Ruin review by Architects

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  • Released: Jun 25, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (25 votes)
Architects: Ruin

Sound — 10
First off, very shocking that this CD hasn't been reviewed before, cause these guys are amazing. Onto the review. The sound of this album is definitely very very well done. Compared to their older albums. The guitaring in this CD is very very creative and original and quite versitile throughout the album. The vocals are awesome. Not all just the same screams from start to finish. Some melodic singing is in a few tracks which adds a great amount of depth to the songs. The drumming is mind blowing. Sometime it seems like they're playing mathmetal type stuff with all the sig changes and tempo changes and all. But overall the sound quality on the album is excellent.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album are pretty alright. In some places, they are amazing, and in others it just seems like someone going straight up and saying what they mean. And hell, there's nothing wrong with that! Sam Carter (the singer) has a very unique voice and uses it very well throughout the entire album. And most of the time with him you don't actually have to read along with the lyrics because I find him very easy to understand. He is definitely a very good writer, but after a while, it does seem like he writes too much about the 'break-up' situation. My favourite vocal lines from this album would be "I don't feel homesick, I'm just so sick of home/and it reminds me of everything we've been through" "And there's no hope for someone as cold as you/You made me sink into the coldest of waves/I watch you sink into lies that you created" & "The sun was so low that day/Staring into burning eyes/Watch as I walk away from you/From the lies that you made my life."

Overall Impression — 10
01.Buried At Sea: the first song I ever heard from these guys. A very good introduction song. Really sets the tone for the whole album, with the lyrics about drowning and whatnot. The guitaring is pretty sweet in this song. 02.Hunt Them Down: starts out with a bang, and a great riff. Pretty great track, so if people skip the first song, this one will get them in the vibe. "It's all over YEAH!" some catchy lyrics in this song. You'll be singin it for a while. Ends off with just bass, which you don't hear very often. 03.You'll Find Safety - GO!: this is one of my favourite tracks on the whole album. The guitaring is amazing. This song has some melodic singing near the end. 04.Always: this song is awesome. The screaming is all over the place, like where you think the next word would go it doesn't. Really great stuff. The breakdown in the middle is awesome. Very strange timing but great. 05.Sail This Ship Alone: the only instrumental track on the cd. And quite good. A bit slow, but the drumming is pretty sweet. It has kind of a mellow type feel to it, so it's a good addition to the CD. 06.Heartless: good song to have after an instrumental, gets you back into the headbang feel. This is one of the only tracks that you can identify that the band is british, with being able to hear Sams accent. Which you don't hear very often. 07.North Lane: another one of my favourites. Comes in with a weird timed guitar line and then straight to some sweet harmonic originality. This is a song which I can relate to the most so I freakin love it. Another that has some melodic singing involved. 08.I Can't See the Light: clich name, but pretty great song. Pretty awesome, one bar breakdown near the middle. Then back to the intro, I love songs that do this. This song has very good structure from a musical point of view. A very good track to show people who havn't heard of Architects before. 09.Low: this song is very well done on the guitar. A short but sweet song. Nothing really more to say. 10.Running From The Sun: this song almost sounds like it could have been from the split album they made with Dead Swans. It's very well done, they put in some like, booms in the song. Where it seems like your speakers blast. It sounds great. This song is very well done. Prime breakdwon at the end. "Running won't help!" 11.Save Me: the last song on the album, another of my favourites. Starts off with some feedback, then into a very complex Architects style riff with strange timing. This song is probably the closest to a love song that this album gets I'd say. But still freakin' heavy at the same time. This song I would also call the most musically advanced song on the album. The timing, the guitaring, the singing is great, and this would be the song with a sweeped solo near the end. Excellent song to end off an excellent album. All in all, this album is great. Everytime I listen to it, I don't just listen to one track, I end up listening to every song cause they're all great songs. This CD is very original and unique from a lot of other bands that are coming out now-a-days I feel. So it's very hard to compare to other bands or genres. But I'd say, pretty much anyone who takes the time to read this, will like it. If someone were to steal this album from me, I'd definitely drive my ass to the nearest record store and pick up another copy. This album will not disappoint.

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    sorry to seem picky mate, but pretty much the whole album is I'm 4/4 there is a couple of changes to 6/8 and stuff like that but nothing too complicated
    Not to be gloating or whatever, but I have the deluxe edition, where the last track is Broken Clocks. One more song! Yipeee!!
    Haha oh strange. it says GO! is part of the title of You'll Find Safety. whoops. I love that song. it just starts out with a huge GO!
    amazing album can not wait for Hollow Crown, seeing these guys in Manchester v soon