Lost Forever // Lost Together review by Architects

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  • Released: Mar 11, 2014
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (56 votes)
Architects: Lost Forever // Lost Together

Sound — 8
When you listen to this album, you look back on how much the band has changed since they first started. If anyone is really hoping for the same sound that was present on "Nightmares," and "Ruin," don't even bother listening to this album. The change in technicality with this band is pretty much all lost, and instead is replaced with heavy breakdowns, and riffs. This is not a bad thing, but all I'm trying to say is, Architects have changed ever since "The Here And Now" was released. This album takes a lot of the melodic parts from that album, and "Daybreaker," and some heaviness from "The Hollow Crown" to make this album, minus the technical parts in "THC." So really, Architects is just evolving. The production on this album is sweet, and crisp, unlike the way the earlier albums were done. The drumming is fast, the guitar parts are heavy, and the vocals are melodic, and fit each and every part perfectly. The singing is even better than what was heard on "Daybreaker," which was actually a vast improvement from THAN. Sam Carter just kills it with his uncleans as well. All in all, he sounds better than ever.

Lyrics — 9
The album starts off with a few more soft, melodic chords, to soon bring in Sam's beastly uncleans. He yells:

"An iron fist in a velvet glove.
Another vulture posing as a dove.
Do you have no shame? Look at what you've become.
You are the reason we are bitter and then some."

The chorus is very interesting:

"Gravedigger (gravedigger), there's blood on your hands.
You built this empire on salt and sand.
Not all is fair in love and war.
History repeats, we've seen it all before."

Sam screams the first line, that is then echoed, thing sings the next line, and screams the last two. "Naysayer," the next track has Sam rolling through with angry the very first second of the track. Expect your face to receive goosebumps.

"So sick of the sound of people giving up.
You can't stop me giving a f--k.
F--k it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on.
F--k it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on."

Sam rages, and "bleghs" after cussing. Out of every track on this album, "Broken Cross" has to have the biggest, and most meaningful message. Sam even directed a message to those who were offended by this song. The main line in this song:

"God only knows why we were born to burn."

In the 5th stanza:

"Are we perfect mistakes? Or almighty f--k ups?
One thing's for sure, he doesn't f--king love us.
He doesn't f--king love us."

But my all might favorite lines in this song come from "The Hollow Crown" reference.

"Father, father, how I've let you down.
A f--king tyrant in a hollow crown.
Father, father, how I've let you down.
A f--king tyrant in a hollow crown."

"Red Hypergiant" is an interesting track that is made up of mainly an 2:13 instrumental, but also a quote from Carl Sagan. It's a very cool thing that the band did, since this is the 6th track, and nearly the halfway point. "C.A.N.C.E.R.," the next track rolls through with booming drums and loud guitars. "Ahh," Sam screams. My favorite line:

"This is the burden we all carry together.
Waiting in the wings, so we never say never."

The track ends with this line, with Sam's vocals piercing right through you. My favorite track on the album, "Youth Is Waited on the Young," has a few of my favorite lines, and vocals:

"There's parts of me that are lost forever.
At least we're all lost together.
We all remember youth like it's dead and gone.
Like our favourite line from a forgotten song."

I'm not sure who's singing this part too, but it's done quite well:

"All we are, is just a name, it's all we are.
Our skin, it shows, these crippled bones.
Youth sinks alone."

The ending track closes the album out neatly. The chorus:

"That distant blue, that's me and you.
It was from there that we all grew.
Framed in space, our first home.
All those beating hearts that were made of stone.
We were disaster built from flesh and bone."

Overall Impression — 9
Like I said, if you want technicality, don't listen to this album. But if you don't mind heavy riffs, breakdowns, and some beautiful, melodic choruses, screams that will melt your face, etc. Then this is a great album to listen to. Lyrically and vocally, this is my absolute favorite album of theirs. Guitar wise, not so much. "The Hollow Crown" will always be up there. Honestly, there are no real big comparisons to this band, but if you enjoy heavy stuff like what Norma Jean, and The Ghost Inside are doing nowadays, then you should definitely like this. I wouldn't compare this to Bring Me The Horizon. I know I've seen a few YouTube comments saying that, and I think there's a bit of irony there, since Sam Carter used to teach Oli Sykes back in the day. All in all, I like every single one of these songs off the album, but I seemed to have kept going back to "Youth Is Waited on the Young" for its message. But every single track on this album has an outstanding message to it. That just happened to be my favorite one. These guys are touring with letlive., Glass Cloud, and I The Mighty In The Spring, so expect one hell of a show if you're going to that (I know I am). A tremendous album, indeed.

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    Oh, f*** off with you're "I'm Christian so I don't like the messages". Nobody asked you. Most anti-religion messages focus on opposing brainwashing and the concept of religion, as opposed to the concept of faith. So, take that into consideration. Also, keep it to yourself, because this stuff drives me nuts. It shouldn't affect your opinion of your album whether or not you believe in Jesus.
    When are reviewers going to realize... most band don't sit down and say, "hey guys what do you want the new album to sound like, which direction does everyone want to go in." These guys are fantastic no matter what they do and you can tell by their sound on each album that they just jam out tunes and they put what ever the eff they feel like on their records. Take (in my opionion) their "heaviest" album, Hollow Crown, they put a self-titled track on that album that is much more of a pop song than ANYTHING on Lost Together, Lost Forever, and "Musical soul- searching"? Give me a break, they know exactly who they are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting.
    Interesting to see there is mixed love for this. To me it sounded more like a "metal" album in sense of more of an album a mass of people would enjoy. They sound less of a small band playing heavy music and more of an experience... as horribly worded as that sounds. Personally music will always divide people. I like this album and would give it a 9/10. It falls short of the 10 because there are too many "bleurrghs". Personal taste though. There are albums to which I wont mention and bands who I think are hugely overrated and musicians who may be able to playing incredibly well... make to my ears god awful music.
    Better than Daybreaker and The Here and Now, but not a noteworthy release aside from that. I remember when they used to be unconventional in their songwriting, and Sam's screams didn't sound whiny after every vowel. It looks like the heavy hitting, technical riffage tainted with dissonance is no longer a fundamental part of their formula. They'd prefer endless chugging and a chorus of BLEGH's.
    I mean, I agree, but Sam is anything BUT whiny. Still think the musicianship is there.
    Listen to his screams on Hollow Crown as opposed to the last two. His screams all have identical patterns for vowels. They've lost all their dynamics doing that "oo-rahh", open/close style of vocals where the first syllable is almost talking volume and then he jumps STRAIGHT to his "highest" scream note and stays there for half a bar before going back to talking volume.
    Yeah...Sam really needs to stop with the 'BLEGH's. And whilst we're at it, a few odd-metre riffs and less open-string riffage wouldn't go amiss...
    I think that C.A.N.C.E.R and the distant blue are my favorites. I just cant get anough of that main riff in the beginning of C.A.N.C.E.R, ugh its so ****ing dope. I think this album deserves a 9/10 for sure
    This band really pisses me off, they're so generic sounding, everyone of their albums sounds like it was capitalizing off a different metalcore trend. Such as gay-core and their last two some just bad djent. Honestly every song on this album sounds like, crunchy with harmonic tapping over it. So boring.
    I enjoy their style of music. I'm a Christian so i'm not a fan of some of the messages they talk about, but overall I really enjoy the album. Naysayer and Gravedigger are two of my favorites from the album.
    Haven't heard anything special from them but if John Mitchell produces for them then it's all right in my book.