Alice In Hell review by Annihilator

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1989
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (32 votes)
Annihilator: Alice In Hell

Sound — 9
Annihilator are as technical as thrash metal bands come, with Jeff Waters' awe-inspiring melodies and licks and awesome bass-fills, Randy Rampage's (yeah I know, gay name, but he can sing better than you) growling vocals that are often on the verge of turning death metal on our asses, and of course Ray Hartmann's (who ironically the drummer in my band looks like) thumping beats. I'm trying to not exggerate, but Annihilator are truly one of the most under-rated bands of all time (because they are Canadian maybe). The sound conveyed on this album relays the attitude of early '80s thrash combined with the more progressive technical approach to metal in the early 90s. Many of the songs have acoustic intros or fills, which are as complex as they are beatiful, demonstrating the power of Jeff Water's composing talents.

Lyrics — 8
The song titles are a bit random, maybe not what you would expect on a thrash album, but it's actually a change for the better. Whereas some of the songs aren't apptly named, there is always a subtle link between the lyrics and the titles that do make sense after a while. Randy's vocals present a raw, crunchy feel to the songs, that actually compliments the technical music. It may sound weird but trust me on this one.

Overall Impression — 8
I would probably compare this album to Testament's "Practice What You Preach" or something by Mercyful Fate in terms of guitar playing. Jeff uses a real eastern theme in his solos, much like both the bands afore mentioned. The most impressive songs on this album are "Alison Hell", "Schizos (Are Never Alone)", "Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade" and "Human Insecticide", download tem if you can, and then buy the album! Because you need this CD in your collection. You can probably get it with "Never, Neverland" in any good shop for about 12 quid. The highlights of the album are the riffs and solos, being a guitar player myself, what else would I say? Jeff Waters has so much talent. One this album, due to lack of band members he played all guitars, and bass, much to the likeness of a Death Metal god on his first album with Autopsy's drummer. Figure that one out! If itwere somehow lost I would waste no time replacing it.

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    Sure, but that description fits the musical template of a majority of metal! I myself don't own the actual album, but I have heard plenty of it from best of's, enough of which to totally agree with the review lain before us! Jeff Water's is truely a thrash god: the 'Eddie van Halen of thrash metal' as some have penned! I personally am impressed with pretty much their entire catelog and anxiously await the validity of 'a new Annihilator record' rumor I have read about!
    what does anybody think of their new cd 'Annihilator Metal' cause i jst got that one and i thought it was ok but i've listened to better. as it was the first of theirs i bought i was wondering if it compared to this or others?
    what does anybody think of their new cd 'Annihilator Metal' cause i jst got that one and i thought it was ok but i've listened to better. as it was the first of theirs i bought i was wondering if it compared to this or others?
    The albums past the year 1995 aren't as good as the previous years (bar Criteria For A Black Widow [1999], that was a very good thrash album I think). The first 2 albums are thrash/speed, but then in 1993 they released Set The World On Fire which was quite a change from their previous material. This album was reasonably melodic and the melodies took over the thrashiness on that album. Jeff said on the DVD that he has many different styles and influences, so that's probably why the mixed sounds on some albums. Metal is a good guest album IMO, but it definitely is not the band's best of work. There isn't to much thrash on this album either, the solos are awesome however The albums which should be checked are: Alice in Hell Never, Neverland Set The World on Fire King of The Kill Criteria For a Black Widow Schizo Deluxe* All For You* *= post year 2000
    sevenchurches wrote: Um...Metallica are nothing compared to Annihilator
    Quoted for truth. Alice in Hell is a fantastic record though, and Annihilator are criminally overlooked
    alice in hell is an awesome trak, melodys, amazin solos, acoustics and jawdroopin riffs 1 of da bes t thrash traks i fink
    sevenchurches wrote: Um...Metallica are nothing compared to Annihilator
    There I can't agree with ya mate.. Metallica's old stuff kills Annihilator... everything stated going downhill since the black album but their new one death magnetic is soo freakin good! But yeah i think metallicas better Annihilators awesome too
    This album kicks major ass. The first time I heard Alison Hell I knew that this will be one of my favorite bands!
    is it just me or does the actual song alice in hell sound like metallica, it just has that meddley of super-riffs and an aggresive set of lyrics... absolutely mnit tho