Doomsday Machine review by Arch Enemy

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  • Released: Jul 26, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (112 votes)
Arch Enemy: Doomsday Machine

Sound — 10
The only death metal I mostly listion to is 'melodic' death metal, like Heartwork (1993) a true classic by Carcass, and any Arch Enemy record ever made. It just happens that Micheal Amott went to form Arch Enemy with his brother Christopher Amott, so you might find simularities in playing styles between Heartwork and any Arch Enemy record. Guest musicians included Gus G. on guest lead guitar on "Taking Back My Soul," Ola Stromberg on keyboards, and Apollo Papathanasio on additional backing vocals. Chris Amott left after recording of Doomsday Machine On Good Terms to attend college and was replaced by Gus G. for Ozzfest, whereafter Fredrik Akesson took on full time duties. Doomseday Machine was my first full Arch Enemy record I ever listiond to. It gave me goosebumps. It was very heavy, but not like most death metal albums who drown out everything with beserk sloppy fast for spite drum beats that sound about the same every song. The drum beats on Doomsday allowed the guitars to be heard clearer while making the songs a lot more catchy. But what I liked the most was the virtuism of the lead guitar solo's. They where not the typical death soloing. They still included screaming tremelo bars, fast picking and pinch harmonics, but they where planed out masterfully, sometimes very articulate, and even more than once VERY heart felt to my great surprise.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics where mostly written by Angela Gossow, and where mainely about the usual Arche Enemy topics of anit-society, death, and end of the world type stuff. They where short, but well crafted, so that there was plenty of time for the instruments to do thier thing while keeping most songs around 5 minutes. Angela Gossow is prehapes the best death metal vocalyst in history. Her voice is evenly distorted and not the usual like Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel. You can mostly tell what the vocals are when she sings them. And she's a woman too, which is pretty cool for someone who sings her style of music. My only problem with her is that an interview was once published where she said something along the lines of about how fans dont matter and they just get in the way. I don't remember the exact words, or can find the article but I remember that is her view.

Overall Impression — 10
As you can tell I mostly relate this album to Heartwork. The most impresive songs in my opinion are Nemesis which is very heartfelt and heavy at the same time, My Apocalypse which is catchy, I am Legend/Out For Blood 'cause the rythem is realy good, Hybreds Of Steel which is an instrumental that sounds a lot like Satch and is a masterpiece. My bigest problem is that the bass is not heard well unless the guitars are on clear tone, or in the instrumental. I will take this CD to my grave.

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    Vintersorg wrote: I don't know what does Arch Enemy has to do with Cradle Of Filth.....
    I made a typo - HAVE..
    hahahaha yeah Arch Enemy has no resmalence to cradle of filth at all. whoever did that review clearly needs to learn a lot more about the difference between black and death metal vocals.
    rustin peace18
    the dude on god forbids nuts needs to shut the **** up because arch enemy kicks god forbids ass any day, but I will say as much as i loved Doomsday machine its not as good as wages of sin or burning bridges, but still is amazing. I love angela in the band much more than john mihan. she is the superior vocalist in my opinion
    Arch Enemy has more of a resemblence to Lamb of God not Cradle of Filth
    IF there was a band that Arch Enemy resembles I would probably say Morbid Angel. Not completely but Angela's vocals strongly remind me of them. Anyway, this CD is great, I love the guitar, drums, and vocals so damn much. And you could relate the sound to Cradle Of Filth because Adrian the drummer in COF and Daniel the drummer in Arch Enemy are brothers.
    the guy who gave this album a 3.7 is a moron, first he says he didnt read the lyrics, then he says and i quote 'Also God Forbid tells a story in there lyrics which Arch Enemy does not.' to be quite honest in comparison to arch enemy god forbid suck, this album rocks as does every other.
    Haha, yeah, the guy who gave this a 3.7 clearly isn't the bightest penut in the turd. hahaahaha...Otep... vocals.... good....the? Michael Amott is a great guitarist, and even though I like God Forbid, their guitar-work fails in comparison. The coolest solo I've ever heard them do is what Jeff Loomis did on Gone Forever.
    Shreddin 4 Life
    "3.7"... Probably how many seconds that big tub of gay even bothered to listen to the album. Doomsday Machine destroys God Forbid's entire discography in every possible angle and aspect. If you're gonna do a review of a band that you don't like in the first place, don't buy the album cuz that's just gonna make you look stupid, like that guy did. Arch Enemy rules-end of story!!!