We Don't Need To Whisper review by Angels & Airwaves

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  • Released: May 23, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (402 votes)
Angels & Airwaves: We Don't Need To Whisper

Sound — 8
'Angels And Airwaves' have been compared in many ways to the world-conquering 'U2', who over the years have produced a very original Epic sound and changed the face of rock music, selling millions upon millions of albums wordwide and selling out arena's all over the globe. 'Angels and Airwaves' ambitions are no different. The debut album has produced a very much unique sound, but is by no means original, which in itself is the main bad point to an all round mind-blowing album. 'We Don't Need To Whisper' is based around a very Atmospheric, Epic rock sound, but also with the influence of the bands, specifically Tom DeLonge's, punk rock roots thrown in for good measure. The album is full of joy and sadness with and throughout it is taking us on a journey through broken heart's, friendship's and most dominantly, the break-up of possibly the biggest pop-punk band in the World, Blink-182, but yet with all that sadness, it still manages to give us the main positive message, Impossible is nothing. The main influences for Angels and Airwaves have been a selection, everything from U2 and The Police to World War 2 and the current War in Iraq. Everything that this band is about is developed through a large number of metaphor's about war and the creative passion put into the album is clearly felt, but unfortunately, so is the studio button creating the intro's for the songs, which can get repetitive and tiresome in parts. 'We Don't Need To Whisper' has, unfortunately, failed to meet up to the 'second coming of Christ' reputation, that, to be fair, would take some beating, but Tom DeLonge has clearly meant everything in this album and has truly created something special, but it stills leaves one question unanswered, 'Was it worth breaking up Blink 182 for this?'

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics, all written by Tom DeLonge, are possibly the best he has ever written, and in parts, the best I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Even though the songs could have had that bit more, something, to make it a truly memorable album, the lyrics remain a true gem of writing creativity, in my opinion. 'They lay still black and blue, a gift from us to you' from 'The War' is specifically the main lyric that sticks in my mind when I think about Angels and Airwaves because that lyric on it's own, truly creates the atmosphere of the current War, and captures the full emotion of when someone just isn't coming home. Tom DeLonge has managed to create a successful mixture of lyrics, from the self-explanatory War influenced lyrics in, 'The War', to a more passionate side in, 'It Hurts' with lyrics like, 'How did I let her inside/We're dripping of sweat/And feeling alright' sang to the total quality of Tom DeLongue's voice, in my mind create the image of passion coming from a lustful situation which many of us have felt. On this album I think that Tom DeLonge has sang to the true best of his ability, his purely original voice taking on and I think, succeeding in his new found genre of Rock, this is truly an album that would only suit Tom's voice.

Overall Impression — 8
My overall impression of 'We Don't Need To Whisper' is that it fails in the most part to take us to that place it promised, and with all the media build up from Tom DeLonge it was an anti-climax in itself. But having said that, the album still creates an amazing feeling for the listener and will, for many who haven't heard U2 at their best, be an original 10/10 album. I, however, would give this album 8/10, because it succeeds stongly in places, laregely lyrically and in parts, instrumentally, but fails to impress with repetitive introductions which seem to be there just to make the songs longer, becoming a pain and some songs seeming to slow, dull and in parts, depressing. When I was first listening through the album, with each song I had the feeling that there was something missing, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was, this adds to my disappointment. I would definitely recommend buying this album to anyone, young and old, but don't create a false hope of hearing something totally spectacular, because you will be slightly disappointed, because there is definitely something this album lacks but it is indescribable. But as for most Blink fans, it's obvious what this album truly lacks - Mark and Travis. Although Dave, Ryan and Atom are fantasitc musicians, nothing can really beat the magic that was created by Blink 182, no matter how hard Tom DeLonge tries. 01. Valkyrie Missile - the first song on the album, and the only song to reach over 6 minutes in length. The song opens with large cinematic sounds, with whispers throughout such as, 'I can see the sun coming over the horizon', before the song breaks into a great bass riff and then follows up into Delay washed guitars. The intro makes up for 2 minutes of this song, but is finally broken with the first words, 'Everyone, everyone will listen'. The song is a fantastic start to the album and really shows what Angels and Airwaves is about, already taking us on a journey and ends in a very powerful way, but does seem quite short after the introduction. 02. Distraction - this song again opens with a cinematic sound, but slightly less Epic as Valkyrie Missile. After a minute of this it cuts into a very powerful chorus, 'I'll be your distraction' and is followed up by very calm verses. This song I think, really creates an image of a war, and finding that special something amidst all the horror. 'It's a world of hate/Gone incredibly wrong/We cared to late/We just followed along' are the main lyrics that stick out for me to show possibly just believe everything we hear without question. 03. Do It For Me Now - this song agains open with a cinematic, studio created sound which plays throughout the verse with a strong backing bass line and a beautiful delayed guitar in parts. The lyrics for the verse I think show Tom DeLonge's true talent on show, 'I'm frightened at night and the wind has a roar/It seeps through the hall and from under the door' introduce us to the song, which I think is one of the best on the album. However I feel that the chorus is still missing something, but it is a good Epic tune about a relationship. 04. The Adventure - the first single from the album, starting much faster in comparison to the first 3, and it is possibly the most Epic on the album with again, delay driven guitars very much at the heart of it. The lyrics are so passionate and really create a sense of some sort of haven. 'Hey yo/Here I am/And here we go life's waiting to begin' takes us through the chorus with a powerful drum-beat consuming the sound throughout this and gives off such an amazing feeling. 05. A Little's Enough - a cinematic opening which made me think of a 50's film for some reason, seems very in place for this very beautiful song. The let down in this was for once, the lyrics, they were good, but they seemed that an alternative would of made for a better song. This song is about God coming down and fixing everything wrong in the World. 06. The War - a palm muted intro leads into the heaviest riff on the album, but then brings us back down into quite a calm verse and pre-chorus but leads us into a very impressive chorus, 'Why won't you tell me that/It's almost over/Why must this tear my head/Inside out'. I think this chorus was sang especially well by Tom, but for live shows it proves too much to take. My second favorite on the album. 07. The Gift - yet another cinematic opening, but unlike the others this is really beautiful and fits well with the song. Tom DeLonge's voice and vocals work very well over the music and consumes attention so it's completelty focused on this. The song is a lot more romantic lyric wise than the other songs, 'Oh God I feel like I'm in for it now/And how this kiss would be wonderfully vain/I swear I'll melt if you touch me at all/Then I'll ask you to do it again and again' show this. The chorus, like The War is very powerful, but not in volume, but overall passion. 08. It Hurts - possibly my favorite song on the album, I think the lyrics are well written, with a good powerful build up in the introduction. The verse is wonderfully written with a synth guitar effect being usedm takes us into my favorite part of the album, 'How did I let her inside/We're dripping of sweat and feeling alright/Her lips were the last thing touched tonight/Your best friend is not your girlfriend' - I think this is sang so amazingly and creates a full lustful scenario with the girl having total control over the guy. A very powerful song for anyone who's been in love and lost. 09. Good Day - beautiful sounding intro, takes us into a familiar quiet verse, another beautiful song, 'Oh I need you now/The Earth fell fast asleep/This room is safe and sound/Will you lay here with me and feel it' to me these lyrics create a scenario of, for some reason, a couple laying in a bomb-shelter with the guy holding onto the girl. This is a more relaxing song on the album that truly stays relaxing throughout. It's about everyday being the best day of your life if you give it a try. 10. Start The Machine - the final song on the album, starting in a very unusual way. Tom DeLonge told of a pink piano he bought for his daughter, and he played it in the shower, which I think is the strangest place to try it out, but the intro was created from that. This song is Tom's own version of the Blink 182 hiatus, but unlike 'No It Isn't' by Plus 44 [Mark and Travis' new band], it isn't direct, and uses metaphor's as the rest of the album does, to help Tom express his true feelings. I think this is a really good song, but may take one or two extra listens to really appreciate the full quality of it. A brilliant way to end off the album.

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