Blackbird review by Alter Bridge

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  • Released: Oct 9, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (463 votes)
Alter Bridge: Blackbird

Sound — 10
Incredible. From the face melting, opening track, "Ties That Bind", to the softer, more laid back, "Wayward One", this album's sound will make bands like Seether and Chevelle piss their pants. Tremonti's guitar work is absolutely amazing. The multiple hooks and bridges put forth by Tremonti add much depth to the album. Unlike most bands today, Alter Bridge's guitar is very discintive from the bass, which adds to the quality of their sound, which is enhanced by lead singer, Myles Kennedy's '70s arena rock inspired voice. Blackbird is probably the best sounding hard rock album of the year.

Lyrics — 8
Though a far cry from the lyrics of Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, the lyrics on Blackbird are pretty standard for today's modern rock. Most of the lyrics on the album good, but others, such as the chorus to "One By One" seem akward and unfitting in context to the rest of the song. Luckily, any time this happens, it is masked by over by the guitar and Kennedy's beautiful voice and lyrical flow.

Overall Impression — 10
Don't be fooled. Alter Bridge isn't just a rip off of Creed with a new lead singer, they are something completely different. All the proof I need is in this album. It is absolutely amazing. Althogh every song on it stands out, the best songs are "Ties That Bind", "Come to Life" and "White Knuckles". If I could recommend any album made in 2007, it would definitly be this one.

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    i can play all Mark's stuff...check my blackbird and rise today guitar pro tabs peeps...but i dont think i cud eva match his skill in writing the he is the one god...ALTER BRIDGE 4 EVA!!! P.S. if any 1 gets tha chance to see them live then go u will NOT regret it!!!
    Don't bag a good band, been a fan of Myles's work since the Mayfield Four, Tremonti plays quite nicely, and the vocals fit quite well with the band. The addition of MK on guitar gives Mark more room to rock! Would love to see a bill w/Alter Bridge & say, Thornley, or Breaking Benjamin, excellent CD
    Lets just be honest Blackbird is the best...not the record the song blackbird ...i kinda think thats the only good song on that album...ODR was way better
    Logan_B wrote: hardrocker64 wrote: whos scott stapp? I did not see his name anywhere on this cd cover.metal_dan wrote: i can't believe all you faggots are excited for this band. i bet you still masturbate to your creed albums. scott stapp is a ****in douche with an annoying voice. and a wierd accent, only when he sings. if you're over 12, get a ****in life. if you're under 12, discover real music before you turn out like these people Wow.....and i bet your favorite band is bullshit screamo OH i cut myself all the time gothic screwed up ****ed in the head shit.....death metal sucks
    so you know who creed are but not scott stapp..yet then u go on to bash him..!? make up your mind however i do agree..myles kennedy is waaaaay better than stapp who was an arogant egotistical dude who held back the rest of the band...which is exacly why you should now like alterbridge because believe it or not, theyre not crazy as that might seem
    "Thats probably the biggest complaint with Alter Bridge. It would be nice to hear guitarist Tremonti just let loose the entire song without any easing up during the verse. Its during those slowed-down moments that it feels a bit too much like theyre trying to write for the radio." Sometimes quality music isn't made by "letting a lead guitarist loose" during the whole song, haha. Even Steve Vai "eased up" for rhythm in verses. I can really appreciate guitarists who know when to "ease up" and "let loose" because it makes the times when they "let loose" much more anticipated and satisfying. There are solos and fillers that are only a few seconds to 15 seconds long that I'll rewind and replay a million times because they're so well placed and isolated and plain bad-ass sounding.