Close Calls With Brick Walls Review

artist: Andrew W.K. date: 02/16/2007 category: compact discs
Andrew W.K.: Close Calls With Brick Walls
Release Date: Sep 18, 2006
Label: Dope
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 18
This is, without a doubt, not only the best album by AWK, but quite possibly the best album of the last ten years.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Close Calls With Brick Walls Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 16, 2007
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Sound: This is, without a doubt, not only the best album by AWK, but quite possibly the best album of the last ten years. I would have to warn anyone thinking of buying this album either thru Amazon or by waiting untill it's north american release (sometime this year)that this album is nothing like any thing he's ever done before. So, without further ado let's go thru this masterpiece track by track. 01. I Came For You - this is quite an interesting intro. A very soft (for AWK anyway) intro, very power balladly, and an introduction to what the rest of the album, which, like this, is going to be very different from what anyone could expect from the King of the Party. 02. Close Calls With Bal Harbour - like the length suggests, this song is less it's own song than a continuation of "I came For You", and a lead up to the albums first single. Very wierd tho. 03. Not Going To Bed - quite the pick up from the previous two slow songs.This song is similar to his classic party songs, but with a bit of a twist. Very fun, fast song that, unlike some of the songs on the album, is an instantley ear-freindly song. 04. You Will Remember Tonight - the longest song on the album, it is easy to hear this harken back to the days of "The Wolf". A song that is almost to long and a bit out of place in a album dedicated to quick fixes and little filler, this is another song that will remain in your head for a while after hearing it. Wouldn't be surprised if this became the second single. 05. Pushing Drugs - one of my faves from the album. Very groovey and very '70s ish.Very catchy. But surprisingly this is one of AWK's deeper songs, as it talks about a drug dealer trying to justify his dealing drugs. Very interesting. 06. Hand On The Place - a good song, although not to much to say about it. The versus are very head bobbing worthy. Good song over all. 07. One Brother - one of the wierder songs. The lyrics make very little sense, especially considering the title of the song. Also very wierd considering, from what I know, AWK has no brothers or sisters. Good, catchy song tho. 08. Las Vegas, Nevada - quite possibly the best nearly-three-minute song ever. Incredibly energetic that will make you wanna start dancing after 30 seconds. Also a very grand song, incorperating piano's, guitars, bass, drums, xylophones, keyboards, horns and many other instruments. But that fits considering the title. One of the best of the album. 09. Dr. Dumont - a very, and I do mean very, short intermission from the high energy of the album. Definetly the most beautiful songs he's ever done. Just piano.Very classical, and very soothing. After listening I found that the song was much to short. Very good tho. 10. I Want To See You Go Wild - not to much to say about this song either. Picks up right where "Las Vegas" left off. 11.When I'm High - starts out very grand, with an entire concert band playing in the intro, which the transforms into another, you guessed it, energenic song. Good Song, but quite possibly one of the only filler songs on the album. 12. Golden Eyed Dog - "The small golden eyed dog, with the body shaped like a cat".'Nuff said. 13. Into The Clear - a very short song, but surprisingly good. High energy and a very likeable song. 14. Mark My Grace - this is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best song he's every recorded. Hard to explain, but incredibly powerfull song, showing AWK sing with a kind of passion we never thought he could. Absolutely amazing song. 15. Don't Call Me Andy - one of the more juevanile songs on the album. The whole song is just AWK singing about how he dislikes being called Andy. But don't get me wrong, this, like the whole album, is still a very solid song. 16. The Bacground - a very cool song, one of the stand-outs on the album. A very climatic chorus, and by the end of the song you realize that the albums starting to come to a close. 17. Slam John Against A Brick Wall - you would think a song that just repeats it's title throughout the entire duration of the song would become very repetitive and annoying. You would think so. By the half way mark you'll find yourself joining along in the songs chant. Another very groovey song. 18. The Moving Room - another amazing song off of an amazing album. This song does a great job of ending the album and is a great song to listen to while driving(once hearing it you'll understand what I mean). Once the song ends, it's not quite over, if you wait a few seconds you'll hear Andrew in the studio packing, and eventually leaving the studio, leaving us all behind in awe. Now, if you purchase the album from Korea(as I did) you get a additional 4 tracks to enjoy: 19. Can You Dance With Me? - a very cool song, but sounds considerably unfinnished. Although the song is pretty good, it's pretty obvious why it was cut from the actual album. 20. This Is My World - my least favorite of the bonus tracks, but is still good.Like all the bonus tracks this song also sounds unfinnished, and wouldn't quite have fit on the actual album. 21. I Want Your Face - my second fav bonus track, this one is actually pretty catchy, and I always find this song stuck in my head after the album's finnished ("and everyone says I look like you!") 22. Let's Go On A Date - my fav bonus song on the album. I think this song, unlike the others, could've easily been included on the album. Great high note to end the album on. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are definetly up the with that of "The Wolf". Although sometimes going on the end of absurdities (I.E. "One Brother"). His singing has reached an all-time high, singing in ways he never tried before on his previous two albums. // 10

Overall Impression: This album (apart from a few songs) compares with neither any of his, or any other artist has ever put out. With out a doubt, some of the stand-outs on the album were "Not Going To Bed", "Pushing Drugs", "Las Vegas", "Mark My Grace", "The Moving Room" and "Let's Go On A Date". Definetly Andrew's best work, this album goes places that no previous album of his ever dreamed of, while not makeing any of his previous works obsolete, this album certaintly does leave them far behind. This is an album that (especially now, since you have to order it) should be bought by only the hardest of AWK fans. If it were every stolen I would kill whoever did it, seeing as I paid $30 for it and waited over a month to get it, but I would probably wait for the NA release.(Seeing as it's supposed contain new material not on the Korean, nor Japanese versions). // 10

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