A Celebration Of Guilt review by Arsis

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (75 votes)
Arsis: A Celebration Of Guilt

Sound — 10
From the moment I pressed the "play" button, this album was just... Wow. "A Celebration of Guilt" opens up with "The Face of My Innocence", a really catchy song, both vocally and instrumentally, progressing through "Carnal Ways to Recreate the Heart", and ending with the excellent "Wholly Night". The 45 minutes of the album just passed by so quickly, and that's a sign of something being done right and interesting. Arsis' sound can be best described as Technical Melodic Death Metal, spiced up with some good ol' Thrash. Due to this, although a lot more extreme, some may find the sound on this album to resemble certain moments of bands such as At the Gates or Carcass. To sum it all up, shredding guitars and fast melodies are the best words to describe what this album sounds like, and damn it's good!

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on the album are half the "me and you" kind of lyrics, and half critic of the world - resembling despair, loss and similar subjects. So it's a matter of taste which you prefer, although I think both sides will be quite pleased with how the lyrics turned out - as they are written in a very intelligent matter. The way they're sung is kind of... throaty, as I read somewhere and couldn't agree more. Also, it sometimes tends to switch to a more "Black Metal" kind of singing, but when summed up - it leaves one recognizing Arsis easily, making the band different from others - and that I fully respect.

Overall Impression — 10
"A Celebration of Guilt" is best compared with albums such as "Defiant Imagination" by Quo Vadis. The best way to describe it would be by saying "This album is just like Defiant Imagination, only done in a more mischievous manner." And I loved "Defiant Imagination", so this album is just as good to me. My favorite track is probably the opening track, "The Face of My Innocence" - a very catchy, memorable and simply awesome song. Everything about this album is simply great to me, a classic album, and I'd most probably get it again if it were stolen or lost. If not for the music, then for the awesome artwork!

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    Great album and review. I've heard some people complain about the drum mixing, but I love it. Like in The Face of My Innocence, when James starts singing, the cymbals are just awesome. My favourites from this album are probably The Face of My Innocence , Return , and Carnal Ways to Recreate the heart . I also like the growls James does at times.
    Amuro Jay
    Fudge, I was going to review this. Too bad I postponed it. Anywho, this is an amazing album and definitely one of my favorites.
    The JesterHead
    jetfuel495 wrote: Fudge, I was going to review this. Too bad I postponed it. Anywho, this is an amazing album and definitely one of my favorites.
    Review it, it doesn't really matter if you're not the first one... A lot of people want to hear (read) a second opinion anyway
    someone complained about the drum mixing?! that's the best drum sound I've ever heard! Working on playing the drums and singing face of my innocence simultaneously
    Nafon wrote: My favourite melodeath album ever.
    Seconded! Saying a lot considering i'm a huge melodeath fan myself. One of the most addictive albums ever, there isn't a single bad song on this album.
    simple greg
    they remind me of Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy... which is in no way a bad thing
    fossa II
    I think this was a great album but i feel like they were still coming into their own. I did enjoy most of the songs (dust and guilt and worship depraved especially) but there were definitely a few that i felt were weak. I feel like it was a necessary step before A Diamond for Disease kinda like We Are the Nightmare had to happen before they nailed it on Unwelcome.