Funeral review by Arcade Fire

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  • Released: Sep 14, 2004
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (134 votes)
Arcade Fire: Funeral

Sound — 8
Guitar, Piano, Accordion, xylophone, recorder, synth, organ, and of course drums. Just from the list of instraments you can tell that there is a difference that seperates this band from the mainstream of todays "ideal band." The new sound that the Arcade Fire brings to todays music is the best thing that has happend this year by far.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are smart and well thought out, you can tell they have put a lot of effort into the composition. The singers in the group (Win Butler and Regine Chassagne) are not the best the world has seen (infact if you think you cant sing listen to these guys) but, in the end the music and the message of the lyrics over power and make the music still just as enjoyable (besides when a band hire's a singer, the singer always ends up defining the band and trying to change it, in other words why change what's working for you).

Overall Impression — 8
This band has some real creative potential. I suggest listening to "Rebellion (Lies)" and "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" to get the best of what the band has to offer. There is no way I would ever not have a copy of this CD, 3 miniuts after it goes missing I'll be at the CD store.

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    i love ''rebelion(lies)'' such as sweet song but ''people say that you die fatser than without water but we know its just lie, SCARE YOUR SON SCARE YOUR DAUHTER''?? what anyone wanna tell me the point
    WhereArtEsteban wrote: Great Reviews. I loved the album. Their new album came out a few weeks ago, Neon Bible. It is equally as awsome as Funeral.
    Neon Bible is amazing. One of my favourite albums of all time.
    "people say that you'll die faster than without water but we know its just a lie to scare your son, scare your daughter". Guess its about euthanasia. Also because of the "sleeping is giving in so lift those heavy eyelids" and "everytime you close your eyes, lies". But thats just my interpretation. Indeed good band, good album. Fantastic live-performance. Great songs. Don't really have a favourite song, but Laika is pretty good. Kind of reminds me of my older brother (whose name is BTW not alexander or laika ..Oh and I !LOVE! Win's annoying and whiny voice.
    this album is awesome my fav song is laika and haiti. i loved this whole album. i honestly have no clue on the meanings of any of these songs but i always listneing too it. but i have to say that i'm NOT a fan of neon bible. but i'm seeing them live soon so i hope they change my mind!
    arcade fire are the best band in the world and win Butler is an amazing singer
    This should have a higher rating than Neon Bible. I love both, but it's just the better album. I can't wait for a new one, whenever that may be.
    The only reason I prefer Neon Bible to this is Win's voice, on Funeral he tries too much and it just doesn't sound too good... yet the music makes up for it. At least he sounds excellent on Neon Bible, sounds like he finally learned to sing in a style that he can do well
    Great album, they're good because their songs all have a different sound which makes this band unique. The best song is Rebellion(Lies)
    UnnamedArtist88 wrote: I seriously hate this band. I think they're music is boring and talentless. To me, they have absolutely no appeal.
    what a dick...
    Hoptimusprime wrote: Recommend listening at high volume.
    I would recommend listening to it on Vinyl due to the piano and violin and all of those instruments
    I seriously hate this band. I think they're music is boring and talentless. To me, they have absolutely no appeal.