Stalin Forgot People In Sibir Review

artist: Arctic Jews date: 05/31/2010 category: compact discs
Arctic Jews: Stalin Forgot People In Sibir
Released: 2010
Genre: Indie Rock / Art Rock / Psyedelic Rock
Label: Lulzy Records
You Need to listen to understand what the Arctic Jews Are really about. You can't compare the arctic Jews to anything eles.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Stalin Forgot People In Sibir Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 31, 2010
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Sound: The reason I'm publishing this review is because I think that the band: Arctic Jews, which is really famous in Isreal need to cross the line to the western world music. This is a review about the unique sound of the debut album: Stalin Forgot People In Sibir. Why the album is so unique is because the harmony is so delicate, but so strong, at the same time, so complicated but yet simple to listen to, the melody is so unique I don't how to explain it... Really. You can only understand if you listen to it by yourself. Drawing influence Arctic Monkeys, Satan, Metallica, The Mars Volta, Mr. Bungle, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd, The Apples, Arcade Fire, Big Trees for Sacrafice, Balakn Beat Box, and combining small elements of each band to create the unique sound of Arctic Jews. It's amazing. About the Arctic Jews: Arctic Jews are an English psychodellic art rock band from Qiryat Gat, a suburb of Israel. Formed in 2010, the band currently consists of Michael Yankovic (guitar), Zean Pianski (vocals), Guy Kofman (drums, backing vocals), Guy Cafif (saxophone, backing vocals) Their debut album Stalin Forgot People In Sibir, released in early 2010, became the fastest-selling debut album in Israeli music history, and remains the fastest-selling debut album for a band in the Israel. Since then the band have released two more albums: The Three Del Rios (2010) and Lennin And Trotsky (2010). The band is currently in the studio, recording their fourth album, expected to be released in 2011. Arctic Jews are heralded as one of the first acts to come to the public attention via the Internet (fan-based sites rather than from the band), with commentators suggesting they represented the possibility of a change in the way in which new bands are promoted and marketed. // 9

Lyrics: It talks about the crisis in the middle-east, wich we all worried about today and we hear about it all the time, and the Arctic Jews repesnt exactly, what the solution is. They also talk about other important issues, about planet earth, but mainly they talk about the human person, and the mind. And they have infested me with the bug - Artijewishmania. They don't talk about religous things. They talk about whats really matters in the world. and that's way they are really successful in Israel and I hope they will be in the world. The singer skills are just amazing, he has a touch of Asaf Avidan, Jenis Joppling with the high distorted notes, and he can even reach low enough and as a cello with his notes. // 10

Overall Impression: You Need to listen to understand what the Arctic Jews Are really about. You can't compare the arctic Jews to anything eles. The Most impressive songs in the album is Crying Stalin, and Teddy Shuki in my opinion. Heres a download of The debut album: Stalin forgot people in Sibir. Please download and comment on the review and the album and the music. Here is the Facebook page of the band. Here is the Myspace page of the band. Comment My friends! // 10

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