One Day Remains review by Alter Bridge

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  • Released: Aug 10, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (222 votes)
Alter Bridge: One Day Remains

Sound — 10
Mark Tremonti fimly establishes himself as one of the best guitarist of modern times with this album, not just in his amazing playing but also in his now instantly recognisable writting style. That said this album doesn't sound like a new creed album, of course there are parts of this album that are very similar to creed (like 'Open Your Eyes') but you would expect nothing less. However, this album goes beyond the Creed sound, it covers a huge range of sounds and styles from the 80's metal style 'Metalingus' to the gorgous and emotional 'In Loving Memory' while also creating a whole new sound and style best shown in the songs 'One Day Remains' and 'Broken Wings'.

Expertly written music and melodies are accompanied by the magnificent vocals of new front man Myles Kennedy, whos voice in places does draw parrells to Stapp and Cornell but for the most part are new and different, and what a range the man has (shown superbly in 'Burn It Down'), superb! Tremonti also does a nice job on backing vocals, begging the question why he didn't do more on Creed's material! Brian Marshall is the only man who can complment Tremonti's style and it's great to see him back in the rythmn section with Scott Phillips creating the powerful drive of the album. Simple yet effective. This band definatly delivers a much needed new sound to the modern rock sound.

Lyrics — 10
Tremonti also proves his worth as a lyricist, while not as chllenging as some of the material written by people like Eddy Vedder of Pearl Jam, the lyrics on this album are much less self orientated as Scott Stapp's often were with Creed. Open to inturptation all the lyrics are written with obvious passion and emotion showing that a lot of time thought and effort went into them, they also fit the songs perfectly. Tremonti benifits form the assistance of Kennedy on five of the songs and this proves to be a great combination, much more fluid than some of the lyrics Tremonti and Stapp created together. The undoubted lyrical content highlight is 'In Loving Memory' written by Tremonti about his late mother, the lyrics are heart felt and emotional, Tremonti really opens up in this song to great effect.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is certainly not the new creed album, for that matter this album isn't simply Creed with a new front man. Instead it a soring emotional modern rock masterpiece and comes at a time when the rock genre needs something new to push it on again. This album is most certainly the album that can do it, great songs and melodies played by a band that have found instant chemistry and have unbelievable talent, especially Tremonti who is masterful on this album and in some places is almost machine like! I adored Creed and eagerly awaited this album while hoping it would be a new sound. I was not disappointed, in my opinion this is better thatn all 3 Creed albums and I absolutly love the songs 'Open Your Eyes', 'Broken Wings' and 'In Loving Memory'. I would definatly replace this album if my copy was lost, stolen or damaged, in fact I would do it straight away, this album has become and instant favourite of mine! I you liked Creed you'll like 'One Day Remains' and if you didn't like Creed then Alter Bridge are new and different enough for you to enjoy. Buy this album!

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