Tales From The Thousand Lakes review by Amorphis

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  • Released: Jul 12, 1994
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (9 votes)
Amorphis: Tales From The Thousand Lakes

Sound — 10
The second studio album from Amorphis continues the heavy and melodic line they started on the Karelian Isthumus album, but now the keyboard has a more important role. A heavy low-tuned rhythm guitar and growling vocals combined with high melodic guitar riffs/keyboard patterns is what this album is all about. Drums fit in nicely and seals the deal. A truly godly mix. Definitely the best album of Amorphis and worth of listening. 01. Thousand Lakes. A beautiful melodic keyboard intro, 5/5. 02. Into Hiding. Good song that I really like. The beginning is the greatest with it's low and heavy riff combined with the high guitar and the keyboard backing it. Growling makes it even better, 4.5/5 03. The Castaway. Another good song with less heavy riffs, 4.5/5 04. First Doom. Not my favourite song, but still pretty good. It has a few interesting riffs, 4/5 05. Black Winter Day. The most known song of the album and an Amorphis classic. Really catchy keyboard pattern and guitar riff, 5/5. 06. Drowned Maid. One of my favourites with a few great riffs, 4.5/5. 07. In the Beginning. A good song with a good melodic riff, 4/5. 08. Forgotten Sunrise. Not my favourite, but has a few interesting riffs and a good solo/outro, 4/5. 09. To Father's Cabin. The keyboard is the main instrument in this song. I really don't like it but someone else might, 3.5/5 10. Magic and Mayhem. A great ending and one of the best songs of the album. One of my favourites, 5/5.

Lyrics — 9
Growl vocals with a few clear backing vocals. The lyrics tell mostly about the Finnish epic, Kalevala. Amorphis has always been inspired by Kalevala and all the other Finnish national themes (Amorphis is a Finnish band, by the way). As a Finn myself too, I feel really proud about the lyrical themes in this album has and it makes a great mood in it. Singer is pretty good, but I think nowadays Amorphis singer, Tomi Joutsen is better.

Overall Impression — 10
A great mood, great riffs, drums and singer makes this album just godly. Amorphis made their breakthrough with it and it represents the top of melodic death metal albums. I'm mostly a thrash metal fan myself, but if you love Megadeth or Slayer, why couldn't you love this too? The fast melodical riffs reminds me about Dave Mustaine's awesome songs/albums. It would be real a shame if this album was never published and I would miss miss it very much. The only thing I hate, is that Amorphis stopped playing this kind of music and I just wonder what could they have accomplished.

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