Fuckin' A Review

artist: Anal Cunt date: 08/10/2011 category: compact discs
Anal Cunt: Fuckin' A
Released: 2010
Genre: Grindcore, Heavy Metal
Label: PATAC Records
Number Of Tracks: 10
This Anal Cunt's last album released before the death of front man, Seth Putnam. And like they said leading up to release, "cock rock" best describes the feel of the album.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 8
Fuckin' A Reviewed by: TriKef, on august 10, 2011
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Sound: So... This Anal Cunt's last album released before the death of front man, Seth Putnam. And like they said leading up to release, "cock rock" best describes the feel of the album. For AxCx, its an entirely different step of their usual grindcore stuff. All the songs last over 1:30 minutes, their songs aren't just the song titles themselves, and their are riffs and choruses in these songs.

The guitars still sound dirty as with ever other AxCx album. The drums aren't just SNARE+HI HAT X 1000, they actually are diverse... For an AxCx record. The production of the album is not the best, but what do you expect? IT'S FUCKING AxCx, IT'S FUCKING GRINDCORE, AND IT'S THEM MAKING A FUCKING SLEAZY ROCK RECORD! // 8

Lyrics: Seth Putnam was probably one of the best trolls ever. When you thought he couldn't think of anything stupider or awful to sing about (lets say "I Sent Concentration Camp Footage To America's Funniest Home Videos"), he comes up with "Anyone Who Likes The Dillinger Escape Plan Is A Faggot" (as a TDEP fan, I fucking laugh my ass off).

On this album though, he seems pretty tamed. He talks about what all rockers from the 80s talk about: kicking a*s ("Kicking Your A*s And Fucking Your Bitch"), whiskey ("Whiskey, Coke, And Sluts"), hot girls ("Hot Girls On The Road") and drugs ("I Wish My Dealer Was Open"). Unlike those 80s dude, Seth isn't trying to be played on the radio, which means he uses every cuss word whenever possible.

The vocals sound like they turned down "pitch shifter" enough that you can make out what Seth is saying. Still, it's Seth screaming into the mic saying "I'm gonna give you AIDS!" on the song... "I'm Gonna Give You AIDS". Which bring up the thing that they are still "troll" lyrics and songs on here. For all I know, "Yea! Its Pink" and "I'm Gonna Give You AIDS" were probably pure grindcore songs at one point since the lyrics are the typical "let's be super offensive because we are AxCx". // 6

Overall Impression: Look, even if you actually like grindcore, you know Anal Cunt is a joke. They have 300 songs that sound the fucking same. They exist just to make people angry, they mock everyone they hate, they just don't give a fuck, and that's why I like them.

I mean, what the fuck do you expect when you hear the fact that AxCx is making a rock record? You just agree and move on with your lives. They never wanted to "reinvent" anything. They wanted to do whatever the fuck they wanted. The album exist just so the band can paid tributes to the bands they actually like. This isn't a serious record but then again, which one of their albums was serious?

Is it awful? YES! Should I recommend this to anyone? If I hate them, maybe. Would I buy another copy if someone stole this from me? No, I would send them a thank you card and $10 gift certificate to Arby's.

If you are an fan AxCx and get the joke, then you will love it, like I did. If you aren't and you don't like grindcore already, this album will not change your mind. It's a ridiculous record from an already ridiculous band. that's why the scoring this was pretty hard: do I base it on AxCx standards or grindcore/rock standards?

For AxCx stands, this would be about an 8 since they lyrics aren't as funny or long titled and there are less than 40 songs on this album.

For grindcore standards, its works pretty well to have generic grindcore mixed with generic rock. I know other grindcore bands have done similar things like this so this isn't anything new to grindcore. So a 6.

For rock standards, this is the innovation they been waiting for! This is how you make songs about love and drugs interesting once again! I imagine most rock bands will be following Anal C*nt's coat tails and start using pitch shifters in all their songs. I can't wait for the next Nickleback song that has Chad screaming "I FUCKED HER ASSHOLE AND CAM" playing on my local hard rock radio station. A PERFECT 10 for adding a fresh breath of air into this once great genre.

R.I.P. Seth Putnam. // 10

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