall Impression — 9
As I said before, it's way better then One Day Remains. But for an in-depth review, I'll do a track-by-track. 01. Ties That Bind - it's a big tempo-changing song. It starts off with a low-distorted riff, and then gets heavy, and then goes back, and keeps switching back and forth. What makes the track so awesome is the very wah-wah driven, fade-out solo. 02. Come To Life - crazy opening riff that is probably the most catchy on the album. This brings us to an awesome vocals-behind-mesh verse, great chorus, and insane shred solo. 03. Brand New Start - mellow, acoustic intro/verses, awesome chorus, and the melody-driven solo that "makes" this song. 04. Buried Alive - great opener solo and harmonic-filled riff. The song itself is okay, until the outro solo (sweet). 05. Coming Home - pretty cool riffs, but it's a very tiring song. A short solo, nothing special. 06. Before Tomorrow Comes - another dreary until chorus song. No great soloon this one. 07. Rise Today - it's the single! Yeah, pretty good, awesome chorus and riffs, but the leads and solo are what bring this song to life. 08. Blackbird - hands-down, best song on the album. This song's acoustic riff drew me in, the vocals were different than all of the other songs. Then, the riffs start pouring in and you hear that chorus. A few leads, another verse and chorus. the last verse is the most emotional and that's when the most blistering, fast, and melodic solo just busts it's way out of your speakers. 09. One By One - not so much a stand-out song to me. 10. Watch Over You - ballad, nice! Melodic to the bone. 11. Break Me Down - very poppy, probably a future single. No solo, wait, no solo? Is that a solo? Maybe, you judge. 12. White Knuckles - great riff and pulverizing vocals, one of the best on the album. No big solos, but the riff makes up for it. 13. Wayward One - slow, but gets heavier as it goes. This is a close second in greatest solo on the album. 14. The Damage Done - best buy bonus track. Cool chorus and, again, great solo. 15. New Way To Live - best buy bonus track. Starts out with a cool clean riff and clea vocals. It builds up to the last two tremendous solos. If I lost it, I'd definately buy it again, and if it was stolen somebody's dying.

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    people who hate Alter Bridge dont know real music. I met the band, they are so down to earth awesome, and they rock live! this new album is a whole new step from one day remains.
    after i saw em live i really dig them a lot more now, they really get into their music and put everything out there, and myles is not only a great singer but also a great guitar player, which really added to the show
    why do people not like creed? I think theyre awesome! but I really liked "One Day Remains", so i will need to get this album too!
    Great Album,people who like Creed should buy it, people who dont like creed should also buy it, because its alot different, but in a good way. Tremonti is one of the best guitarists out there in todays music.
    Logan_B wrote: hardrocker64 wrote: whos scott stapp? I did not see his name anywhere on this cd cover.metal_dan wrote: i can't believe all you faggots are excited for this band. i bet you still masturbate to your creed albums. scott stapp is a ****in douche with an annoying voice. and a wierd accent, only when he sings. if you're over 12, get a ****in life. if you're under 12, discover real music before you turn out like these people Wow.....and i bet your favorite band is bullshit screamo OH i cut myself all the time gothic screwed up ****ed in the head shit.....death metal sucks
    Death Metal is sometimes good. I'm thinking of buying this album cos i read the review in a guitar magazine saying that it was like Zeppelin meets Maiden. Is it true? cos they are my 2 favourite bands
    i love this album, can't get enough of it. its good old heavy album with the odd chilled acoustic track with a bit of umph, which is what you need in a good metal/alternative album really.
    I really didn't enjoy any of the music I heard, but the guys voice on Blackbird was extremely impressive.
    Bought this a week ago, haven't stopped listening to it, and no I'm not a Creed fan. A great album for fans of heavier Hard Rock. Myles' voice I find to be a mix of Geoff Tate's and Chris Cornell's so if you like either of those guys' bands (Queensryche/Soundgarden) i think you'll like this album. Plus there's Mark Tremonti on it!
    Holy crap, this beats the living crap out of its a huge step from blackbird...rock on Alter Bridge...
    I've met the band before and after three shows now, and once in a sound check, and these guys are some of the most genuine guys in Rock today. They're really easy to meet and chat with too - just get to the venue about 2 or 3 PM and you'll probably catch them going in. Or just hand around for a while after. The CD is amazing - Blackbird is probably my favourite album, although I know there are some greats out there. Mark Tremonti's skill on the guitar is insane, and seeing it live is just bliss. Myles is definitely one of today's greatest singers - his vocal range is outstanding. Great Album.
    I saw these guys not too long ago and I was blown away by how well Myles Kennedy can play the guitar. In my opinion, adding him as another guitarist will solidify their move away from creed. Certainly Stapp was no where near as talented as Kennedy. I expect alterbridge to go a long ways with Tremonti focusing on leads and solos now. The next metallica/zeppelin? I'm calling it. I give this album a 9/10 because not every song showcases their phoenominal talent like it should. I'm not a big fan of "I'm coming Home." More tracks like blackbird, ties that bind and brand new start and I'll be happy...
    great album, simply said. by far their greatest work to date. great solo's and riffs with great vocals as well. one of my favorite cd's to listen to