Cities review by Anberlin

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  • Released: Feb 20, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (77 votes)
Anberlin: Cities

Sound — 10
Anberlin's third CD, "Cities", has all different types of sounds, from rock to electronica. Back from "Blueprints For The Black Market" and "Never Take Friendship Personal" and now to "Cities", their sounds have greatly improved over their years. A number of tracks have been built up with the instruments of the band and others have gotten different styles, such as acoustic sounds and electronic effects. All of the additions have made the songs itselves sound incredibly better. All in all, "Cities" has a huge variety of sounds that makes the CD sound incredible.

Lyrics — 10
As mentioned before with the sound of "Cities", the lyrics of the record have become a lot better with the meanings of their words. The lead vocalist, Stephen Christian, is an awesome vocalist and his voice has gotten a lot clearer sounding than Anberlin's previous records. Also, the backup vocals improve Christian's voice since some songs have a choir in them, such as (*Fin). Overall, the band's amazing vocals produce a great sound that goes really well with all of the instruments.

Overall Impression — 10
Throughout the entire album, the best songs that I enjoy are Godspeed (their "Cities" single), Adelaide, A Whisper & A Clamor, There Is No Mathematics to Love and Loss, Hello Alone, and Dismantle. Repair. I bought the Limited Edition of "Cities", which includes three great tracks, Uncanny, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, and The Promise. Also with the Limited Edition, you get a DVD that has interviews of each band member, backstage antics, and a whole lot more! "Cities" is a great buy for any Anberlin fan from the start or a new fan who chose to pick up this CD.

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    This album is huge. It may not top Blueprints, but I think it trounces Never Take Friendship Personal. Awesome release.
    You forgot to mention Alexithymia which is definetely the best song. Godspeed is actually one of the worst songs on the album.
    Amazing album. This is Anberlin at it's very best. I highly recommend that you buy the CD/DVD version because the 3 bonus songs are worth it, and the DVD is great.
    I believe this album is the most amazing thing I have evr heard...with the mix of fast to slow songs its brilliant and the lyrics are very very far the best Anberlin cd there is...i think Reclusion is the best song on the album and there isnt a terrible song on the cd...they are all great
    Hands down one of the best albums i own! P.S. i tabbed "Fin" for anyone who likes it.
    Definitely the best by Anberlin. I got the Special Edition version last week, and it talks about how a band's third album is the "Sargent Peppers" of their music, and they agree with it. The DVD has a lot of content on it, which makes it all the better. By the way, Dismantle. Repair. Is the best song in my opinion.