I'm The Man review by Anthrax

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1987
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (17 votes)
Anthrax: I'm The Man

Sound — 9
The production on this EP is more than excellent. The drums pound, the guitars rip, and the bass thunders. As far as stylistic sound, this is a bit of an odd turn for a metal band. The first two songs on the EP are two versions (the radio edit and the uncensored track) of "I'm The Man". This is an extremely funny rap song that will leave you on the ground laughing each time. The cover of Black Sabbat's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" is solid (with an odd jam at the track's end), and the live performance of "I'm The Man" is just as funny and well preformed by Anthrax and a willing audience. The EP ends with two Anthrax classics played live: "Caught In A Mosh" and "I Am The Law". These performances are amazing as well, with "Mosh" being my personal favorite track. I would suggest skipping the censored version (track 1), just so as to avoid listening to the song 3 times.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are drop dead hilarious on "I'm The Man." With "Joey" constantly "screwing up" the words and being yelled at by guitarist Scott Ian at the end of each verse. The vocals on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" are killer, and a fitting rendition of the words originally sung by one Mr. Ozzy Osbourne. The live tracks are all sung perfectly as well.

Overall Impression — 10
Perhaps the best part of this EP is the cover. It features the members of the band dressed up in hip-hop attire looking ridiculous. I personally enjoyed this deviation from the usual thrash of Anthrax. This is a solid EP and would recommend buying it if you can get your hands on it.

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    Had this CD since the day it came out. Great for its time. Of course the "odd jam" is the Sweet Leaf riff.
    I remember just destroying my car stereo with this cassette. Yeah, I said cassette. I picked this up back in `88 or `89. Loved it then, still love it now.
    Jesus_Dean wrote: I remember just destroying my car stereo with this cassette. Yeah, I said cassette. I picked this up back in `88 or `89. Loved it then, still love it now.
    LOL, me too! My old tape is in bad shape. I need to buy a new CD copy.
    Not sure if anyone knows this, but they sampled James Hetfield yelling "Master" from Master Of Puppets. I love this disc. I also had a tape from the late 80s. Somehow, it either got stolen or lost. But, I managed to replace it on CD. Cheers!
    I absolutely loved this EP when it came out, and I still crank it when I get into certain moods. ROCK ON!!!!!
    I loved this EP whe it first came out, funny how a few years later we had rap/metal crossover from Limp Bizcuit et al....remember guys ANTHRAX DID IT FIRST!!!!!
    actually, my review here was done with an mp3 transfer of the tape. my friend has this software that lets him transfer records and tapes
    I know the song, its brilliant! they have a few 12" and 7" copies of this at my local record store, might pick it up.
    I love I'm the Man. I'm not a huge rap fan but you don't have to be one to like this. You just need to have a sense of humor.