Come Now Sleep review by As Cities Burn

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  • Released: Aug 14, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (19 votes)
As Cities Burn: Come Now Sleep

Sound — 9
As Cities Burn (ACB) has actually come a long way from where they first started. ACB was never just an ordinary band though. They have always maintain their own unique form of music and it has never failed to blow me away. "Come Now Sleep", the follow up to "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest", is denifately a big step for ACB. Now you might remember ACB as a hardcore screamo band, but they have decided to slightly change that for many reasons. My friend Tim said that he had talked to Cody (lead vocals/ lead guitar of ACB), before a show at RCKTWN about why they had taken out so much of their scream. Cody replied,"There are only so many ways to scream in music, but there are unlimited ways you can sing." So, ACB was an incredible screamin band, but they have simply lost some of that harsh tone. Cody still has a powerful singing voice that will definaltely move you upon the first listen of this CD. Cody usually will sing in a unique high-pitch, yet low moanish voice that really something else.I would say that the style of this CD is somewhere in the alternative and rock category. I know some things about the story behind this CD. I spoke to Cody before an ACB show (the same one as before) and he said that the whole purpose of the CD is for the band's close friend, Tiomthy. I am not positive on this, but I believe he committed suicide, and this greatly moved the band emotionally. So, they have deicated the album to Timothy, and hope and pray he is in a safe place.

Lyrics — 10
As Cities Burn have got some of the most powerful, moving lyrics that you will ever hear in your lifetime. The SILYAYD CD already had incredible collection of inspiring lyrics that I did not believe could be topped, but ACB did it. Just listen to songs like "Empire", "This Is It, This Is It", and "New Sun". They all have their own seperate message, but in a way the can also connect to each other in ways as well. Cody's voice, like I said before, will absolutely sway you with amazement. I guarantee you will love it.

Overall Impression — 9
Simply put, there is absolutely no other artist like As Cities Burn as far as I have heard. They are absolutely one of the best bands of the year and deserve to get some props. The best songs from this album I would have to say are "Empire", "This Is It, This Is It", and "Timothy", I chose these 3 because they are incredible songs, but personally, I think the whole album is amazing. As for pro's, ACB have brought us some new and fresh that is very skiled and talented. Cons, I guess if you aren't into singing voices and only like the hardcore stuff, you won't fid this album as exciting as the one before it. If lost or stolen, yes I would pick up another copy as soon as possible. Listen to ACB new CD. It's really worth your time!

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    I really like this cd I got about a week after it came out and I think its one of my most favorite cd's it is different from their last album but I think it was a change for the better.
    Side Effect
    I would say this is the album of 2007 easily. Clouds is such a beautiful song. Every song is unique and inspiring. The guitar work is pretty good and the new guitarist can move his way around the fretboard. More people should give this band a chance. If you didn't like the first album, like I did, don't let this one scare you away. They have changed completely and I think it's for the better.
    Side Effect
    I should also say I don't think the term Alternative Metal is very fitting for this album. It mixes a lot of things such as post-rock and progressive rock a little. Definitely a great sound.
    just to let you know side effect, I didn't get to choose to call it, "alternative metal." I agree with you
    ACB is one of the best bands I've ever listened to... I kinda miss the screaming at times but still lyrics are awesome guitar work is truly amazing, I don't believe anyone can produce the same sound as these guys do. Amazing band.
    JB guitarist
    ACB are simply beutiful. lyrics, singing, and music are all some of the best I've heard in this genre. I'm in love with this cd