Another Animal review by Another Animal

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  • Released: Sep 25, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 9 (9 votes)
Another Animal: Another Animal

Sound — 9
Who is "Another Animal" you might be asking? Well lets do the math together here, we got Whitfield Crane (ex-Ugly Kid Joe singer) we also got guitarist Lee Richards (ex-Dropbox and original Godsmack member) and last but not least we got 3 rockin' members of Godsmack. Tony Rombola on guitars, Robbie Merrill on the bass, and last but not least Shannon Larkin (drums). What you'll find on the self titled album is a variety of music ranging from hard rock, metal, grunge, and some acoustics mixed in the flow too. Songs like "Blind" "Amends" and "The Beast within" has some really hard guitar riffs that get right in your face! You can hear 2 of their singles "Broken Again" and "The thin line" (which is sung by the drum god himself Shannon Larkin)on their myspace site at There are a few acoustic songs in there too, but they never seem to fail. "Fade Away" and "Left Behind" are good examples for acoustic tracks. But the one track that I really dig is "Black Coffee Blues" it's a mix of blues and hard rock. The distortion goes really well with the blues vibe. And considering that there are 2 guitarists involved (Rombola, and Richards) it makes the sound crisp. You'll also find loads of guitar solos within each song. They might last only 5 seconds but you'll hear at least 2-3 solos on each track.

Lyrics — 8
You might find Whit Crane's lyrics good or bad. It all depends on your taste in vocals. I never got into his lyrics back in the Ugly Kid Joe days, but I do find them pretty good. It might take a while to get yourself to grow on his vocal sounds, but in the end I find his style very refreshing and good. For the Godsmack fans our there who are interesting in giving him a listen, don't expect no Sully Erna. I just got the CD last night, and his lyrics are slowly growing on me. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Overall Impression — 1
Another Animal's debut CD, was everything that I expected. Hard guitar riffs, rockin' drums, grungy vocals, great acoustics and a decent variety of music. In my own opinion the stand out songs are "Find A Way," "Blind," "Amends," "The Beast Within," "Black Coffee Blues" and the "Interlude". I love the sounds of the instruments throughout all the tracks more than some of the lyrics. I would say the music part of the CD is the best part. But don't take it like I hate the lyrics or anything. White is a great musician and talented vocalist. If this CD was stolen, scratched, or lost I would buy it again. No doubt about it. So check them out, give this "Another Animal" a full listen!

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    Well this is my first review and I hope you guys like it. But I don't understand why the rating for impression is a 1? I didn't even put a 1 there. *shrugs shoulders* It should be a 8
    I hear one of there songs. They sound ok. But I think Godsmack is better. Too bad Sully got writing block. I'm gonna buy the CD anyway. thanks.
    I bought this CD yesterday, from what I've heard so far, it's a pretty good album. what stands out the most to me is the unique and pretty kool voice of Whit Crane. But the music is pretty sweet also.
    I still can't believe that Another Animal has remained under the radar for this long... I'm waiting for the media to actually find them, but they're still unheard of...