Worlds Collide review by Apocalyptica

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  • Released: Sep 17, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (38 votes)
Apocalyptica: Worlds Collide

Sound — 8
Apocalyptica, the band that has blended metal and classical music so seamlessly, seems to be making an attempt to branch out to a much larger audience on its 6th release Worlds Collide. While Apocalyptica once gained attention as a novelty (a group of cellists that covered Metallica and Slayer tunes for a living), it no longer has to rely on other groups' hits. The Finnish band has written plenty of original material in the past, but the latest album Worlds Collide takes a turn into an even broader, more accessible direction. Apocalyptica can always make a song sound impeccable, but it is actually going -- dare I say it -- in a more mainstream direction. There are still plenty of tracks that feel like the Apocalyptica heard on early albums, but they've brought in a handful of guest musicians on Worlds Collide that take things in a very unexpected direction. The opening track Worlds Collide delivers exactly what Apocalyptica fans would hope to hear -- powerful, dark melodies that are executed flawlessly. While the first few notes sound similar to the sweet melody of Pachelbel's Canon, things are taken in a much more metal-worthy direction in no time. There's a perfect combination of the traditional cello sound and an effects-driven rock sound, and you can almost see Apocalyptica starting out any of it's stage shows with a powerful track like Worlds Collide. There were multiple guest musicians who offered their talents to the new album, with Stone Sour/Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Rammstein's Till Lindemann, and Slayer's Dave Lombardo among the impressive roster. All of them do a credible job, but they also take a chunk out of the typical Apocalyptica sound at the same time. This wouldn't be a bad thing if it meant the songs became more powerful or mind-blowing, but much of the time things just end up sounding like a typical radio song. Corey Taylor sings on I'm Not Jesus, a track that ends up feeling more like a Stone Sour track than Apocalyptica's material. The instruments get pushed too far back and it becomes all about Taylor, who although a great frontman, shouldn't necessarily steal the spotlight. This is also the case in Three Days Grace's Adam Gontier's appearance, with his contribution to I Don't Care just not matching the drama that is usually present in Apocalyptica's tracks. The exception to the guest musician issue is Rammstein's Till Lindemann, who not surprisingly delivers a stunning performance. Oddly enough, the track Helden is actually a cover of David Bowie's Heroes, but you wouldn't guess it immediately. Lindemann and the band put such a unique twist on the song that it is a true testament to their talent. Another satisfying addition to the album is Dave Lombardo, who delivers his amazing percussion skills to Last Hope.

Lyrics — 8
Although many of the tracks are instrumental, we do get a few lyrics this time thanks to the addition of guest vocalists. The most impressive track lyrically is I'm Not Jesus, which apparently was inspired by the sexual abuse occurring in the Catholic Church. The topic is a delicate one, but Corey Taylor does it justice with his emotional delivery. In one section he sings, Drift among the faithful; Bury your desires; Aberrations fill your head; You need a place to hide. It's a gutsy theme to take on, and the band deserves credit for tackling the uncomfortable subject.

Overall Impression — 8
I've got mixed emotions with Worlds Collide, primarily because there are times when Apocalyptica begins to sound a little too much like typical rock bands. At certain moments, it seems like it becomes more about the guest vocalists, and the musicianship among the band seems to be hidden, or worse, not even sound like the Apocalyptica we've heard in the past decade. But when the band is on it's own, you still get some absolutely amazing compositions that are inspired and remind you exactly why they deserve a cushy spot in the metal scene.

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    Ok, here its been out since September the 14th last year. But I guess you're Americans. Anyways its a great record with great collaborations With Till and Corey amongst others. Its amazing how they can with Cellos make other metal bands look like teenager garage bands. Great Album.
    Sober_god wrote: .But when i heard the song with amy lee i was like ****, they have gone to far. Maybe they needed to do something like this i dont know...
    What song are you talking about... If your talking about SOS it's not Amy Lee it's Cristina Scabbia the singer in Lacuna Coil
    I've only listened to "I'm Not Jesus," and I have to say that it's pretty good. At first I thought this was Corey Taylor's new band, but then I looked up this band and saw he was just a guest. It's a good song, and I think the cellos they use for that song are electric, and they're the ones doing all of that distortion, or I could be wrong. Good song though.
    Apocalyptica is one of my fave bands. I haven't heard this album but the reviews seem pretty good. I don't overly like most of the vox on these songs as they are great instrumentalists.
    I think these guys are amazing. I dont care what anyone else says about them. Being a big slipknot fan i loved "I'm not jesus" with corey taylor, but my favorite track would have to be "somewhere around nothing".
    No mention of the awesome song "Grace" featuring the guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu!? This is an outrage!
    this album was really bad even the instrumentals lacked feeling and depth they should stick to what they do best revamping others material and not have anyone singing -5 out of 5
    Roy Blackhart
    i love them. lol my dad doesnt realize they tribute to alot of metal songs i guess like Metallica lmao but he loves it
    Lefty7Stringer wrote: what's next are they gonna cut their hair and collaborate with fallout boy?
    Thats a bit cruel... listen to songs like SOS and Stroke on this album and see if you can honestly say that this is a bad album or that Apocalyptica are going down hill
    I havn't heard the whole cd but I was disappointed with how far the cellos were pushed back in I'm Not Jesus aswell.
    spencer Cr
    the worst song on the album was i don't care, it had no power and was very radio friendly i hated it. but if you read the booklet you'll find out that all the songs that sound "radio friendly' were co-written between apocalyptica and a few other people. this very much so explains why they sound that way. if only apocalyptica wrote them they sound sound very different and possibly better. however i did like SOS that's a great song.
    Yeh its different from what they have done before... but they still have aspects of there old music whilst taking it in a new direction... ive seen this album live and it really is stunning.
    I agree with most of the review. When i saw corey doing a song with the guys i was very happy to see them get more popular musicions (wich doesnt mean better musicions).But when i heard the song with amy lee i was like ****, they have gone to far. Maybe they needed to do something like this i dont know... this is just a small thing the album is still great, hope they dont **** it up in the future
    Good review. I'm a fan of both classical and metal so I really like this band. I know what he means when he says sometimes the cellos are pushed back in favour of the vocalists, but overall this is still a great album. Cellos are the new guitar! (Maybe not).
    The I Don't Care song kind of sucks, you can barely hear the cellos at all. Hall of the Mountain King ftw!
    Ion, Worlds Collide, and Last Hope were my favorite instrumental ones on there, and I'm Not Jesus and Helden were the only ones with vox i really liked at all, i love these guys though, they kick major ass and i'd love to be able to see em live sometday.
    I share your view, they should not put their cellos in the background.. in fact, in their instrumental songs I never miss a voice. Though some great things have come out ouf the collaborations with vocalists, I really like their instrumentals. on this album Grace is my favorite (closely followed by Worlds Collide).
    Im thought the album was great but was disappointed in how much the cellos got pushed around with the guest vocals EXCEPT Helden with Till Lindemann which is with out doubt my favorite track with a guest vocal because it is mixed and balanced perfectly, over all its a good listen