We Don't Need To Whisper review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: May 23, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (402 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need To Whisper

Sound — 10
My first impression of the album was a great one. The first song on here is called Valkyrie Missle its a 6 and a half minute song. It has a great bass intro in the beginning along with sound effects the guitar is just about amazing. This song, Tom says, is a great intro because it describes AVA. It has some '80s sounding guitar. A lot of the album has a 80's sounding guitar. It almost sounds like the Edge's guitar from U2. The second song on the album is called The Adventure. It sounds as if you were in the future. The guitar in here is sort of like The Cure. Tom himslef agrees that it sounds like its from the future saying "This song is very anthemic and has a euphoric feel to it. Its got big programmed beats and guitar riffing that people expect from me, but it sounds like it comes from the future." The next song on the album is called The War. Its a surprising one because you think its gonna be another slow song but that's when the heavy stuff gets in. Tom wanted to make it sound as if soldiers were marching to this song. The 4th song on the album is called A Little's Enough. It's a great slow song with great lyrics a very passionate one indeed. The 5th song is called Distraction. This song has some more programmed beats, hand claps, and a drum role. The guitar in the beginning has a 80's sound then it goes to TOM'S style. Tom wanted to make the people imagine as if they were in a completly destroyed city and your passing through it all the smoke and crap that has destroyed it. To some people, I guess, think it's about Blink I don't know why I personally don't get the impression, but it isn't about Blink. It Hurts is the 6th song on the album I simply love the beginning it has a great intro. The bass drum on here is pretty cool because it goes in a pattern if you were listening to it right now with me I bet you would agree with me. Tom made this song for his friend plain and simple. He says "My friend has this girl friend that is the cheating type. It's a terrible situation where my friend is being crushed inside out by all the manipulative stuff taht she's doing and thats what this songs about." The 7th song on here is called Do it For Me Now. I dont think there is one song on here that doesn't have programmed beats. So therefore this one has some, well actually the whole song. Dont worry it still sounds pretty bad ass. The guitar has a crap load of reverb and the drums is basically by it self. The guitar is there but they just let the note ring. Belive it or not Tom says he wrote this song for a rapper. Yes I said it a rapper. He changed up the lyrics and made a kick ass song. The 8th song is called Start the Machine. Again programmed beats and just like "A Little's Enough" it's a slow song. It has a nice bass line and good slow drums. The lyrics simply speak for it self. The 9th song is called The Gift. It again has programmed beats and this song is the one that sounds like The Edge's guitar. The drums sound as if they are an electric drum kit. Some of the song though when they get out of the intro the acoustic drums nust out. The last song is called Good Day. Its a great song I love the drums and guitar, the programmed beats really go with the song, not that none of them go with the other songs but this one definatly fits the picture.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics here are basically self explanitory. Some songs aren't though. For example A Little's Enough has a part where they say god you may be a little confused. Well Tom wanted you to imagine this so START imagining, that what if we fucked up the world soo bad that God came down to earth and told us what were doing wrong and he fixed everything. Other songs I pretty much explained. Tom has a pretty good voice personally I like his voice but sometimes when people try to sing like him they whine! Why do they whine? Well I must admit some times it sounds as if he is but that is rarely ever. All and all these songs have personal messages that has been going on Tom's life.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said it sounds like some 80's bands and crap like that. I think you'll love each and every song. I love how every song has its own message/moral/metaphore. It is just a wise abulm that AVA has come up with I perswonally love A Little's Enough and Good Day. They are just wonderful slow songs and the instruments and vocals just inspire you. If it was stolen/ lost I would totally buy this damn album again! What you do with this album is entirly up to you.

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