A Long March: The First Recordings Review

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 05/11/2007 category: compact discs
As I Lay Dying: A Long March: The First Recordings
Release Date: May 16, 2006
Label: Metal Blade
Genres: Heavy Metal, Grindcore
Number Of Tracks: 22
A Long March: The First Recordings sounds surprisingly clean, although the drum sounds are a bit muddy and sheeny in the cymbal end.
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 7.3
 Overall Impression: 7.3
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overall: 8
A Long March: The First Recordings Reviewed by: 94 hours, on june 29, 2006
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Sound: This album is of course a remake of As I Lay Dyings first two albums (Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes, American Tragedy). These albums were meant as EPs so naturally the sound is a little raw, but it gives it a harder sound. If you listen to the guitars in the re-recorded soungs such as "Forever" you can hear a definite change in sound. The guitars are much "crunchier" sounding than the cleaner sounding last two albums. I also enjoyed hearing bass lines in "Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier", seeing as how the album "Frail Words Collapse" was recorded without a bassist. Tim's vocals are also much deeper, and hoarse sounding. It reminds me of Extol's screamer. // 9

Lyrics: This album was written very quickly so most of the songs are very short and don't have very many lyrics. But the songs show a definite meaning behind them showing Tim and Jordan's struggle in the music industry, such as in songs like "A Long March". Tim defines most of the songs in the lyric sheet, which is written more like a biography. // 7

Overall Impression: AILD has always and will always be my favorite band and when I heard they were coming out with a remake album I was very pleased and it has not dissapointed me one bit. While I did enjoy "Shadows Are Security" more than this album I would say that would only be because of the raw sound of the album. If this CD were stolen from me it would definitely be worth purchasing again and again. // 8

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overall: 4
A Long March: The First Recordings Reviewed by: gigson111, on may 11, 2007
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Sound: This is, a really crappy CD. I like their new CD and whatnot, but this CD just sucks! The screaming is horrible. I can't stand it. When I bought, I thought it was one of there good albums. I was totally wrong. I only like the one song on it "Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier," that is the only song I personally like from it. Some of the guitar riffs are good, but the singing just completely kills it.I know some people are die hard ASID fans, but you have to say this album is not very good. 27 songs, sure, it's got loads of songs but they are not all of good quality. Some people will agree, some wont, but that's what I say for the sound of it. // 3

Lyrics: O my god. The singing was mediocre but the screaming was just horrible. He has improved on his screaming since the first album by quite a bit, but the screaming was bad. It sometimes sounded like they were just throwing random words and screams with riffs. Horrible signing skills. // 5

Overall Impression: This, compared to other albums, not comparable. Most of the time that means it goes, but this one sucks! But compared to their new album shadows are security, it is garbage. The best song from this is album is behind me lies another fallen soldier but that's it. The guitar intro for the beginning was pretyy good but that is it. If I lost thise peice of crap, I'm would probably choose britney spears over this. But I would get the newer album. // 4

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overall: 10
A Long March: The First Recordings Reviewed by: guitarslasher21, on august 03, 2006
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Sound: The sound of this album does AILD there best impression with the throaty vocals and the speeding double bass drums you CD hear in every track and along with the 2 great guitarists you get an awesome metal band with a point. The CD includes revamped versions of songs off there earlier albums which are "Illusions," "Forever," "Reinvention," "The Begining," and "The Pain of Seperation." // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics relate to the band's struggle through the hardships. The following are the lyrics to the first five tracks which are the re-recorded tracks. // 10

Overall Impression: I thought this was AILD best album yet and I hope to see much more like this from the band and I hope to see them get better just as they keep getting through there years together. Also I hope they stay as good live as they are now because in my opinion they are better live than on the CDs. // 10

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