Twilight of the Thunder God review by Amon Amarth

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  • Released: Sep 19, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (63 votes)
Amon Amarth: Twilight of the Thunder God

Sound — 9
The Viking-Metal power house Amon Amarth released Twilight of the Thunder God in September 2008. I hadn't had a chance to purchase this album until early December, so excuse the late review. Well, I personally am an absolute history fanatic, and have always been interested in some day studying the Vikings, and I am a huge fan of the Death Metal genre, so this couldn't possibly go wrong. I'm glad to say, it didn't. I was blown away when I first listened to this record. Right off the opening title track "Twilight of the Thunder God" I couldn't believe I hadn't listened to this band before! "Varyags of Miklagaard" is a personal favourite of mine on this album. The way the drums fit in on this song, just makes it perfect. "Live For The Kill" is an insta-favourite for me. Whoever had the idea to add Apocalyptica is a genius. From there, this band became a personal favourite of mine.

Lyrics — 10
Well, what's there to say about the lyrics? Amazing. Some people may get bored with some what repetative lyrics in the sense that these are all about Vikings and their mythology, but for me I just say "Keep 'em comin'!" The lyrics fit the music so perfectly, that you can really feel them and imagine yourself right there while everything is going on. They really have a some what up-lifting feeling aswell, which is really nice to hear after listening to some Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem and Slayer (which are all great, and I love.. but you need something to lift you up after all that). Johan Hegg truly has an amazing voice. It is so raw, yet it fits perfectly with the melodic gutiaring featured by Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Sderberg (which is amazing by the way). It amazes me how his throat is still in one piece after recording these songs and performing them live.

Overall Impression — 10
Well, just like at the end of a book report in Elementary school, I would definitely recommend this band and album to any death metal fan, unless you're not a fan of total, complete, ber awesomeness to the max. But, don't let me be the judge.. just give it a listen. I'd also like to add that Fredrik Andersson's drumming on this album is one of the best drum performances of 2008 that I've heard along with John Longstreth from Origin and Mario Duplantier from Gojira (although different styles between the three of them). Well, that's about it. Give this band a try, give this album a try, even give a song a try. It's all good stuff. Auf Weidersehen!

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    Man, i was blown away by this album! i didnt know wat to expect with "viking metal" as such.. but damn! this is the best of 2008 without a doubt!.. All songs are brilliant! go AA.. (not alcoholics anonymous.. lol)..
    wow these guys especially in this album are SOO melodic. There riffs are soo catchy and just make so much musical sense... these guys are so epic and so..... melodic!!! yet insanely Metal
    I just finished listening to this album for the second time... I think this might be the best album of all time. I was blown away by the way this album way put together. You know if they put out another album this good the world might implode on itself.
    This is Melodic Death Metal...Viking Metal doesn't technically exist though I LOVE the term. Great band. Great album. 'Nuff said.
    Their new album didn't lose their sound, which most bands have today. I can't decide what album I like best. But I know for sure that Johan has an amazing growl and it fits so perfectly with the unforgettable melodic guitar parts Amon Amarth. The metal band to look out for.
    This album definitely has some chunky riffage goin on. A little different sound than the rest of their releases. The Crusher and Avenger our my least favorite albums. But from Versus The World on thru TOTTG, their sound gets a little more defined and better.
    death_unknown wrote: This album definitely has some chunky riffage goin on. A little different sound than the rest of their releases. The Crusher and Avenger our my least favorite albums. But from Versus The World on thru TOTTG, their sound gets a little more defined and better.
    I don't agree on your opinions of The Crusher and Avenger (Crusher's one of my favorite oldschool albums from them), however I do see where you're coming from. You're right, their sound does get more defined as they've progressed. I guess I like their old stuff just for the sheer brutality and rage it embodies (listen to Bastards of A Lying Breed, puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "pissed off"). OT: Twilight to me was particularly impressive, as this was the album that followed With Oden, and that is practically AA's Ride The Lightning. I feel it was an album with way more hits than misses. Title track was amazing (not that I needed to say that). Guardians of Asgaard was good, but I'd have to say a bit cheesey-sounding (that and LG ain't exactly my favorite vocalist). The Hero was probably the weakest track, simply due to the fact that everything else was so damn good. Tattered Banners just embodied everything about a mythological war I've ever imagined, and I almost cried on Embrace of the Endless Ocean. Overall, an absolute great album.