Metal On Metal Review

artist: Anvil date: 08/18/2010 category: compact discs
Anvil: Metal On Metal
Released: 1982
Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
Label: Attic
Number Of Tracks: 10
This is everything metal is and should if you don't have this record in your collection then your not a true metal head.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Metal On Metal Reviewed by: lilinbody12, on august 06, 2009
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Sound: This is everything metal is and should if you don't have this record in your collection then your not a true metal head. Metal On Metal is the sound of heavy metal there just as important to metal as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Motrhead. When you listen to this album you will know the true meaning of metal. Whether it's killer riffs, guitar solos or sick drum beats Avil will deliver it to you. They have a great sound it reminds me of like early Judas Priest Records But Heavier. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are great and the vocals blend with the rest of the band nicely. They have all the heavy metal lyrics you would expect from songs like Metal On Metal, Jackhammer, Tease Me, Please Me to 666. Definitely not the greatest singer I have ever herd but he fits in nice with the songs and does a damn good job. // 8

Overall Impression: I would rate this up there with all the early Priest and Iron Maiden records. I love the Riffs on this album and all the Solos and great drumming by Robb Reiner. The songs that really stood out on this album where Metal on Metal, Stop Me, Jackhammer, Scenery and 666. So if you are a fan of heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Motrhead you can't go wrong with this album. If this were stolen I would hunt the person down that stole it and murder them with an anvil and if it was lost I would without a doubt by it again. // 10

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overall: 8
Metal On Metal Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 18, 2010
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Sound: Metal on Metal is the second studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Anvil. Released in 1982, 1 year before Metallica and Slayer's debut albums, this album is a straight-forward heavy/thrash metal album that was too heavy to get signed by a major label. Anvil is more about the energy they create than pure speed, though they are kinda fast. Drummer Robb Reiner is skilled and good at what he does. With classics such as March of the Crabs and Metal on Metal, this album is pretty awesome and I really recommend it if you liked Kill Em All. // 8

Lyrics: While singer Lips isn't the best singer in the world, his style of singing fits the heavy music like a glove. His lyrics are memorable and extremely catchy. Bassist Glenn Five is great at backing vocals, as well as bass-playing. This album has some catchy songs, like Metal on Metal and Mothra (not so much Mothra). // 8

Overall Impression: 01. Metal on Metal - Truly single worthy. Starting off with rhythmic cymbal 'clangs', the song goes into a crunchy riff leaving you wanting for more. Then the song explodes with a riff similar to the intro, except faster. Then the instruments quiet down and Lips starts singing verses that will stick in your head for ages. Then the headbanging "Keep on rockin'" leads into more verses, followed by a classic solo. This is the reason you bought the album. 10/10 02. Mothra - The guitar work on here is great. With many short solos (and one big solo) and great riffs, this is one awesome song. The chorua, 'Mothra, Mothra', is a bit questionable, but otherwise, great song. 9/10 03. Stop Me - Starts with a clean opening riff (eh) then goes into a solo and slow riffage. The singing and guitar sorta makes this song sound like a Who song. There are a bunch of great solos in this, though. Overall, a pretty mellow song that doesnt fit in with the rest of the album. 6/10 04. March of the Crabs - Instrumental. This song needs no fuckin words anyways. Kick-ass guitar and drum intro climaxing into the 'chorus'. I'm telling you, the riffs in here are freakin brilliant. Headbang away for a brilliant song. 10/10 05. Jackhammer - Great guitar riff, though its repitition may dampen its awesome-ness. The singing is alright. The chorus sounds great, kind of catchy if you know the words. Nice solo though. 8/10 06. Heat Sink - Many tempo changes in this song. When the song gets faster, the instruments dont really fit together well. But slower tempos sound better. The guitar is good in this, often staying with higher notes when not palm muting. 7/10 07. Tag Team - Slow, blues-y kind of riffs and solos. The singing complements the blues-y style of song. The solo is excelent, sounds like an AC/DC solo, also very blues-y. Nothing to head-bang to, just a relaxing song. 8/10 08. Scenery - Holy shit, Crazy Train copy. This song sounds ALOT like Ozzy's Crazy Train. I expected Lips to scream "ALL ABOARD" through the entire song. However, the guitar does a good job at 'covering' Crazy Train. 8/10 09. Tease Me, Please Me - Love the riffs, nice chrunchy main riff. Catchy chorus, though. Not much else to say. Great song, listen to it. 9/10 10. 666 - Fast Slayer like instruments. Definently somewhat speed metal. The singing is unique, but not that great. Lips doesn't really singing along with the drums or guitar in this song. 8/10 // 8

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