Favourite Worst Nightmare review by Arctic Monkeys

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  • Released: Apr 23, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (868 votes)
Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare

Sound — 10
"High Tempo" could be used to describe this amazing album - for example: Brianstorm and This House Is A Circus. Even though not much reverb is used, I'd describe the album as reverby as it has this weird sound to it that I can't explain. A good idea for this album is to turn the EQ to bass booster as it is evident that a great deal of effort has been made to utilise the bass to it's full potential on this album. This album is generally about what the media and fame does to people and how it's affecting Alex's relationships. It's also got some songs that are like the ones of their debut album that describe some of Alex's experiences. 01. Brianstorm - At very high tempos this song is great to listen to. Even Nick O'Malley (Bass) has to tremolo pick on this mind-blowing song. It is one of those songs that you get hooked to for different sections of the music at a time and then all these hooky riffs combine (once you've discovered them all) to make the song greater than before. Definetly one of the most recognised riffs ever. 02. Teddy Picker - A really good upbeat song. It's one of those songs that a lot of people will recognise even though they don't know who it's by. The solo on this song is probably the best on the album. 03. D Is For Dangerous - This short-fused cracker is another brilliant song on FWN. The basslines are second to none on this song as well as the catchy chorus. 04. Balaclava - This song is definetly one that should've been a single. The bassline on this is simple but suits the lyrics very well. The main riff is just fantastic - I was hooked on it when I first properly listened to it and kept rewind/forwarding to it all the time... The bass gets even better as the song goes into the chorus and also as the song draws to a sad end. 05. Fluorescent Adolescent - This song is one that even pop bummers would listen to as well as rock fans. The bass is used well and the lyrics/guitar are also catchy. The main draw to this song was definetly the intro - DO DO DO drums and the segmented gutiar pieces are a "treat for the ear!". 06. Only Ones Who Know - To many, this song is "depressing" but I saw through that and decided it's only the already depressed that can find this song depressing. Listening to this could be the end of you if you've lost someone you love to someone else but this song is generally good for anyone - "It's one for lovers". After listening to this and listening to the chords in particular you'll understand what I mean by saying the general sound to the album is "reverby". 07. Do Me A Favour - A very underrated song. This song has a good verse and chorus build up and then, for the high tempo and rockier listeners, a good chorus/outro pelts fast overdriven D, C# and G# chords through your ears, making you want to experience the song again and again but appreciate it as a good all round song. 08, 09. This House Is A Circus/If You Were There, Beware - These two songs are linked and too right. THIAC's bassline is once again phenomenal and the hard, rocky guitar parts are mindblowing. IYWTB is another fast, overdriven song and emphasises that reverby feel. More overdriven guitar parts are used and a good, well suited bassline is utilised. The song is weird (good weird) at some points, mainly the extilude lyrics that build to another repeat of the intro. 10. The Bad Thing - This song is probably the worst of the album but still a good song. Overdriven, slower paced guitars are used on this and the bass isn't really emphasised on this song, unlike the others. The best thing about this song is probably the guitar solos that are fast and go with the intro riff. 11. Old Yellow Bricks - Another song which should've been a single. Amazingly catchy intro and the bass drum really does put a spring in your step and a jolt through your heart. This song is definetly the most reverby song because of the weirdly wonderful and nostalgic chorus. The guitars are tremolo picking once again during the solo and is just a great song... 12. 505 - Who knew that just two chords could be used so effectively? This song is a good example of Turner's composing skill and general talent. The bass is phenomenal on this beaut of a song and the solo is brilliant and suits the song unbelievably well. Definetly the song for a Nirvana fan with a slow, quiet start and a fast, loud ending. Highlight Instrument: Bass

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are a good example of how amazingly complicated Turner's imagination is - it's no wonder he's now writing lyrics of the likes of Dance Little Liar and Fire and the Thud... 01. Brianstorm - these clever lyrics describe a weird man who is excellent at pulling the ladies. 02. Teddy Picker - Great descripion of how pop music artists are literally picked at random from a "teddy picker" and made famous with a click of the fingers. 03. D Is For Dangerous - With lyrics too complicated to figure out this one is a challenge even for Stephen Fry. 04. Balaclava - Good lyrics about unguided teenagers - definetly not lyrics that are easy on the brain. 05. Fluorescent Adolescent - Absolutely great lyrics about a woman who is starting to lose her touch and is not getting the sort of action she use to. "She's no longer glowing like... like a tree" (Turner and O'Malley). 06. Only Ones Who Know - Your average lyrics about a couple who seem to be so in love that they are involved in romance that nobody other couple can compare to. 07. Do Me A Favour - The classic example of lovers having to leave because of his career. Alex describes how he has to leave his girlfriend for America. 08. This House Is A Circus - Alex I believe is describing a party you'd want to leave if you knew what you were doing to yourself by staying. You'll have to listen and gather your own opinions to understand this song fully though. 09. If You Were There, Beware - A thorough explanation of how the media (mainly the newspaper and celeb mags) can affect people in bad ways, like Alex's girlfriend - "Can't you see she was never meant to fill column inches..." - a great way to describe celebrity newspaper articles. 10. The Bad Thing - Something most can relate to - being harassed by someone who is drunk or harrassing someone while drunk. 11. Old Yellow Bricks - A song I can't really make sense of yet. A lot of references to the Wizard of Oz however. 12. 505 - Amazingly good lyrics about doing whatever you must to get someone back. You'll have to listen (don't just hear) to the lyrics to fully understand and appreciate them. At first I took the lyrics for granted until I tried to figure out their individual meanings and then I was amazed at how cleverly designed they were.

Overall Impression — 10
This album definetly levels with Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. As I've been able to listen to this album and their other ones for 2 years straight without being bored of them, I'd say the three best songs of the album are: Brianstorm, Balaclava, Old Yellow Bricks. There isn't a song to hate... and I think this album is worth crying over even if you get a small dent in the plastic cover... 10 = Unbeatably good. 1 = of N-Dubz quality. Brianstorm - 10 Teddy Picker - 10 D Is For Dangerous - 9 Balaclava - 10 Fluorescent Adolescent - 9 Only Ones Who Know - 8 (I'd give 10 but not as many like this song) Do Me A Favour - 9 This House Is A Circus - 10 If You Were There, Beware - 8.5 The Bad Thing - 8.5 Old Yellow Bricks - 10 505 - 10 Favourite Worst Nightmare - 9.5 Do Not Hesitate In Buying This Album And Don't Download It For Free! Also, give Humbug a chance, it may not be what fans want but the Monkeys sheer talent on this album should be recognised, Turner should be knighted just for his imaginative lyrics on Crying Lighting and Dangerous Animals alone...

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