Army Of Anyone review by Army of Anyone

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  • Released: Nov 14, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (60 votes)
Army of Anyone: Army Of Anyone

Sound — 10
Army Of Anyone rises from the ashes of Stone Temple Pilots, and join up with Filter to form one of the most unique bands out there today. The music on this album is nothing short of fantastic, with each song deserving merit for it's uniqueness it has on the album. Forget other "supergroups" like Audioslave or Velvet Revolver; finally a band is able to live up to their name. By now, you must be thinking, "Wow, this guy is stupid", or preferably, "What makes this album so good?" Good question. There are many reasons for just loving this album, but what drew me the most into this album was it's sheer amount of genres and influences it covers. A little bit of the Beatles and their acid rock, a little bit of Pink Floyd and their meticulate harmony, a toss in of 90's alternative grunge, and even industrial rock. Harmony definitely plays a key role here; Dean and Robert DeLeo, without a doubt, are the most underrated instrumentalists in rock. Their ability to come up with hammering riffs and hooks time after time, combined with their sheer skills, gives this album a brilliant shine. The record is chockful of catchy riffs and great rhythm. It's brilliant. Moving on to vocals, Richard Patrick proves again why he's a refreshing change to the stale vocals in rock today. His vocals range from hard and low growls, all the way up to very high croons that would make Freddie Mercury proud. His vocals are evenly spread out throughout the album. All though most have a hard hitting growl to them (Goodbye), Patrick manages to pull out the big guns on sleeper hits such as Stop, Look, and Listen. Brilliant yet again. Now what kind of album would it be without a drummer? AOA managed to pull in one of the best session drummers in the business; Ray Luzier. His presence adds a whole new lair to the band's sound, which is definitely a good thing. Overall a fantastic addition to an already fantastic band.

Lyrics — 9
Richard Patrick proves to a great lyricist along with being a great vocalist. Although his lyrics are on the simple side, they are very effective in representing the moods of the songs. His vocal skills is excellent; he shows that he can easily go from a angry growl to a high scream/croon that would make Freddie Mercury proud.

Overall Impression — 10
Stone Temple Pilots is my favorite band of all time. Filter? My second. So to think these two rock powerhouses would combine was just beyond my thinking rage. I mean, who would've thunk'd it? I admit, I had some doubts about the album at first. As time went on, I discovered this album to be a true gem that represents some of the best music to grace rock in nearly 5 years. There's a lot of STP and Filter influence here; you won't have to look very hard. If you are fan of either bands, pick it up. Fan of both? Pick it up. Like rock but not sure? Pick it up! You can't go wrong!

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    by far the best CD of this year. no one comes close to even touching this. a lot of times when you anticipate cds for a long time they end up sucking cough*stadium arcadium*cough, but this one went way above my expectations.
    anyone who likes stp needs to give this a listen. i think it sounds incredible and the drummer is a beast.
    the album really flows together perfectly especially with goodbye and generation which just sound like one song
    Rosetta Stoned
    I'm a massive filter fan so when i heard about the frontmans new band, army of anyone i had to give it a listen and hell i was blown away by hell great it sounds, like everyone here is saying, this album freaking rocks.