Favourite Worst Nightmare Review

artist: Arctic Monkeys date: 04/13/2011 category: compact discs
Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare
Release Date: Apr 24, 2007
Label: Domino
Genres: Indie Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
There's something in the music that you would expect from the band the least -- they became serious, but not worse or less interesting.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 8.7
Favourite Worst Nightmare Reviewed by: UG Team, on april 25, 2007
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Sound: When somebody's beat The Beatles in the charts with the debut album, the expectations from the second record are as high as the anticipation before it's release. Will they do it or will they not? -- is all that bothered fans the day before Arctic Monkeys' sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare was out (I should admit, the same question has been haunting music critics). They did it -- the new record is a worthy follow-up to Whatever People Say I am That's What I'm Not. It doesn't grab you by the balls like the previous record did. Instead, you would need a few listens to get into. The titles became shorter, the guys are saying less words a second than they used to and are more straight in expressing themselves, avoiding any flourishing details. What you would expect from a sophomore album is most of it's songs sounding like the predecessor. Not in this case -- there are still battling drums, dirty guitars and noisy sound, but rare you find a song to compare to something from the debut album. The first single Braistorm that reminds me of Choo Choo from Whatever People Say might be the only example and leaves me wishing for more as the music has lost it's infectious melodies. Now Arctic Monkeys are less radio-friendly, trading catchy pop guitar riffs for darker and moodier chords. The album was claimed to be more American-audience oriented and according producers people in America like it more rock and less ska. Favourite Worst Nightmare is heavier with many songs sounding so tight and even scary, that if you change crashing guitar to distortion, they could well be a soundtrack to a horror movie -- like This House Is A Circus with it's haunting guitar solo. Here are even less slows moments than you would expect with a sensitive ballad Only One Who Knows being the only romantic moment of the whole CD. But it's done in the best traditions to touch you -- with whining guitars, mellow strings and Turner suddenly stating that True romance can be achieved these days. // 8

Lyrics: Thanx God that after all the changes Alex Turner didn't loose his cynicism! And he is still straight-forward with things most wouldn't dare to sing about with the lyrics vivid and unexpected as your neighbor's underwear. But now he is less generous for details that amused us on the previous record. Rarely you would find weird rhythms that stick like This house is a circus/ Berserk as f--k in This House Is A Circus or There's a circle of witches, ambitiously vicious they are in If You Were There, Beware. When it comes to vocals, Turner is less diverse now. It seems like he's found the sound that he's comfortable in (and pretty much the effect for his voice too) and he's got no wish no change or vary it. Mostly it's the volume of the singing that changes. He's yelling like a hysterical kid in 505 and soulfully sings with sorrow in Only One Who Knows. // 9

Overall Impression: Even though it's obvious the guys are now much less enthusiastic when it comes to music, this album isn't crushing anybody's expectations or failing in any way. Arctic monkeys have definitely matured, but gaining the experience, the guys have lost the joy and fun they carried in their debut. Favourite Worst Nightmare is more aggressive and even violent. There's something in the music that you would expect from the band the least -- they became serious, but not worse or less interesting. // 9

- Kosh (c) 2007

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overall: 10
Favourite Worst Nightmare Reviewed by: haza, on april 25, 2007
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Sound: Ok I'm going to make this review to the point. There was a lot of pressure on the band to carry off another great album off after the first one, but they have managed to do that. They have all improved a lot as musicians which just means that there is so many new things that they have been able to do. The music is fairly simple but extremely catchy and each song pumps out energy! // 10

Lyrics: Alex is a fantastic lyricist writing about real down to earth experiences that everyone goes through and so everyone can relate to what he is singing about. And again his writing has improved so that he can write about more meaningful things which is top class. The lyrics really stick in your head after a few listens. // 10

Overall Impression: I loved the first Arctic Monkeys album and I just hoped that this album would be as deadly as the first, and it deffonatley did live up to my expectations. My favourite songs have to be Brianstorm, Teddy Picker, Fluorescent Adolescent, This House is A Circus and Old Yellow Bricks. I just love the riffs, the tight drums, the way the lyrics fit perfectly to the music and the genuis of Alex' writing ability (he did write most of the album) I can honestly say that there's nothing I hate about this album and I would deffonatley buy it again if I lost it! // 10

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overall: 8.3
Favourite Worst Nightmare Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 25, 2007
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Sound: I've always liked the Monkeys guitar sound and here it comes out even better thanks to good production. It's the same really cool, twangy, Gang of Four/Dick Dale/James Bond theme kind of sound. The band generally sounds tighter and more refined. Wheather this is due to good production, that fact thay've been playing so much live or both, I don't know. Also the drums seem to have really improved. They fit in the the guitar perfectly and the band really seems to get a singular overall sound which they kind of lacked on WPSIWIN. // 8

Lyrics: I haven't listened to it enough yet but the lyrics are still really cool and whitty. However my first impression is they are not quite up to the standard of "Whatever..." which was brillant. However maybe I'm wrong, since it took me a few listens of their first album to really catch all the puns and ironies. "Fake Tales of San Fransico" on the last album has some of the whittiest lyrics I ever heard since the Smiths in my opinion but I have yet to find anything quite as cool here. // 8

Overall Impression: Definately a step in the right direction. I was only mildly impressed at first but after a few listens I do think overall this album is much better then their first effort and they have gotten much better as a band. At the moment my favorite tracks are "Brainstorm", "Teddy Picker", "The House is a Circus" and "505". Funnily enough only a year ago I didn't really like the Arctic Monkey's. I always heard "I bet you look good on the dancefloor" and thought they were just another over hyped UK indie band. I gave thier first album a good listen and started to like it, especially the lyrics. This album only confirms, while they are still far from my favorite, that I was wrong and the Arctic Monkeys really are a very good band. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Favourite Worst Nightmare Reviewed by: mikespread88, on january 10, 2008
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Sound: Arctic Monkeys are very unique in their sound and seem to have spawned a whole new side to Indie music. The guitars are the main success in how good they are, fast paced riffs giving a certain energy to the majority of their songs. "Brianstorm" exemplifies this, it's unusual enegetic speed making it one of my songs of the year. The previous album was good, it set the bar very high for the Monkeys, but this album seems to have taken it a whole step further, their songs showing a unique variation. They are definitely the modern great. // 9

Lyrics: If the sound isn't good enough, you've got quirky lyrics that not only can you hear, but have the sudden urge to sing along to. The Monkeys as I'm sure you know have a keen sense for humour and they show this in certain songs, such as the first line of "D Is For Dangerous". Alex Turner's voice fits amazingly well with the music. Balaclava's "But we'll do it anyway 'cos we love a bit of trouble!" is probably my favourite line in the album, but through the whole album, once you've listened to it a few times, it's contagious to join in. // 10

Overall Impression: Compared to their last album, this is certainly a step in the right direction, even when you consider that "Whatever People Say I am That's What I'm Not" is still an amazing album in it's own right. The Arctic Monkeys seem to fit in with what modern people want in music. The majority of the songs are brilliant, the first three really standing out to me. "D Is For Dangerous" is an amazing song, probably one of my songs of the year. It does lose it's way in the middle a bit, "Only One Who Knows" and "Do Me A Favour" not quite hitting the highs of the rest, but nevertheless this is one of the best albums of last year. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Favourite Worst Nightmare Reviewed by: iloveher1773, on march 24, 2009
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Sound: When I first heard of the Arctic Monkeys, I really never thought they'll get anywhere. I thought they were a just another band with only a few good singles, and everything else was just horrible or bad such artists/bands like Dragonforce with their #1 single, "Through The Fire And Flames" or "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf. But then I decided to give a good listen at their debut album, "Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not". I listen to it, didn't like it at first. But gave it one more chance and gave more of a depth listen to the songs. Then I thought "Jesus. This is amazing." They're sound is still as unique as it was. But more serious and bolder. Songs like "Brainstorm" and "This House Is A Circus" are good examples. The change was good and bad. I do miss their catchy "happy" riffs, like from "A Certain Romance" and "Mardy Bum", at times rather than the riffs with distortion and what not. But they are still enjoy-able. // 9

Lyrics: Wow. Alex Tuner's natural voice and wonderful lyrics are an excellent combination together. His voice may change, but in a good way. Like from songs from "Only Ones Who Know" where the singing/lyrics are soothing and romantic, to their single, "Teddy Picker" where Alex Tuner is much serious and louder. But still sounds amazing. All of the lyrics and sound of his voice fit's perfectly with each one of the Arctic Monkeys songs. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this was a pretty good second album for the Arctic Monkeys. There are certain songs that really stand out and impress me. My favourites so far are "Teddy Picker", "Fluorescent Adolescent", "Only Ones Who Know", and "505". They did change from their debut album, but a change that made them more amazing. And if this album was ever stolen/lost, I would buy a new one right away. I wouldn't be able live without the Arctic Monkeys. // 9

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overall: 10
Favourite Worst Nightmare Reviewed by: ArcticMonkee, on april 13, 2011
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Sound: "High Tempo" could be used to describe this amazing album - for example: Brianstorm and This House Is A Circus. Even though not much reverb is used, I'd describe the album as reverby as it has this weird sound to it that I can't explain. A good idea for this album is to turn the EQ to bass booster as it is evident that a great deal of effort has been made to utilise the bass to it's full potential on this album. This album is generally about what the media and fame does to people and how it's affecting Alex's relationships. It's also got some songs that are like the ones of their debut album that describe some of Alex's experiences. 01. Brianstorm - At very high tempos this song is great to listen to. Even Nick O'Malley (Bass) has to tremolo pick on this mind-blowing song. It is one of those songs that you get hooked to for different sections of the music at a time and then all these hooky riffs combine (once you've discovered them all) to make the song greater than before. Definetly one of the most recognised riffs ever. 02. Teddy Picker - A really good upbeat song. It's one of those songs that a lot of people will recognise even though they don't know who it's by. The solo on this song is probably the best on the album. 03. D Is For Dangerous - This short-fused cracker is another brilliant song on FWN. The basslines are second to none on this song as well as the catchy chorus. 04. Balaclava - This song is definetly one that should've been a single. The bassline on this is simple but suits the lyrics very well. The main riff is just fantastic - I was hooked on it when I first properly listened to it and kept rewind/forwarding to it all the time... The bass gets even better as the song goes into the chorus and also as the song draws to a sad end. 05. Fluorescent Adolescent - This song is one that even pop bummers would listen to as well as rock fans. The bass is used well and the lyrics/guitar are also catchy. The main draw to this song was definetly the intro - DO DO DO drums and the segmented gutiar pieces are a "treat for the ear!". 06. Only Ones Who Know - To many, this song is "depressing" but I saw through that and decided it's only the already depressed that can find this song depressing. Listening to this could be the end of you if you've lost someone you love to someone else but this song is generally good for anyone - "It's one for lovers". After listening to this and listening to the chords in particular you'll understand what I mean by saying the general sound to the album is "reverby". 07. Do Me A Favour - A very underrated song. This song has a good verse and chorus build up and then, for the high tempo and rockier listeners, a good chorus/outro pelts fast overdriven D, C# and G# chords through your ears, making you want to experience the song again and again but appreciate it as a good all round song. 08, 09. This House Is A Circus/If You Were There, Beware - These two songs are linked and too right. THIAC's bassline is once again phenomenal and the hard, rocky guitar parts are mindblowing. IYWTB is another fast, overdriven song and emphasises that reverby feel. More overdriven guitar parts are used and a good, well suited bassline is utilised. The song is weird (good weird) at some points, mainly the extilude lyrics that build to another repeat of the intro. 10. The Bad Thing - This song is probably the worst of the album but still a good song. Overdriven, slower paced guitars are used on this and the bass isn't really emphasised on this song, unlike the others. The best thing about this song is probably the guitar solos that are fast and go with the intro riff. 11. Old Yellow Bricks - Another song which should've been a single. Amazingly catchy intro and the bass drum really does put a spring in your step and a jolt through your heart. This song is definetly the most reverby song because of the weirdly wonderful and nostalgic chorus. The guitars are tremolo picking once again during the solo and is just a great song... 12. 505 - Who knew that just two chords could be used so effectively? This song is a good example of Turner's composing skill and general talent. The bass is phenomenal on this beaut of a song and the solo is brilliant and suits the song unbelievably well. Definetly the song for a Nirvana fan with a slow, quiet start and a fast, loud ending. Highlight Instrument: Bass // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are a good example of how amazingly complicated Turner's imagination is - it's no wonder he's now writing lyrics of the likes of Dance Little Liar and Fire and the Thud... 01. Brianstorm - these clever lyrics describe a weird man who is excellent at pulling the ladies. 02. Teddy Picker - Great descripion of how pop music artists are literally picked at random from a "teddy picker" and made famous with a click of the fingers. 03. D Is For Dangerous - With lyrics too complicated to figure out this one is a challenge even for Stephen Fry. 04. Balaclava - Good lyrics about unguided teenagers - definetly not lyrics that are easy on the brain. 05. Fluorescent Adolescent - Absolutely great lyrics about a woman who is starting to lose her touch and is not getting the sort of action she use to. "She's no longer glowing like... like a tree" (Turner and O'Malley). 06. Only Ones Who Know - Your average lyrics about a couple who seem to be so in love that they are involved in romance that nobody other couple can compare to. 07. Do Me A Favour - The classic example of lovers having to leave because of his career. Alex describes how he has to leave his girlfriend for America. 08. This House Is A Circus - Alex I believe is describing a party you'd want to leave if you knew what you were doing to yourself by staying. You'll have to listen and gather your own opinions to understand this song fully though. 09. If You Were There, Beware - A thorough explanation of how the media (mainly the newspaper and celeb mags) can affect people in bad ways, like Alex's girlfriend - "Can't you see she was never meant to fill column inches..." - a great way to describe celebrity newspaper articles. 10. The Bad Thing - Something most can relate to - being harassed by someone who is drunk or harrassing someone while drunk. 11. Old Yellow Bricks - A song I can't really make sense of yet. A lot of references to the Wizard of Oz however. 12. 505 - Amazingly good lyrics about doing whatever you must to get someone back. You'll have to listen (don't just hear) to the lyrics to fully understand and appreciate them. At first I took the lyrics for granted until I tried to figure out their individual meanings and then I was amazed at how cleverly designed they were. // 10

Overall Impression: This album definetly levels with Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. As I've been able to listen to this album and their other ones for 2 years straight without being bored of them, I'd say the three best songs of the album are: Brianstorm, Balaclava, Old Yellow Bricks. There isn't a song to hate... and I think this album is worth crying over even if you get a small dent in the plastic cover... 10 = Unbeatably good. 1 = of N-Dubz quality. Brianstorm - 10 Teddy Picker - 10 D Is For Dangerous - 9 Balaclava - 10 Fluorescent Adolescent - 9 Only Ones Who Know - 8 (I'd give 10 but not as many like this song) Do Me A Favour - 9 This House Is A Circus - 10 If You Were There, Beware - 8.5 The Bad Thing - 8.5 Old Yellow Bricks - 10 505 - 10 Favourite Worst Nightmare - 9.5 Do Not Hesitate In Buying This Album And Don't Download It For Free! Also, give Humbug a chance, it may not be what fans want but the Monkeys sheer talent on this album should be recognised, Turner should be knighted just for his imaginative lyrics on Crying Lighting and Dangerous Animals alone... // 10

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