Love Travels review by Angel Taylor

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (3 votes)
Angel Taylor: Love Travels

Sound — 8
In the vein of Colbie Caillat and Taylor Swift, singer-songwriter Angel Taylor has a soft-pop elegance in her style that brims with an authentic country-girl innocence and enchanting escapes that entice audiences to bask in their thermal showers of folk-pop. Her latest recording Love Travels is a constellation of folk-attired melodies and Zen-like acoustics that contain mass appeal. The sprits of orchestral tones cling-wrapped to the pacifying acoustics lining tracks like Maple Tree and Chai Tea Latte preen a soothing country tooling as Taylor's dreamy-swayed swagger pervades a fairy-tale sonorous. There is a Cinderella-like pitch in her vocals that is appealing and makes the songs wander into the realm of fantasy like in Spinning Wheels with an upbeat tempo that has a liberating feel relatable to windsailing across the wavy riffs of a beachfront. Taylor's tracks are filled with sunshine and optimism for when cloudy skies prevail like in Don't Forget Me In Time. The long, billowy lines and delicates nuances that Taylor puts in her vocal melody for Lightning Strikes personalize the song and create an intimacy with the listener. Taylor sings with a clarity and poise that is wholesome and expresses an inner strength that inspires the same in others. The solemn stroll of the piano keys in All Lost At C has a soul-folk patter wicked by the sprinting scrolls of the guitar parts and defined by the pliable grip of Taylor's vocals. The contemplative mood of Not Even Human is lightly mist in gentle acoustics and wispy piano keys that suit Taylor's calm temperament and resilient will. The music is pleasing and warm, two traits that characterize Angel Taylor's delivery.

Lyrics — 8
Taylor's lyrics are personalized and reveal pieces of herself like in the reggae-tinged grooves of Make Me Believe which polish her verses to slide confidently as she discusses, All my girls say make him pay / Kick him out / Let him stay / I'm so confused and misused / I feel abused so abused Make me believe that you'll stick around for good / Make me believe that I'm not misunderstood. Sometimes her lyrics reveal pieces of her dreams like in Too Good For Words as she reflects, Could you fall in love with a nobody like me? Her narrations always have a point like in Don't Forget Me In Time when she ponders, I can't decide if being with you is wise If you hold me till the morning, will all my wishes come true?

Overall Impression — 8
With a blend of acoustic-pop and coffeehouse-folk, Angel Taylor's latest CD Love Travels is like a therapeutic balm on burgeoning wounds while being a staunch purveyor of one's innermost dreams. When people say that artists are dreamers, they must be speaking about Angel Taylor because she personifies every ideal that people have of a dreamer. She is a role model for soft-pop artists and takes great care in making music that is soothing and pleasant to each person's ears, and her singing makes one think of a starry-eyed maiden on the verge of seeing her dreams coming true.

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