State Of Euphoria review by Anthrax

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  • Released: Sep 19, 1988
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (13 votes)
Anthrax: State Of Euphoria

Sound — 8
For anybody who just wants this review summed up in a few sentances here it is: Anthrax's 4th album "State of Euphoria" is not a miss and is one of their most underrated albums. It may not match up to "Among The Living", but it's still a great album none-the-less. The guitars have a very filling sound on here. At this time, most thrash albums had guitar's which had a kind of flat sound. Like it was there, but it was just missing something. This album bassically used all the space in the studio to get the sound right. The bass is hardly ever heard but when it is, it's very Steve Hariss-esque. The drums are very tight on this album, as well. On the last 3 albums the drums were a little loose and rehearsed, but on here they are tightened down incredibly.

Lyrics — 9
Joey belladonna is my favorite singer in all of the "Big 4" bands. In fact I really think he is the best out of all of them. Tom (Slayer) is a good singer, but it's mostly yelling. Dave (Megadeth) is good, but he's not a real singer. James (Metallica) used to be good. Now it's very stale. But Joey has been great with his voice. It's hardly changed and if it has, its been for the better. I really put his vocal power up there with Rob (Judas Priest) and Bruce (Iron maiden). The Tracks on this album are, as usual for an Anthrax album, humorous with it's spot of darkness. This album does take a while to get used to, but after 3 or 4 listens, it becomes a really good listen. 01. Be all, End all - This one starts off the album with what sounds like a cello doing the main riff and then the guitars kick in. The verses are very catchy and the Chorus is something you'll be chanting at random times. 02. Out of sight, out of mind - When you read the lyrics to this song, you'll have a hard time imagining how the lyrics fit with the music, but it works. The lyrics revolve around, I think, how when a problem isnt there, most people dont even consider it. 03. Make me laugh - We've all seen em at one point. Those cheesy televangelists who say "God will smite me unless you give me eight million dollars". This song kinda makes fun of the those guys using god to make a quick million bucks. 04. Antisocial - A cover from a band called Trust. This was the band that Nicko Mcbrain was in before he went to Maiden. Also, after Clive Burr was fired from Maiden, he went to Trust. A switch-aroo of dummers. This is very hard rock and punk to me and it's good, but since it's a cover, I always see this as the low point of the album. 05. Who cares wins - This song deals with the idea of Homelessness. Longest song on the album and has alot of cool riffs and solo's that go with it being a bit of a long song. 06. Now it's dark - This song is kinda cool. Just when I listen to this song I get really pumped up and just listening to that line "Now it's dark, but I cant see! Dont you fucking look at me" Just gets me. Great song. 07 Schism - Now if Antisocial wasnt on here, this would be the low point. This song really feels like it's a filler song. Such as the chorus just being repeats of the title over and over again. 08. Misery loves company - Remember "Misery" from Stephen king? This is a song on the book. This could have been a radio hit I think if they had put it out there. It's got probably close to the best riff on the whole album. 09. 13- just a quick instrumental before..... 10. Finale - The title fits the song well. It starts off great and as the song progresses it becomes more and more chaotic. The last minute is just pure madness and everything sounds like it's just going to crumble down. Great ending!

Overall Impression — 9
This is not my favorite Anthrax album, but I still take time to listen to it every now and then. I was actually shocked when I learned that it didnt get as much praise as their previous albums. But, hey, everybody's a critic. The best songs are: 1. Be all, end all 2. Misery loves company 3. Finale The only thing I really have to say I dislike is the fact that they made the track "schism". I would've been happier they kept it off. It just feels like a filler track. But overall, this underrated album from on of "The Big 4" is one that I would reccomend to any Thrash Metal fan.

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