Art Of Motion review by Andy McKee

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  • Released: Nov 15, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (52 votes)
Andy McKee: Art Of Motion

Sound — 10
Andy has to be one of the most unique/amazing guitarists I've seen. He creates amazing and smooth music with just one guitar (he occasionally uses a harp guitar). He is very widely watched on the video site YouTube with his song "Drifting" the highest rated music video of all time. Three other of his songs "Rylynn", "Africa", and "For My Father" also in the top 6 of Top Rated Videos.

Lyrics — 9
There are no lyrics in Andy's songs but the guitar well makes up for with the soothing sounds and beats created by his acoustic guitar(s) and harp guitar(s). You may have heard guitars that have beatpads or may have not but Andy does not use a beatpad and all you hear is created with one run of the mill acoustic guitar (or a harp guitar on tracks such as Into The Ocean).

Overall Impression — 10
When you listen to Andy you will be captivated by his sound and want to try and play how he does (which is very hard might I add). His album is the best acoustic album I have heard, not for speed but for sound unlike many great guitarists. The only thing I wish it had was more songs on it, although it already has 12 amazing tracks. If I lost this album I would definitely get another copy, it is worth every cent.

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    I learn't drifting and it is really hard to play perfectly, and i can't play it perfectly. All his song have such feeling and he has one of the best senses of melody because all his songs are so different. Each time i hear For My Father it just makes me wanna cry because it's such a beautiful song. Andy is one the best.
    i think i would take me another 3 lifes to get that level... he has a gift, no doubt about it. what's next? hard to imagine...
    does anyone know where i can get a art of motion tab book??? if so pleeeeez e-mail
    Prince Albert
    I think more musicians should try to be like Andy. His music has so much emotion and feeling it says more than words could. Amazing guitarist, I have to get this album.
    Musicislife539 wrote: i think hes more of a visual performance you know? its great he has albums but he should sell DVDs or something, seeing him is so mutch more amazing then listening
    He actually has a DVD coming out soon, but I'm not sure when. Andy's incredible, his music is so beautiful and calming. I don't listen to him for talent, just for the music. This guy's amazing. You can get his albums off of iTunes, just so you guys know.
    I saw him live this summer at our local folkfest, which was an amazing surprise because were not big city ( Prince george, B.c. Canada). Lucky he had his CD's there too and I could pick this up, it is amazing!
    ive looked everywhere for art of motion but cant find it, were did you guys find it?
    i also found out about andy mckee about a year ago and i have been hooked ever since. i have not been able to find hiis album anywhere so i will have to buy online i geuss. i have just recently heard of antoine d. and he is awesome as well.
    I bought the cd last week, and In the 2 days that I had it i listen the songs 98 times (lastfm). He is one of the god's of fingerpicking. I'm a great fan since a week , but i think it's sorry that he uses the srange tunings. That makes his 'room to play' much smaller. But in the small space he has, he is perfect. He's like a god to me, like i earlier said. He is my number 2 guitarplayer. (numer 1 is tommy emmanuel afcourse). this album is woth spending your money on!
    i've heard some of his songs on youtube too... such an amazing and talented guitarist!
    Hopefully I'll be seeing him in Novemeber. Great player, more than just a YouTube craze for sure
    i heard him on youtube first too. i've known about him for a while; he's truly a gifted guitarist.
    andy is really absoltly amazing his song drifting just makes me enter this art of motion!
    CanCan wrote: This dude has an album? Sweet.
    CanCan wrote: This dude has an album? Sweet.
    he has 2, Art of motion and dreamcatcher.
    i think hes more of a visual performance you know? its great he has albums but he should sell DVDs or something, seeing him is so mutch more amazing then listening
    All the artists on CandyRat records are ridiculously amazing. Better than anything you'll ever hear on the radio. Antoine DuFour is another guitarist that plays a similar style like Andy, and I find myself listening to his CD more than McKee's.
    Got this album and its absolutely brilliant. I discovered Andy along with Atoine Dufour on YouTube over a year ago now, I also got Antoine's album and while I think he's every bit as talented and amazing - Andy's album is far superior. It oozes flare, emotion and his playing is perhaps more lyrical and expressive.
    ^ I didnt know either, I thought he was just a guy on youtube, I will definatley be checking this out
    i have both of his albums and its perfect for when i just get off work or cruisin down the road. amazing stuff \m/
    Yes, this is my favorite acoustic album of all time next to Aerial Boundaries by Michael Hedges.