Metal review by Annihilator

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  • Released: Apr 16, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (24 votes)
Annihilator: Metal

Sound — 7
As a triumphant 12th studio album, Annihilator (Jeff Waters and Dave Padden) show that with a roster of modern metal stars (Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy as well as Corey Beaulieu of Trivium and many others) that a sound that's different from many modern sounds but still sounds good. Yet, it doesn't sound old school and feels nothing like old classics such as Alice In Hell or Never, Neverland. The album has a sound which it sticks to and uses well as Jeff Waters utilizes his vast amount of talent (as well as other peoples) to create the appropiately titles 'Metal'. With Dave padden using less ranged vocals it begins adopt a signature sound. So it has a very solid sound, the solos are intense as is the case when it comes to Jeff Waters as well as his guests Clown Parade is a great start to the album. Couple Suicide follows and I personally ound it to be the weakest song on the album. Featuring Angela Gossow on bacjing vocals it doesn't seem to work with Dave Padden whos voice doesn't seem to go with the deathly Gossow, and it shows. Army of One is a cheesy ass metal anthem but you know what ignore the corny lyrics and you've got one hell a song using the style of riff present in many of the songs on the album. Downright Dominate is a strong follower and shows the bands talent as well as precision which has developed over the many years of playing. Smothered, my own personal favourite, is where Padden shines for me as well as the song Detonation both are good and are two of the highlights on Metal. Other songs are Haunted an eight minute mediocre showing, Operation Annihilation reminds of previous album Schizo Deluxe and is a welcome presence on the album. Kicked, however, seems to be the least 'noticable' on the album and averages out to me. Chasing the High is a fantastic display of shredding from Jeff Waters to bring the album to a great close and also seems like a distant reflection (or shadow) of Alice In Hell. Despite many great songs the album leaves room for desire in terms of sound and always feels as though it's missing something. Maybe it's Dave Paddens fault.

Lyrics — 7
In some cases, such as the opener; 'Clown Parade', the lyrics are good even great and seem like typical Annihilator Lyrics. With the 'experimental' Dave Padden on vocals things seem interesting in some places but plain bizzare in others take for example 'Army Of One' the lyrics are just to cheesy for me adding to a really crap metal stereotype which I've never been a big follower of so that's my personal opinion. I don't have to much to say about the lyrics to be honest as they are one of the things I pay least attention to when listening to an album. I can however coment on Dave Paddens ability to sing. He, to me, is one of the see saw singers, in some places I am awestruck in others. As a bonus we hear shades of something old when Jeff steps in to do lead vocals on Downright Dominate.

Overall Impression — 7
The album itself was released in the second quarter of the year throughout europe for those in America however it will be released sometime in early 2008. Overall it is a solid effort but doesn't surpass previous ones. My review leads it to a 7 which is agreat rating really, if you disagree with my review feel free to say so because it's all a matter of opinion. So finally. The album comes of as an attempt of commerciality once again but with Jeff Waters writing it it ain't much to complain about.

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    Mmm... I exspected a lot from this album, still want to check it out though. Thanks for one of the first reviews that don't give a 10 out of 10 xD
    even tho its not as good as alice in hell it still packs a hell of a lot of metal great album
    Joey Radical
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it Danko Jones and Angela Gossow singing on "Couple Suicide" ? The author should complain about Danko's singing rather than Dave's on that track. Apart from that, the review is quite accurate and I agree with most of it.
    E Kerr
    it has been used like three times beforehand but none of the bands were really successful
    A major dissapointment and one of the worst metal albums to come out in 2007. The songwriting is a step down and far more generic than it was on Schizo Deluxe and doesn't even come close to the early albums. Production is good and Jeff's solo's ae as usual amazing, but the riffs are boring and typcal, the lyrics are poor, Dave's vocals are dissapointing and all the guest appearances don't amount to much. It's no surprise that Jeff has the best solo's out of all the guitarists on this record, he smokes em' all, its unfortunate that there are many great guitarists featured on this album but they all turn in 'shrug'-worthy solo's. Its not even the fact that this album isn't as good as past albums, its just boring and uninspired, Jeff definately sounds like he ran out of idea's. Most of these songs sound like left overs from the last few albums if that. I gotta admit it, this album doesn't really deserve the title 'Metal' considering these songs are so pedestrian. One of the best songs on this may very well be Couple Suicide which features DANKO JONES on vocals with Angela Gossow, and thats pretty much the pop song on the album. Dissapointing Jeff, you can do a lot better. 4/10.
    Well what can I say other than this was one of the biggest dissapointments of 2007 and in general a pretty poor Annihilator album. I didn't hold onto this cd for long, I held onto it for about a month waiting to click with it but when I knew it wasn't going to happen I sold it. I havnt heard it since I got rid of it so i can't comment song by song but I'll give my opinion of the cd in general. IMO this is the weakest Annihilator album I have heard. Nowhere near as good as the impressive Schizo Deluxe and it can't even come close to the earlier material. Comparisons to previous albums aside, this cd just blows. The riffs are weak, repetitive, uncreative and generic and the songs are rarely catchy. The production is crystal clear and Jeff's solo's are jaw dropping as usual but tis doesn't have much else going for it. I think Jeff was trying to compensate for this albums poor quality to invite every young metal guitarist under the sun to play on it. All these guest appearances don't amount to much I'm afraid, they all play far better solo's in their own respected bands and its no surprise that Jeff smokes all of them anyway. The song 'Couple Suicide' which features DANKO JONES (not Dave Padden, get your facts straight) on lead vocals with Angela Gossow is probably the most memorable part of the album, and hats only because it is basically the pop song of the album. Every other song is forgettable and at best sounds like a B-Side from Schizo Deluxe or Waking The Fury. If you havn't heard this album already, don't bother it's not worth your time. Dissapointing but I am sure Jeff will make another kick arse record soon. 4/10
    Absolutely dreadful album. This is Annihilator's equivilant to St. Anger, its just utterly disgusting. How could one band go from the epic thrash of Alice In Hell o the dumbed down commercial shite on Metal?!
    postmortem2006 wrote: Absolutely dreadful album. This is Annihilator's equivilant to St. Anger, its just utterly disgusting. How could one band go from the epic thrash of Alice In Hell o the dumbed down commercial shite on Metal?!
    I thought this album was awesome...especially detonation, the guitars and drums are INTENSE and the chorus is downright br00tal.