Twilight Of The Thunder God Review

artist: Amon Amarth date: 09/02/2014 category: compact discs
Amon Amarth: Twilight Of The Thunder God
Released: Sep 30, 2008
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Viking Metal
Label: Metal Blade
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Twilight of the Thunder God" was released in September 2008. The album has received largely positive reviews and the best sales of the band's career.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9.7
Twilight Of The Thunder God Reviewed by: laidu2rest, on january 06, 2009
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Sound: The Viking-Metal power house Amon Amarth released Twilight of the Thunder God in September 2008. I hadn't had a chance to purchase this album until early December, so excuse the late review. Well, I personally am an absolute history fanatic, and have always been interested in some day studying the Vikings, and I am a huge fan of the Death Metal genre, so this couldn't possibly go wrong. I'm glad to say, it didn't. I was blown away when I first listened to this record. Right off the opening title track "Twilight of the Thunder God" I couldn't believe I hadn't listened to this band before! "Varyags of Miklagaard" is a personal favourite of mine on this album. The way the drums fit in on this song, just makes it perfect. "Live For The Kill" is an insta-favourite for me. Whoever had the idea to add Apocalyptica is a genius. From there, this band became a personal favourite of mine. // 9

Lyrics: Well, what's there to say about the lyrics? Amazing. Some people may get bored with some what repetative lyrics in the sense that these are all about Vikings and their mythology, but for me I just say "Keep 'em comin'!" The lyrics fit the music so perfectly, that you can really feel them and imagine yourself right there while everything is going on. They really have a some what up-lifting feeling aswell, which is really nice to hear after listening to some Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem and Slayer (which are all great, and I love.. but you need something to lift you up after all that). Johan Hegg truly has an amazing voice. It is so raw, yet it fits perfectly with the melodic gutiaring featured by Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Sderberg (which is amazing by the way). It amazes me how his throat is still in one piece after recording these songs and performing them live. // 10

Overall Impression: Well, just like at the end of a book report in Elementary school, I would definitely recommend this band and album to any death metal fan, unless you're not a fan of total, complete, ber awesomeness to the max. But, don't let me be the judge.. just give it a listen. I'd also like to add that Fredrik Andersson's drumming on this album is one of the best drum performances of 2008 that I've heard along with John Longstreth from Origin and Mario Duplantier from Gojira (although different styles between the three of them). Well, that's about it. Give this band a try, give this album a try, even give a song a try. It's all good stuff. Auf Weidersehen! // 10

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overall: 8.7
Twilight Of The Thunder God Reviewed by: aenimafist, on november 12, 2008
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Sound: After two years of touring for the With Oden On Our Side release, Amon Amarth are back at it with their Twilight of the Thundergod. With an obvious reference to Thor, this is the best album art from this band so far. It's just so... thunderous! (sorry, I had to). The band return with their B-standard tuned guitars and put out one of the best riff records in the modern metal era. Album staples such as the title track, Free Will Sacrifice and The Hero are very easy to get into when they blast in. As special guests, "Mount Doom" hired Roope from Children of Bodom to do the guitar solo on the title track and Apocalyptica make a guest appearence in what has become my favorite Amon song Live For the Kill. Twilight of the Thundergod shows how Amon Amarth have successfully, and with hammer in hand, evolved their music to the point of being one of the best melodic death metal bands in the business. // 9

Lyrics: Johan Hegg is hands down one of the best live figures in music history. He loves to stomp around on the stage growling everything he says and having a jolly ol' time. But he does not fool around on this release; he is hardcore through thich and thin. His most disappointing performance and the low of the album was on Where Is Your God? because the lyrics are song really fast and it just isn't as fun to listen to. However, his performances on Free Will Sacrifice and The Hero are outstanding. The lyrics consist of the usual Amon Viking theme as well as intense battle and a strife to win at all odds. These are the sorts of lyrics that make you want to get on a boat, enter the seas carrying a huge club and act like a troll all at the same time. // 9

Overall Impression: This album almost seems like a sequel to With Oden On Our Side in that both records have times when there are fast and energetic songs and then there are slower and heavier tunes such as Runes to My Memory (on WOOOS). There is some ebb and flow but not as much as Fate of Norns had. That was great and I think this album needed to have a track like Arson or Beheading of a King to create a new atmosphere. The best songs here are Twilight of the Thundergod, Free Will Sacrifice, The Hero and, of course, Live For the Kill. Now go fetch your weapons and set sail on the waves. Hail Oden! // 8

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overall: 10
Twilight Of The Thunder God Reviewed by: N3WW4V3N1NJ4, on september 02, 2014
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Sound: I hate death metal. I mean, with a passion. How then, you ask did I end up coming across Amon Amarth? Well, I am a huge fan of the "Guitar Hero" video game series and as other plastic guitar virtuosos may recall, the title track to this album was DLC for "Guitar Hero 5." During one of my best plastic axe-playing periods, I decided I wanted a bigger challenge and as fate would have it, the track caught my eye. The album art looked cool, the song had a high difficulty rating and the preview I listened sounded interesting. I proceeded to buy the track, but when I played it, I was quite amazed by the fact that every single part of the music sounded like... music. Actual music, not the horrid wall of noise that most Death Metal sounds like to me. // 10

Lyrics: The singer has very clear vocals. I don't mean clean vocals, there is some growling and screaming, I mean (and this is a first for me, listening to Death Metal) you can actually understand what he is saying! Which is instantly a good thing to me. Most of Amon Amarth's lyrics deal with Norse Mythology, each album dealing with a different god. This particular album is about Thor, the god of thunder. If you're not a mythology fan, the lyrics may not be your cup of tea, but even still, the instrumentation is really solid, almost sounding like a way louder mashup of all the great underrated groups of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and also a bit of Manowar. Look those up if you don't know what I'm talking about and you'll get what I mean. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is awesome and I cannot possibly recommend it highly enough to anyone who is looking for some good modern metal to sink their teeth into. I am also happy to say that I have heard a couple more of Amon Amarth's albums and that they have not disappointed me yet. The only thing I will say, is that if you have a problem with Norse mythology, like if you, for example, hate all music with lyrics focused on the subject, this has a very low chance of changing your mind, but if you are okay with it, like I am, then you need to stop reading this review and listen to the music clips under the review. Trust me, you'll like it! // 10

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