We Don't Need To Whisper review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: May 23, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (402 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need To Whisper

Sound — 8
A new album which has come from a 'supergroup' of Tom Dewonge (Blink) and three other members from The Distillers, Offspring and Box Car Racer. The sound is along the lines of U2 effects wise but the sort of feel I get for it is that of Blink 182's final self titled album and Box Car Racer. It gives a feel of outer space by using the many different effects.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are pretty much basic in the songs, using themes of war, love and broken friendships, however in some songs the lyrics are really well thought through. Tom's voice has matured a lot which I think gives the band something, however in some songs, mainly 'distraction' it is slightly annoying and the range isn't exactly diverse, but like I said before fits the style of music.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall I think the album is pretty good but once it's finished you feel the sense that it lacked something. The first track 'Valkyrie Missile' takes some time to finally start following effects but is overall a very good song, especially with the build up towards the end riff, which kind of reminds me of Blink 182. The next song 'distraction' is a down tempo song about war and is good in places, however the chorus becomes slightly annoying. 'Do It For Me Now' is the next song and is generally good, but in my opinion lacks that spark. The first single off the album 'The Adventure' kind of captures the overall sound of the album and is technically simple but as tom has showed throughout Blink, the simple chords and riffs make a decent song. 'A Little's Enough' is another down tempo song, with the harmonising used to be very effective. The simple riffs once again show that they make a good song, this does take a couple of listens to get into however. 'The War' is a pretty self explanitory song and describes well the type of conditions on the ebaches in the second world war. This also has quite a heavy quitar riff which leads into a calm verse, which I think makes the song very good. 'The Gift' is another down tempo song, but the vocals in this song are very powerful which brings the song to life. 'It Hurts' is in my opinion the best song on the album by far as it is very uplifting. The intro, verses, pre chorus, everything in my opinion is brilliant and is a must listen. 'Good day' the next song is alright, but is another slow song, in which the vocals can get slightly annoying in the chorus, however it is well structured. The final song on the album 'Start The Machine' is another song about the war and is the song which makes the album feel like its lacking something. Overall, it is a good first album, nothing incredibly special, but you feel as though there is something missing in it. I would give it a listen even if you are a blink, box car racer fan as it still has some good songs.

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