Instinct review by As Blood Runs Black

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  • Released: Mar 15, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (45 votes)
As Blood Runs Black: Instinct

Sound — 8
Back in 2006, As Blood Runs Black released "Allegiance", and it forever changed the deathcore scene. It was a very important album for the scene. With the melodic death metal influences and the metalcore/hardcore influences making it a really good album for everyone who's down with the scene. Anyways, enough about that album. In the 5 year span has ABRB made any progression? Yes and no. Yes in the fact that their riffs are more complex, technical, and progressive (the title track and the interludes), but they haven't really made much progression on the account that they are still stuck with the "0-8-5-7" sorta riffs from the first album. The overall sound on the record is very similar to their first record 'cause, like I said before, they use a lot of the same open note chugging and "0-8-5-7" riffs, but I still think they are sick. The chord progressions on the record are more of the same on "Allegiance", but they have gone out of the C-minor key with their riffs, making themselves stand out more. They also used material from their pre-production demo and put in a solo to make it flow ("Echos Of An Era"). They also took one of their instrumentals, "Air Force One", and turned it into the song "In Honor". The breakdowns are crushing, but they are short ones in-between riffs, so after a couple of bars of a breakdown, it goes back into a fast riff. The intro track is a lot like their first intro from "Allegiance" as well, making it build up for what was to come, and the other instrumental ("Tribulations") was also like an intro to "Divided". The bass plays what the guitars are playing most of the time, yet there are some bass sweeps here and there during the course of the record, but you don't really hear it accept in some of the breakdowns and when the guitars go into a higher register. The drums are less over the top with the fills, but Leche is still doing some interesting fills and is still really tight. Lastly, the vocalist utilizes a metalcore scream/growl and the hardcore shouting which works for what the music has.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are more of the same from the first record, about rebellion and risking it all and whatnot, mostly "tough guy" lyrics, but they fit the atmosphere of the record. The album cover is also really cool 'cause it looks like a futuristic setting, maybe telling us how much they grew as musicians over the 5 year span.

Overall Impression — 8
Production of "Instinct" is quieter in a sense cause "Allegiance" seemed louder, but it's still crystal clear as you can hear every riff and drum fill and you can understand what the vocalist was screaming. 80/100 Pros: Fast riffs Heavy breakdowns Good lyrics Cons: Vocals are a little generic -5 The interludes don't really help the music -10 It could have been a little longer -5 To conclude, this was a great record and anyone who liked their first record will dig this. One of the best records of 2011. Go buy it.

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    @jetfuel495 Whatever !! When I read your review I got the strong feeling that there are some very obvious jelousy statements written in it. And I can personally understand why because you're stil young and you probably do not know wht you're talking about. And Thats all good because everybody has the right to their own opinion, but I couldn't disagree more. Instinct is in many ways abetter album than allegiance. Firt of all they must have had a better producer on the new album because the overall sound is way better !!! It sounds real fluid and the drums are a big part of that. Soundwise they are toned down a notch and blend in with the guitar work much better than on the allegiance album. You complained in your review that the new songs were not original and innovative... and here is the thing ABRB is a metalcore band dude that is what metalcore sounds like. And probably more important its how its supposed to sound like
    Amuro Jay
    lmao dude really? jealousy statements? I admitted that I don't even like the genre anymore, how could I possibly be jealous of them? And young? I guess I was young, I was 21 when I wrote that review. But I still stand by everything I said. Heck, two and a half years later, I would probably give this album a lower score if I could review it again. By the way, this is not what metalcore is "supposed" to sound like. You're obviously the one who has no idea what he's talking about, not me.
    Oh hey, I came upon this review sort of randomly like you did. I felt compelled to address that last statement of yours. " here is the thing ABRB is a metalcore band dude that is what metalcore sounds like. And probably more important its how its supposed to sound like " That's exactly the problem. They sounded like every other band that thinks that they're hardcore because they can alternative pick open notes and hit a double bass pedal. Allegiance came out in 2006 man. Think about that for a second. What other bands were doing that kind of music back then that were even remotely popular? I can really only think of As I Lay Dying's Shadow's are Security album. The whole thing got outplayed quickly, especially in recent years. Now you have Of Mice & Men which is a ripoff of every hardcore band ever, Devil Wears Prada doing their same shit, as well as a bunch of other generic bands that think they're creative by singing about how a ship is sinking. They had 5 years to improve and perhaps even revolutionize this genre of music. Allegiance really did a lot of work for them. But they did nothing. They sound like every other band these days, and that's the big disappointment. "The overall sound is better"? Yeah, if you're trying to sound like everyone else. At least they had their own distinct sound. Like Suicide Silence did before their most recent album. Now you can barely tell who is who. Imagine what you can learn in 5 years. These guys learned nothing. That's the most accurate review I have ever read on this website by far.