An Ocean Between Us review by As I Lay Dying

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  • Released: Aug 21, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (335 votes)
As I Lay Dying: An Ocean Between Us

Sound — 8
This album is far and beyond Shadows Are Security as far as sound. They quite relying on the open palm-muted riff so damn much. Thank God. That's why SaS is their worst album by far. And they also decided to play a few more solos. It's about time, they needed to do this or they would've come close to losing a fan. There are less breakdowns. It's more of a thrashy sound at points. They are not Trivium in that regard but a better band nonetheless. Adam D is great with producton and this album sounds amazing. Once again, AILD is superior to even his own band. Killswitch should take a hint from AILD and add some solos. Anyway, this album is pretty solid all the way through. The Sound of Truth is by far the standout track. The Lead riff during the clean sung chorus is very effective. The solos are downright awesome. Josh outshines Clint very easily and AILD has never sounded better. This album is great. They have so much more potential. Hopefully they build on it and get better with each album after Shadows are Security which is terrible in comparison with Frail Words Collapse and An Ocean Between Us.

Lyrics — 10
Tim never fails to write amazing lyrics. If the lyrics had sucked on SaS, I would quit listening to it. When this band fails instrumentally, he holds them up with his thought-provoking lyrics. Nothing Left has a message that is something that not many men would be willing to write about. Overall, these lyrics are enough to intrigue and non-metal fan. Once again, Josh Gilbert is a huge upgrade at clean vocals.

Overall Impression — 9
While this album destroys Shadows Fall's latest release. It is no "The Blackening." This, however, is still an amazing Metal album and is right up there with Frail Words Collapse in comparison to their other albums. I would definitely pick this album up for Jordan's Drumming and Tim's Lyrics. The guitarists step it up as well with better guitar solos and better leads. This is worth 10-18 bucks, don't mess with it if it's over though.

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    Bunyip wrote: I agree with the above thoughts on the album: I very much liked the previous albums. And I realy like the new direction they have taken. they have really steped up a notch. with regards to the new singer: I can hear Il Nino in there somewhere and would like to hear other ppls opinions on this???? (Im not saying its a bad thing by the way, just saying)
    you are right my homie said that too
    AILD did a real good job on this one, even though it might not be the best material they've made it still makes for a very good listen. Nothing Left, and an Ocean Between Us are my fav songs on the album. As I already said, regardless it will still make for a good listen if you're a true metalhead.
    An Ocean Between Us is As I Lay Dyings first album after 2005 release Shadows Are Security
    its actually there second durrr excellent cd though.
    burn the stars
    i actually cant get myself to listen to this the entire way through, too much singing, although it fits and is well done. i just cant get into it as much as their earlier works.
    LakeboDom wrote: lilboisX3 wrote: HavokStrife : AILD has to be the most generic metalcore band ever. That opening riff in their single out now is the only thing on the album I liked. I don't understand how someone could actually like, and listen to this band. And they're nowhere near the musicians people make them out to be, honestly. finally someone else sees that they are so godamn generic i dont wanna buy an album for 4 good songs i wanna buy an album cause its all good. not 4 good songs and the rest sound the same. Tims vocals are crap he was better in the old CD. The clean vocals are pathetic its like they dont try. track 11 has a good vibe going in the begining and they slaughter the whole feel of the song. i wonder are they even trying. i like being able to understand what they are saying. alot of metal bands have lyrics i can understand. i know what shadows fall says same with lamb of god in flames well new in flames, i can understand corey taylor. shit killswitch engages vocalist is good too. i know what each of those guys is saying. for all i know Tim Lamb. could be singing about gay sex not that he is just a statement. what reallly seperates the songs is the lyrics. i dont think that tim is the best out there he actually sounds worse than before. my buddy is a AILD fan to the death and he is extremely dissappointed as well. honeslty it feels like they are out to make money sometimes. its sad i really used to love this band too First. AILD is not generic metalcore. They are one of the first in the Genre they have now left showing in their new album. Second. Its kinda hard to hear lyrics in Metal dont you think....otherwise its not Thats the difference between growling or screaming and...SINGING! Third. The bands you mentioned do scream or growl and it is in fact hard to understand. Shadows Fall: One of the most overrated bands. Guitarists are good but cant write good music if thier life depended on it. Lamb of God is okay. Guitarists play same riffs pretty much. LMAOOO Corey not gonna say anything about Slipknot i dont need to ha. New inflames is weak they havent made anything good in yearssss. Fourth: Its IMPOSIBLE for any album to have all their songs be amazing. and also your friend would have to be a fan of "generic metalcore" to not like the new album dont you think? W/e This album is amazing.
    i was giving those bands as examples mostly slipknot. but hey at least slipknot evolved with each album. just like hmmmm o thats it IN FLAMES. yeah they cant stay in the death metal closet forever. As i Lay dying sounds like everyone else. **** it im gonna go listen to some pantera and megadeth you enjoy yourself and your shitty waste of money album