We Don't Need To Whisper review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: May 23, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.3 (402 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need To Whisper

Sound — 7
The sound is original. The material is very different from Blink 182, so if fans of them are looking for something Blink-like, they might be a little disappointed. The music gives a The Killers kinda feel. The guitars sound very Edge-like (guitarist from U2). So much controversy surrounds this album. What are the tracks? Who's playing in the band? I saw someone post up that the bassist from Iron Maiden was playing in it? Steve Harris? What Tom has presented us with here is original material and it shows he can make a decent album on his own. kudos to him. He said that this was going to be the greatest rock and roll revolution. Hmm I think its quite a bit shy of that.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are about the recent american invasion of iraq. Tom has drawn a lot of inspiration from how his brother had to go to the war. Another inspiration is the Blink 182 break up. The song Valkyrie Missiles (title track) is supposed to be about how something beautiful can come from something destroyed (Angels And Airwaves coming out of the ashes of Blink 182). Tom voice is a one of a kind. Passionate. Good skills.

Overall Impression — 3
Tom boasted the album would be over an hour. In the end only 1 track was over 1 minute. There are 10 tracks. You do the math. If there was something I could describe this album with is that it is overrated. I saw people so hyped up about this. Some people went so far as to write: "you guys are my favourite band." They haven't even heard the album yet. Others heard a 7 second preview of a song. They created an audio file of that 7 seconds just so they could hear it some more. 7 seconds! One track on the album (Start the Machine) is played on a toy piano Tom bought at a toy store. If he makes music using a toy piano and expects us to treat him like a professional, then I think that anyone that can play a toy piano is a rock star. if this album were stolen I would not buy another one. however there are a few good tracks, but one listen was enough for me. For those of you that will become a 'fan' of this band, think before you act. Just because these guys are going to get a lot of airplay and all your friends at school will listen to them, doesn't mean you should jump on the bandwagon. Blink 182 was an awesome band. If you liked them, it does not mean you should automatically like these guys just because one former member is in it.

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    I have to agreee that this album was very overhyped, even by Tom. I remember watchin an interview where Tom said that this album will be the "best ****ing album in 20 years" That's not true. It is a good album, and it's good music, but it's definately not the best album, in any amount of years. I like about half the songs on this album. The other half are kind of eh. They're listenable too, but not too great.
    I think this band is awesome no matter wat all of u punksters say. They're freaking awesome and tom's freaking hot sooo hottt so don't freaking touch him!
    uh since the album hasnt been released yet, how come theres already reviews up? did these ppl download the leaked album or something?
    How can you honestly expect people to respect your opinion if the only thing you said about the album was that it "was awesome" and "toms freaking hot, sooo hot..." seriously? I think any opinion that has to do with music that comes from someone who can?t justify a cd with real pros and cons needs to be instantly taken off of any serious musical discussion group. You kids make me ****ing sick. The punk rock club is meeting at the mall after school to spend $50 on chucks... lets all go! Tom is and always has been the "provoker" of the band, any band he has been in. Anyone heard of Old Sweaty Men? Mark and Tom's group before Scott joined and became Blink (pre-182) This was before some of you critics were even born, so im not talking to you all, just the real fans. Tom was the opinionated one, Marks the funny one, and who ever is drumming is...well, the drummer. This is exactly the kind of album I expected from Tom after the break-up of 182. Boxcar came abouts when they almost broke up the first time, during the making of Take Off Your Pants... Songs like "All Systems Go" was about events in his life, mainly the first "break-up" of 182. (They did split for 8 months in 03') Other songs, like ?Tiny Voices? are simply Tom questioning the seriousness of Blink, and weather of not he wanted to get back into it. I dig Tom, he is an awesome musician, and deserves all that he has. This is just his next step as an artist. He's what? 35? 36? now? You can?t sing about watching girls play soccer your whole life. If you hate this cd, and want something more like Boxcar or Blink, check out Mark and Travis' new band, Plus44. There pretty rad, and they'll be touring a shit-ton next year. I heard a rumor about them headlining Warped in 07' (?! shh!) The death of Blink was tragic, but at least good is coming out of it. It's not like they stopped making music like all the other great bands that ended and just gave up (Damn you John Lydon!) Keep punk simple, support art, not industry. Buy small, spend less, and for ****s sake, support your local scene!!!!!
    it's a pretty good album. nothing spectacular but it's an easy listen and unlike most shit these days, its not f**king depressing. Good day is a weak song though, shouldnt be there
    i dont no wut these ppl r complainin about. the adventure and good day r good songs. who the f***** cares if tom uses a toy piano? thats original
    Tom is crazy his new band is just a bunch of geeks fantasizing about aliens and space ships. He says that his new album is a new step in a different direction so that he can progress as a songwriter and musictian but it is just him fooling around with his imagination. He was so respectable and just downright awesome in blink its hard to see him fall so far. Its fine for him to have an AVA sideproject but he needs blink, as do the fans, nothing can ever come close again.