We Don't Need To Whisper review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: May 23, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (402 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need To Whisper

Sound — 9
I would like to start off by saying this is the best album I've heard in a long time. I think it's extremly unique and no band that I can think of sounds close to the way that Angels And Airwaves sounds. I personally like the effects that they used for the guitars because I think it really gives it a unique feel and sound and it sounds almost like an adventure in a way if that makes sense. It sounds like a kind of space effect and I think part of the inspiration of the album was the unknown of space so they really accomplished their mission if they intended for the guitars to make you think of space. Honestly I've never heard a guitar effect like that before, and it really makes them stand out. The drumming is great. It sounds a little like euro rock, and I'm not a big fan of euro rock, but I like the sounds of the drums a lot, so I think that says alot about the skill of the band. The bass isn't the best I've ever heard, but not alot of songs have a good bass line in them, and ill admit there are quite a few good bass lines in this song. The best one I think is in the begining of "Valkyrie Missile" is the best bass line on the cd, but thats just my opinion. And last but not least, Tom's singing: in case some of you dont know (and there are people that I talked to that didnt know this, so thats why I'm saying this) Angels And Airwaves was made by Tom Delounge, one of the two singers from Blink 182, and the lead singer of Boxcar Racer. Now as for his singing, nothing about his voice has changed much since Boxcar Racer, he still sounds the same, and I love his voice because I think its unique, like Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, but anyways, I love his voice, but ill be honest, at times I think his voice sounds a little unpolished and rough, but through most of the album his voice sounds great.

Lyrics — 10
I think that the lyrics are some of the best Tom has ever written. even after being in blink and Boxcar Racer for so long he still has the abillity to write great songs that dont sound alike, which is something that bands like Green Day lost in American Idiot. the lyrics are deep and go PERFECTLY with the sound of the music. I think the lyrics from some of the songs are really inspiring and make you wanna get up and go make a change in the world of explore something new and unique... its almost like listening to a fairy tale except its alot better... it just makes you dream and think and imagine, which is a great thing in my opinion. there are also some songs about war which are I think striking a blow against bush and the war that hes gotten us into... and the lyrics are great, but not as good as some of the other songs. and of course, we cant have a member of blink and not have a few love songs. I think the love songs are the best songs on the album, like "Do It For Me Now" and "A Little's Enough". they are very deep and I think they relate well to things that I am going through at the moment. heres and example of "Do It For Me Now": I really had it with the rain and the tears/The predictable storm that has come every year/And it sneaks from the shore with the bat in its hand/I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I can't/You're a thief and a witch, but I love you to death/You steal my heart and curse under your breath/But the one thing that I can most willing prove/That when you are gone I'll be fine without you. It's very down to earth and I think it makes sense, unlike some of blinks older songs.

Overall Impression — 9
I love Blink and they are one of my favorite bands, but honestly, I'm kind of glad because that they broke up because I don't think Angels And Airwaves would turn out as good. I think angels and airwaves is generally better than blink was, although its really hard to compare the two because theyre both pretty much totally different styles of music. I would encourage anyone who reads this to go out and make this the next cd they buy. You will not be dissapointed unless all you like is country or rap or metal or something. If you like any kind of music other than that I think you will be happy with this CD, no matter if you like rock, alternative, punk (punk rocks), jazz, blues, other stuff. Yeah you'll like it 'cause it's got a little of everything in it.

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    ST. DIZZY! wrote: El_Hefe! wrote: I streamed this album first thing Tuesday morning and I must say, Tom De Longe did in fact over-hype this album to some degree. First of all, to set everyone straight, this album is not what 'I' would call revolutionary. I say this because the influences that helped spawn this album is dumbfoundedly evident throughout the album. Can you say U2 or The Police epic song structure? I'm sure there are more but I'd rather not delve into an extensive roll-call of bands and their formulas that are welded into this album. Second, this album is not covering any new territory that hasn?t been already sonically produced by some of the most memorable bands and moments in music. As mentioned earlier, U2 and the Police and countless others of the like have charted this sound and approach. However, I will say in the defense of Mr. Delonge that perhaps in his eyes it was revolutionary, in the sense that the sound, lyrics, and structure are in their own right revolutionary to the way Tom is expressing himself in the herein now as compared to his early days of dick/fart joke songwriting. Furthermore, the album might be revolutionary to the current generation that isn?t exactly exposed to rocks greatest predecessors. Personally, what he?s talking about is at times a bit sappy but, I?m not one to critique being that he is where he is and I am where I am. All in all to some degree or another, Tom has evolved as a songwriter and I?m sure that the next effort, like most other supergroups such as Audioslave, APC, and all others of the like will find their own ?true? sound that will separate them from their former incarnations as well as their forefathers. Lastly, I want to point out that the guy who even thought of comparing AVA to Nirvana obviously has not heard or experienced Nirvana for who and what they were. The two are like night and day; orange and apples. As for greatest albums of all time, personally, I find that you can?t compare one revolutionary album to another. They are all intrinsically well made; crafted as pieces of composition art. It?s like saying a Picasso piece is far much better than DaVinci?s Mona Lisa. They?re both good in their own way as standalone works of art. Anyways, I?ve digressed?here is my personal list greatest albums of the last 20 years in no particular order: Nin-The Fragile/With Teeth/The Downward Spiral Nirvana- Bleach/In Utero/Unplugged Pearl Jam- Ten/VS/Yeild Pink Floyd- The Wall Tool- Undertow/Lateralus/Anima Metallica- Kill ?em All/ Master/ Justice/Black/Reload Deftones- White Pony/ Deftones The Mars Volta- Frances the Mute/Deloused at the Commatorium SOAD- Toxicity/Mesmerize/Hypnotize Audioslave-Out of Exile Soundgarden- Badmotorfinger/Superunknown/Down on The Upside 311-Transistor/Grassroots/Music/From Chaos GNR- Appetite/ Use Your Illusion 1&2 U2- Joshua Tree/ All That You Can?t Leave Behind/ Dismantle Korn-Issues/Korn Blink182-Dude Ranch/Take Off/Blink 182 Pantera- Cowboys from Hell/ Vulgar Display/ Reinventing the Steel Stone Temple Pilots- Purple Jewel-Pieces of You Snow Patrol- Final Straw Smashing Pumpkins- Melancholy/Siamese/Machina A Perfect Circle- 13th Step Green Day- Idiot/Nimrod/Dookie/Warning Slipknot- Subliminal Verses 3 RHCP- Arcadium/By the Way/One Hot Minute/ Blood-Sugar-Sex-Magic Deathcab For Cutie- Plans Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Fever to Tell Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy Up the Girl Hot Water Music- Caution Alkaline Trio- Crimson Blind Melon- Blind Melon Coheed and Cambria- Second Stage Turbine/ Good Apollo I?m Burning Star 4 Beck-Odelay/ Mellow Gold/ Guerro Foo Fighters- The Colour and the Shape/ One by One/ In Your Honor Queens of The Stone Age- Lullaby?s to Paralyze/ Songs for the Def/ Rated R Henry Rollins- Weight The Strokes- Is this It/ First Impression Thrice- Vehissue/ Artist in the Ambulance The Verve- Urban Hymns Keane- Less than Jake- Anthem/ black&blue/ and mostly everything else by them Glassjaw- Tribute Beastie Boys- Return to the Five Burroughs/ Ill Communication/ Check Your Head Mudvayne- LD50/ the End of All Things to Come ?just to name a few?theres more but, I?m done. Dude you have way to much time on your hands! :-l
    this guy just rocked all of you who say this band is good because he obviously knows music and that this band is not good, maybe if everyone just knew what true music was