The Story Of Anvil [DVD] Review

artist: Anvil date: 02/16/2010 category: compact discs
Anvil: The Story Of Anvil [DVD]
Release Date: February 20, 2009
My overall impression of the DVD is great. I think this was one of the better stories in Rock history.
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 Overall Impression: 9
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The Story Of Anvil [DVD] Reviewed by: matthius22, on february 16, 2010
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Sound: With the Olympics there in Vancouver I thought I would do a review of one of the lost bands of Canada. For the time, Anvil was that band you waited for with baited breath on what they would do with their next album, similar to a new flavor of Popsicle when you were a kid. The music itself was good but not great. However, they influenced so many musicians that copied and refined there work so this film and the band itself should counted as one of the forefathers of Metal as we know it. This film is like the "Pumping Iron" of Metal movies. The story here is that Anvil is releasing a new album called "This is Thirteen"(2007), that they are self-producing and think it will be there best work to date. They have been leading regular lives as blue collar workers still working hard on there music in the downtime. The music is still straight ahead old school metal but that it's the passion they put into the music that really makes this film. Just a quick note, one of my favorite Metal bands growing up was Slayer. Slayer is one of the bands that gives credit to Anvil for inspiration. This documentary was a solid inspiration of the human spirit and the that you can do anything is you put your mind to it. Faced with a lot of adversity they continue with the belief in their fans. // 7

Overall Impression: My overall impression of the DVD is great. I think this was one of the better stories in Rock history. The London Times says it's possibly the greatest film yet made about rock and roll. So I would say it compared and is better than 80% of all rock films out there. The thing I liked the most about the film is there undying devotion to their art. At one point in the film, running out of money in Europe and sleeping in a train station. I didn't really hate anything about this movie, but maybe how the music industry treats it's bands. I would definitely buy this DVD again if I lost it in a train station or something similar. // 9

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