Love review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: Feb 14, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (116 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: Love

Sound — 8
Let me start off by saying "Love" is absolutely something you wanna pick up if you like deep lyrics, and innovative music. Love takes you to a whole new world at times if you are just sitting there, thinking, and listening to this album. The album starts off with an intro, named in Latin, that is less then impressive but sets the right mood. Then it slowly drifts into "The Flight Of Apollo" One of the most energetic and moving songs in the album. The overall sound for this album, while it still sounds like AVA, has definitely changed. This album is more cinematic. Many more new sound effects, and has a lot of climax sounding songs. Making it pretty clear that while the songs can most definitely relate to you in your life, it also has something to do with their feature film "LOVE." The only thing I can say is that even though the music sounds great, they are not using their talent to it's full extent as the guitar riffs and drums sometimes sounding lackluster compared to previous records.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics in this album are probably Angels & Airwaves best work overall. Although some of the lyrics may come of as cheesy or corny in certain choruses, "Epic Holiday, Flight Of Apollo," You learn to look past it and realize you wouldn't have it any other way. It makes the album sound more uplifting. As always Tom has perfectly added his lyrics to all the songs, making little tweaks and twists that always make you come back just so you can hear a certain line. Definitely something that makes the album so addicting. I've always heard that Tom is not a great singer live and that people hate his voice, but I find his singing skills just perfect for this kind of music. Even when it's live. Tom delivers his lyrics with such passion, If you are new to Tom's voice, you may not like it, but it grows on you. Also there is something slightly different about his vocals in this album and it's extremely difficult to place your finger on. Overall outstandingly done.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this album is probably my favorite by Angels & Airwaves, but the amazing thing is it's just different enough to make you come back to some classic AVA songs. The top 5 songs on the album (out of ten not including the intro song) in my opinion are 01. "Shove": this song is my favorite because even though it keeps it pretty simple musically the lyrics and sway of the song are incredible, it just instantly puts you in a great mood. Most likely not anyone else's choice for best song but something about it just strikes a chord. 02. "The Moon Atomic (...Fragments & Fictions)": this song may have the best lyrics in the album, as well as a catchy opening riff. As the song doesn't have much of a climax you don't grow bored because of the new instrumental parts that come and go, as well as following the great lyrics. 03. "Soul Survivor (...2012)": this song starts with a intriguing opening synth sound, and then Tom coming in with almost ghostly lyrics, I got shivers down my spine when I first heard it. Once again great lyrics and backed with one of the better songs musically. Good solid work throughout the song with a climax and a concluding ending. 04. "The Flight Of Apollo": the true opener to the album, starts of with an amazing effect that just instantly lures you to the song, I can't explain the effect, but you get the drift. We then here Tom in a muffled voice begin to talk and kinda sing. The first line in the album is "I'm falling, and somethings reaching out." This automatically made me interested with the way it was integrated into the background. The song finally explodes about 1:30 with a driving guitar riff similar to certain riffs from Tom's former band "Box Car Racer." This song is one of the best musically. There is also an extremely cool turn-table effect in the chorus. 05. "Letters To God, Part II": this song has an amazing intro, like nothing else heard from Angels & Airwaves, this song is also one of the best musically if not the best. The lyrics in this song are probably the saddest/deepest on the record. Talking about God and being lost and needing answers. Very emotional song. Well you know what I love about the album, the one thing I dislike that's worth mentioning is that I'm not a fan of how they had intros and tags in 90% of the songs, like The Intro to one song being on the track for the previous, it makes it annoying when you are on mix. For instance the song "Young London" Has a intro type thing for the song "Shove" as you hear an electronic version of the drum beat for the song as well as the intro played on piano. Now this sounds amazing, the problem is if you get Young London on a mix, Young London ends, you hear this drum beat and piano, and it goes nowhere, but that's the price you pay for an album that is meant to be listened to as a whole. Not much of a complaint but just annoying at times, Overall, this album is a masterpiece, and it's free. You can't miss it, Go grab it at their website now and take a listen. You won't be disappointed.

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