We Don't Need To Whisper review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: May 23, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (402 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need To Whisper

Sound — 9
Angels & Airwaves have such a unique sound, which is totally different from Blink 182 or box-car racer. It is a true rock album for our day and age, I think they're nest album might have an awesome rock ballad. This band brings in a lot of differnet sounds into the album it doesn't take away from but it adds character and depth to the music. David Kennedy whom some know played in box car and Hazen street gives a great add depth in the melody, the verse wherever he is needed on his guitar. Atom Willard who was a drummer for so many bands in his musical career (American Hi-Fi Rocket From The Crypt, and most recently The Offspring) adds dynamic drumming which good to here after bands who just like to bust the skins on their drums. And the bassist Ryan Sinn who played in "The Distillers, and 400 Over Par" adds a good under part which just pulls the songs into on complete package. Then theres Tom, whom you all know, and his a guitarist/Lead Vocal for this band. And just sounds som much better in AVA than in Blink 182.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics were great, its nice to listen to a record. If you spend time and listen to this record right before you go to bed with a candle for light and sitting on the ground and just let yourself go, you really understand the story (which takes place during WWII).

Overall Impression — 10
I'll buy it the week it comes out (this week). They just need market it better and it can be number 1 first week. It is the best album I have ever lisnted to (even "The Wall") I downloaded it before it came out (shame on me) but I can give you guys this almost biased review.

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    Delonge, this is not revolutionary, its just another album. And as for it being the best album of the last 20 years.... Well heres a few contenders just off the top of my head: Master Of Puppets - Just awesome metal Dookie - Gave a breath of fresh air into a grunge dominated music scene Nevermind - I dont even like Nirvana but I acknowledge what they did Toxicity - A new kind of metal which definately had some influence
    AvA is definetly one of my new favorite bands. Tom as always making things rad as all hell. I definetly envy Tom for doing something diffrent. I love it. p.s. to everyone that thinks that AvA is a side project I read recently that Tom said himself it is not and is infact the new "priority"
    razordimeback : You know how well Tom plays live... just wait for one show and everyone will say this is crap(just like it is) Tom is a punk rock man not a slow rock one. You can say what you want according to my username, I once was a big blink 182 fan and I really dislike this album
    I've seen them twice now. Tom actually plays MUCH better live with AVA than he ever did with Blink. Their live show is ****ing amazing. Go see them.
    The album is soo overhyped and overproduced. Tom's voice is gone. That's not even him singing anymore. If you listen to the old blink stuff or their live performances, he could never sing worth shit. And that's why blink-182 got progressively worse, because Tom kept trying to put himself in the spotlight. He can't sing, so they computerized his voice. And he can't play guitar worth shit either, so they covered that up with a bunch of delay. He screws up on even the simple melodies of blink songs, like Adam's Song or What's My Age again. Even if you suppose that that is actually Tom's voice and Tom's guitar playing, the album is still not great. One of the few appealing things about the blink-182 of old was their sense of humour, which is entirely gone now. Most of the songs sound the same as well and there's no technical skill involved either. Even if you're into the whole mainstream pop-rock thing, there are better albums coming out now, like TBS's Louder Now.
    You know how well Tom plays live... just wait for one show and everyone will say this is crap(just like it is) Tom is a punk rock man not a slow rock one. You can say what you want according to my username, I once was a big blink 182 fan and I really dislike this album
    this is defintely the best album of the year Hopefullt this will win a grammy
    too bad i can't join the fun with u guys. i didn't hear the whole thing yet. but i heard some, and it really does have an 80's vibe. weird how we could classify something as "80's" now. i only heard "do it for me now" and the guitar is pretty 80's. the guitar on "the adventure" sounds pretty "the cure"-ish, wouldn't u say?
    Ok so A&A has an all star line up (Not just Tom) but the album does not show these musicians talents. The bass riffs are so ordinary and repetitive (Ryan used to be a little creative with his riffs but not anymore), the guitar riffs are reminiscent of old bands (Tha adventure, can you say Flock of Seagulls) as for Atom, the drums were ok, nothing great. This would be an ok album if Tom did not brag about the Rock Revolution thing, which puts listeners in a place where they REALLY DO expect the greatest album (uh duhhh) I guess Tom just thinks that because his songs are really long and a throwback that hes such a genius (Hes not...) Also Tom is just a jerk. All of what he sings about is just annoying and whiney. All of his "war" stuff is just dumb shut up and support very one who has died for you. Last remark Tom in his interveiws ONLY talks about himself. Its like he says to every interveiwer "Do you know I'm Tom Delonge? Lets talk about me and how I'm a genius." He never says anything about his bandmates only how this is the greatest thing HE has ever done(Dave Ryan and Atom are great musicians.) So for Delonge, live in the real world, share the light with your other bandmates, go through puberty so I dont have to hear your awful voice, AND DONT MAKE EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR FANS THAT YOU WILL NEVER REACH!
    This album is alright, I'm gonna steer away from the words "good" and "bad" because it's something new and for that it should be applauded. Tom, as he has been boasting over and over, had a vision for this record. Yes, he made it come true but that doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid or at least pretentious vision to begin with. I saw a little club show they did like a month ago and it was okay if you like the idea of Tom DeLonge laughing at his audience for falling for his dreamed-up ****-around band. This album is a joke to Tom, if you go see them play just watch his face bc it's pretty obvious. Don't be hung out to dry with this pretentious lame-ass "rock star."
    Down wrote: DelongeFootwear, you said this was the greatest album in the past two decades. What about Master of Puppets? Or Reign In Blood? Come Clarity, Hypnotize/Mezmerize, Dance of Death, American Idiot, Blink 182, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, On An Island, Toxicity, the list goes on and on. Anyone who makes a claim that something is the greatest obviously doesn't listen to everything, because there is ALWAYS something better, and always an argument for top spot.
    you, sir, are an idiot. how dare you refer to the Shit that is come clarity as inflames best. and to compare my chemical romance or green day to metallica or slayer, and to say they had the best albums of the past two decades, would leave me to beleive you were beaten with a rubber hose as an infant.
    big up to you toad man. you have confused me into believing anything you say lol and that thing about Punk is what i have been trying to tell mates for years so thank you for puttin it all in one sentence. : oh, yeah, i went and heard the ava album, its not bad, wouldn't go mad though.
    iv'e been mastering albums for 8 years and iv'e gotta say, this is the worst engineered piece of un-dynamic, compressed, boring, fake s*** iv'e heard since American Idiot. Theres more engineering done on albums today than there was on any 90's pop album, its all pop, you retarded kids! good to see some Nirvana fans though, In Utero was awesome, and yes nirvana's nevermind was very poppy, but where do you draw the line? huh?. And PUNK! wtfeck?!?! punk? punk died the year it was created, punk is about sticking it too the mand and being original, originallity? as soon as copy-cat bands came along Punk was dead, losts its originality, if anyones talking about Punk these days there talking out there tummy bannana hole, and let me tell you, if you knew how much i know about sound, contemporary music history, theory, acoustics, you'd agree on everything i say,(plus when you learn as much as me you can confuse, blind, frighten, deafen ect.. people with sound, even make em piss themselves) its all pop these days.....
    These guys did the whole "Outta Space" album cover a lot better than the Chillis. Aside from that, I don't really think much about these guys. Tom is good, but he put too much hype into it. Plus-44 owns!!!! Mark kicks his ass any day.
    i dont understand all of this talk of a revolution or whatever. the album just came out today, how can anyone say the impact that it does and does not have when it hasnt even been on the shelf for a day. the only thing we can do is wait and see where it goes. Maybe in 20 we look back and say 'wow that really revolutionized music' or maybe it will be 'wow that album sucked'. the point is, we dont know yet. we have to wait a while and see what happens
    the song i heard kind of sounding like blink 182's final attempt..... it was nothing new and it sucked. I hate the fact they went serious. And if this is the new Nirvana(pssht. that comparison is insulting) we're going in entirely the wrong direction: even more depressing and mediocre. At least Nirvana had some good melodies like "Drain You" and "aneurysim". This is just whining.
    just one more thing while i'm puttin in my two cents. blink was a sell-out band to begin with. tom and mark are smart guys, and they may have some musical intelligence but they know that's not what sells- blink and ava sell so they put out shit records. ava is an even bigger sell-out than blink, just read some of the bs tom's been rattling off about the album, calling it the greatest thing in 20 years or whatever. don't fall for this joker, please.
    I think everyone should just respect the fact that he welcomes change. This is another world from any blink album and you can tell he's excited about. It's good that he can get so hyped up about music again... If I was in Blink for 10 years and accomplished everything they did then suddenly the lights went out, I'd be heart broken to the point where I wouldn't even want to write music. Also, I can't agree with this being the best album in rock history... How could it be, this is there first rock CD they ever wrote, wasn't he punk before rock. I am a huge fan of Blink and everything they've done, but how can you honestly say this album will change music. Music is evolutionary without trying to be. The best thing about this album is Tom put feeling into it and shows it throughout the CD. He's a musician he writes what he feels not what he thinks will be accepted by others. Kudos to Tom and the rest of the members for writing this!!!! The only reason why this got hyped up so much is because Tom is known world wide, and if he excited about an album he will have the ability to promote it to everyone. Unlike myself, who is in a band, I can tell my friends but, not the whole world... www.myspace.com/thedayafter5 there's my promo for my band.
    okay down you can lisnen to 4 songs off this cd and all the guys who reviewed this has a copy of it like with movies they reviews have a copy of it before it comes out so dont go off beating everyones head in with a brick i agree with you why are people giving reviews when they have only lisnened to adventure and valkyrie missle and it hurts and another song i cant think whats the name of it but still everyone who doesnt have a copy of this Cd shouldent be giving a review and thats B.S that this is the best Cd in 20 years it could be on the top 30 list of the best but its not the best too bad they didnt say in 40 that way you could say led zeppelin house of holys but i think this album will be better than boxcar racer and blink the early years but i think the bad thing about this cd is that it go's with the AVA movie and when you writte for the music for the movie it doesnt always make sence like you can get the full afect when you see the movie but not by its self.
    yah ppls Down right is this album does not have one song below 4 minutes all of them are 4 and above so yah
    Hey look! It's a board about grunge rock! Yay! ... Wait a minute, what's that little spot up at the top of the page about? Angels and Airwaves? But they're not grun... oh, I GET IT! The topic of focus was changed because we started comparing different genres of rock. Well, lets get back to the discussion originally started. =D Angels and Airwaves seems like a pretty cool band to me so far. I listened to their album on Myspace and most of it was very good (not necessarilly the best thing in 20 years, but we are all entitled to our own opinions). The only song I really have a big problem with is "It Hurts" just because of the repetition. I like how this band's trying to make something new out of the rock of today and stadium rock like U2. Basically the stuff sounds good to me, so I give it a thumbs up and encourage people to listen to it if they're into U2 at all or they're simply looking for something new and interesting. Just a presonal note: I don't really like Blink 182. I think a few of their songs were pretty amusing, but their style of punk doesn't really suit me. Not that it doesn't suit YOU, it's just not MY thing. =P
    It is certainly hypobolic to proclaim this the greatest album of the last 2 decades! I fail to see how this can hold up against sonic youth's daydream nation, nevermind, mellon collie and the infinite sadness, ok computer or toxicity and of course the list goes on. Well whos knows i maybe eating my words in 20 years time but i doubt it! My main problem with AVA is that f**king Edge guitar sound! Ive always found it irritating!!!
    DelongeFootwear wrote: Down, i said this was the greatest album in the past 2 decadesandits a revolution. and to your albums to this arguement, american idiot is not a revolution, but a revival of punk along with blink, MCR is deff not a great album neither is SOAD nor revolutions. i can only agree with you with metallica maybe but metallica didnt start anything new. so 1. get your facts right about what i say and 2. research your info before you start naming random albums. thanks =)
    Metallica didn't start anything new? Yeah.....
    Tom is really rediculous. You shouldn't have to go around parading how great your record is (especially if its not). He's a terrible performer and I he WILL layer effects over his voice and try to mask the fact he sucks. AvA's just another album where an artist talks about a few political issues and thinks it's the greatest thing ever. People who listen to this record will most likely not be musicians, so exactly who is going to be moved, revolutionized, or influenced by this? Even Dookie is more influential than this by a long shot. Tom wouldn't exist. So many metal albums are more influential than this. Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Oasis. Is This It? The Strokes Everybody hates AvA. Don't you dare call them the next Nirvana. They'll just be another crappy band on Fuse. Tom makes a mockery of everything anti-politics by acting like he's the leader of the movement with this album. I don't care what personal connection he has to it. It's no different than somebody passing away and using them as a cry for attention. Growing up is paying silent tribute, not pointing a neon sign at yourself. People have a hell of a lot worse experiences than him.
    yeah man...Pearl Jam was kinda like a more complicated grunge...while Soundgarden fused Alternative Rock and Grunge!!! they are all different but under the same flag!!! Grunge Rules! Superunknown is definitely better than Nevermind AVA sucks bloody dicks...coz i heard the album from a fren of mine...nothing revolutionary...just a punkboy trying to act a genius!!!
    i find it insulting that pearl jam and soundgarden are being labelled as'nirvana copies' just because they were part of the grunge movement. Ten and Superunknown sound NOTHING like Nevermind
    this is for boyan89 i know its stupid with PG on it they could of not even put them in the cd but thats there distion what songs do they swear in i know they say BS in "it hurts" but thats once
    The only reason i like this is cause i get to hear the blink182 voice again...truthfully...nothing will ever compare to blink 182
    To all the people who say this is not the best album in the last 20 years....then what is the best album? as far as im concerned, this album is the best album in the last 2 decades. Its different, it stands out of the hardcore/emo crowd and everything on tv. lets see 20 years ago was 1986. i did a search for top albums during this era, and the only thing that was "revolutionary" as Tom says his band is (which it is) is Nirvanas Nevermind. everything else was just like everything else played on tv. nothing special. so unless you can give me a revolutionary album in the last 20 years, you dont know what youre talking about and have opinions with no back up. Rage Against the Machine - Battle for Los Angeles Metallica - Master of Puppets Metallica - ...And Justice for All REM - Automatic for the People Nirvana - Nevermind Radiohead - Ok COmputer U2 - The Joshua Tree Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction Pixies - Doolittle Sonic Youth - Goo Johnny Cash - American Recordings Nirvana - In Utero I think thats enough.
    I had listened to one of the songs off this album, and quite frankly it did not tickle my fancy at all. Tom's voice started to irritate me within a short time. Im my opinion, not a groundbreaking album at all, but good for Tom to change his style, that takes some bravado to break away from his fanbase. To any casual listeners, or anyone into metal I would suggest you bypass this disk. Again, these are my opinions, I do expect to be chastised by the devote fans of Tom.... but remember this my brethren, tastes differ and that is the great aspect of music in it's essence.
    hrm..i only heard the Adventure it..good song..great lyric..yeah it seem i growing up with blink 182since i was 14 or something (that time blink182 wrote a song about a high skool studnt..so it was suit with me..about a girl..about playing fool n doing sumthing stupid with our fren)..but now at my 21 years old age..it such a shame to hear that kind of songs anymore..but me still like delonge and hoppus..so it's great to hear something like this(for the plus44..i only heard the 'no it isn't'..great song too..)..the adventure still hv the pop punk influence(power chord progression) and i hope i can listen to the another songs from AvA...wanna hear the U2 influence =)..anyone pls help me..post some link or address to download another song than The adventure..me not going to buy this album if it only hv one great song..hehe(am i Delonge fan??to say sumthing like this??)
    you know, everyone puts how this album isn't revolutionary, but when you think about it, it just cameout today (at least legally). it hasn't had time to hit the masses. i say give it at least a month and see how it does on the average person and ratings. most of the albums mentioned, where they considered greats the day that they were released? think about that. that will really decide if its the greatest album in general . that doesn't mean that it's the best. just best selling. the best is impossible to decide on as everyone has different tastes.... i, for one, have heard the album and think that it is great.
    i think that half of the people who post these comments can't even listen to a song with out hateing it because it is sung by someone who played in a pop punk band. throw me a damn bone here and listen to something and eljoy it because its great music not because your an ignorant jerkoff who can't listen to something out of your thought of whats good. i think this album is a great album and i wasn't a very big fan of blink 182 but this is something very different and easy on the ears. props to tom
    LPIndin wrote: you, sir, are an idiot. how dare you refer to the Shit that is come clarity as inflames best. and to compare my chemical romance or green day to metallica or slayer, and to say they had the best albums of the past two decades, would leave me to beleive you were beaten with a rubber hose as an infant.
    With all do respect Dookie was incredibly influential. Whether it caused people to play music like theirs or make music in spite of them there's no doubting that it was monumental album. American Idiot was a good record that is often misunderstood...
    DelongeFootwear wrote: To all the people who say this is not the best album in the last 20 years....then what is the best album? as far as im concerned, this album is the best album in the last 2 decades. Its different, it stands out of the hardcore/emo crowd and everything on tv. lets see 20 years ago was 1986. i did a search for top albums during this era, and the only thing that was "revolutionary" as Tom says his band is (which it is) is Nirvanas Nevermind. everything else was just like everything else played on tv. nothing special. so unless you can give me a revolutionary album in the last 20 years, you dont know what youre talking about and have opinions with no back up.
    Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You crack me up buddy. Ok, list of albums from the last twenty years better than this one. Oh and btw, all were influential: The Smiths - The Queen is Dead Throwing Muses - Throwing Muses Sonic Youth - Evol Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring Beastie Boys - Liscenced to Ill Sonic Youth - Sister U2 - The Joshua Tree The Replacements - Plased to meet me The Smiths - Strangeways, Here we Come R.E.M. - Document Depeche Mode - Music for The Masses The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me And that's just 86 and 87. I could go on and on and on. Your ignorance makes me ashamed to be human.
    funny how all these guitar sites have stupid junkies who are fans of pretty much only heavy rock bands. god shut the **** up, tom was serious with this band and it shows, read his lyrics. sure he hyped it up quite a lot, but he wanted to get people's attention, because he was SO excited about a record that he totally gave his whole self into. he passed on a message, and thats for you to find out in his songs. apparently ive only heard amazing things of their live shows so shut the **** up. im not trying to convince you that they are good, im saying just stop saying what a moron, it sucks, they are sell outs, cuz their not, blink 182 never was either. just because they were a big band and angels and airwaves is a big band doesnt mean they are sellouts. in my opinion, this is my favorite album, its amazing. their is so much emotion and powerful atmosphere in these songs. if you dont like it, thats okay, but you waste your time TRYING to find bad things to say that dont even make sense. most of you totally dont let yourselves like it, because you fill your minds with I BET IT'LL SUCK ASS, before you listen to it.
    Briteless wrote: srry i had to do that... it was fun
    Don't forget Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
    The only revolution that AvA is a part of is the current revolution of boring un-original music. They will NOT be revolutionary. The only way a band can be revolutionary would be if it had a COMPLETELY original and different sound, seperating it from the rest. Any band with Tom Delonge will not have an original sound, since he's always doing the same thing, and always sounds the same.
    you know what annoys me..? reviews are never objective, because it will always be the fans that write them.. in my opinion, there are only a few revolutionary bands these days.. Daft Punk, Avenged Sevenfold (hate them or love them, they're bringing something new) for example.. not A&A
    Im conflicted... I really like the sound in "The Adventure", but Tom's voice gets annoying and the incredibly melodramatic lyrics make me want to shoot someone... "I cannot live, I cannot breath unles you do this with me"? Yuck! There's a fine balance between a provcoatively emotional song and melodrama... that song leaps past that line.
    I like this album, unlike quite a lot of the current phase of music its not negative. Which I like.
    In the end only 1 track was over 1 minute
    where the hell did you get that from?
    wow a board where the reviews vaguely stick to the right subject and i do mean vaguely...personally i have only heard the adventure and i thought it was easy listening nothing more but whatever i havnt heard any others yet...BEST ALBUM IN 2 DECADES????? WHAT THE EFFIN' HELL ARE YOU ON? you must be on some good crack delonge if you think that im sorry but it has to be said that is the craziest thing i have ever seen actually written down. right im finished.. oh yeah... Metallica didn't start anything?? Wake up.
    ok, one thing i have to say: *Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine. beat this album!!! if thats not good enough, then u suck, but then there's the peppers with Stadium Arcadium and Californication. When i first listened to AVA, i thought ok, cool, sounds kinda good, but it still reminded me alot of Boxcar Racer, it didn't strike me as something revolutionary or something extraordinary. Have any of you listened to Muse? i mean hello, they do the same thing as this, but better than AVA. Regardless, it seems like a good album. Nothing too grand to boast about though.