Kostogher Review

artist: Arckanum date: 08/05/2010 category: compact discs
Arckanum: Kostogher
Released: May 19, 1997
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Necropolis Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
This is probably Arckanum's best album with the only minus being the low volume.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Kostogher Reviewed by: Jøhnny, on august 05, 2010
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Sound: *Door opens* "Vlkomen til marders rike!" This is how "Shamaatae" starts his second album "Kostogher." After the long intro consisting of Shamaatae speaking in Ancient Swedish and some noises in the background, the drums come in. First slowly, and then the crushing fast guitar riff starts, with Shamaatae making a scream and the blast beats coming in. The song goes through Shamaatae's trademark vocals, clean high backing vocals, slow melodic interludes with violin and then crushing back into fast Black Metal and ending with a sound of thunder, leaving the listener breathless. The opening song "Skoghens Minnen Vkks" is probably the best song Shamaatae has ever done. The album continues pretty much with the sound of the first album: heavy thick guitar sounds, excellent riffing and fast drumming. The only difference is probably the fact that Kostogher is much faster album than it's predecessor "Fran Marder." Although the album is fast, it also has slower songs like "Gamall Uvermark", which features slow drumming, violin and some nature sounds in the background, and the slow instrumental "Grmelse ok V" which is like this album's "Brghet" (a song from the first album), featuring really similar melodic riffing by two guitars at the same time. During these songs you can just sit and relax before the album blasts once again into crushing fast Black Metal and awesome riffing like in the song "Bedrvelse." The only problem in the sound is the volume: it's hilariously low. You always have to turn your volume so damn high when listening to the album, and you can't blast it with your mp3 player like many louder songs. Without this annoying fact, I would have given the album a 10 from sound. // 9

Lyrics: Well, what can I say? Shamaatae's recognizable trademark vocals and lyrics in Ancient Swedish dealing with nature and other things. Although the lyrics are nearly impossible to understand, the relation to nature can be figured out pretty easily: all the nature sounds in the background on Arckanum's song (they are not only in this album, but also in the others), Shamaatae walking in a forest on the music video of "Gava Fran Trulen" and the album covers of the first two albums also featuring Shamaatae in some forest. Arckanum has always been closely related to nature. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this is probably Arckanum's best album with the only minus being the low volume. If you have listened to some Arckanum but not Kostogher, I stronly recommend you to check out this album, and the same goes for all other Black Metal fans. Best song and worth checking out: Skoghens Minnen Vkks. // 10

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