For Blood and Empire review by Anti-Flag

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (87 votes)
Anti-Flag: For Blood and Empire

Sound — 10
The latest Anti-Flag album is different to any other previously released. In some ways its like The Terror State, at least in recording quality its as good or better. The drumming is maybe a bit slower than on other albums, and Anti-Flag seem to have re-shuffled the volume of the instruments, bass and guitar turned down, and drums and vocals cranked up. Its less blatantly punk as albums like Their System Doesn't Work For You, with some slower riffs like on 'Emigre'. But the political side to the album is stronger than previous albums, the last song being purely about Depleated uranium and its horrific effects. Lead guitar repeatedly throws out some of the best high pitched riffs I've heard, from the first to the last song, Justin sane appears not to drop below his 12th frets, which works really well with the usual amazingly skilful basslines and powerful singing.

Lyrics — 9
Like the other albums, this album is highly politically orientated, with many songs like 'The WTO Kills Farmers' purely about political issues. The whole band takes a more active role in the vocals, many chorus' featuring the whole band, apart from maybe pat thetic. The lyrics are more in time with the music than the earlier albums, which gives the songs a better sense of timing and beat. Like 'Mind The GATT' on The Terror State, 'Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime' has some spoken word on it, which gives a lot of information yet somehow fits in with the background beat. The lyrics are still pretty indecipherable though, with only a few songs actually having discernible verses, so not the albums strongest feature.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is brilliant, the best I've bought this year and the best I'm likely to buy for a long time. But I still prefer The Terror State. This album contains a couple of songs with slower drum beats and less all-out punk riffs, and the whole album seams to show off the bass a little less than other albums, which is what got me into Anti-FLag to begin with. Still, its well worth the money and if I lost it id definitely but it again. Diverse sounds and new lyrical focus' make this album among my top 10 at the moment, and possibly top 5. The best songs in my opinion, are 'I'd Tell You But', 'Hymn For The Dead' and 'The Press Corpse' which are all pretty amazing.

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    I've only heard 2 songs from this album, and both are brilliant! I can't wait to see them in May
    Those 3 songs are sickk, especially The Press Corpse. My three other favourites are "Confessions of An Economic hit Man", "Cities Burn", and This Is The End (for You My Friend)" amazinggg Cd, and I definitely recommend everyone to pick it up.
    hells yeah, Anti-flag kicks ass, i helped tab Confessions of an economic hitman on this site, so yeah
    I love this's great! seen three songs live in Berlin this January and they kicked my favourity songs are "Project of a new american Century", "Cities Burn" and "War Sucks, Let's Party" great a must have for every Anti-Flag fan
    personally, i find that For Blood And Empire sounded kind of emo in some songs, or like too much like modern mainstream shit. it really doesn't sound like mobilize and it's not as agressive as the song "die for your government". i do like some of the songs though...i just wish it sounded more...punk!!
    this cd is excellent. i can't stop listening to it. to some people it's not like their other albums but it has a lot of energy just like their others and the lyrics are just excellent.
    I thought that it may be the worst album from anti-flag that i have ever hear. it is the most overproduced piece of crap i have ever heard. The transitions are totally crap. No wonder such a major label band could put out a cd on a gosh darn myspace!
    I dont care what any one says anti flag is shit. I listened to one of their albums, not sure which dont really care, but it sucked big hairy donkey balls. No good no good.
    i saw them at warped 2 years ago, put on an amazing show.I cant wait to see them on warped again this year.
    They blow. Bunch off democrats thinking they rule the world and think that burn the place down will help.