An Ocean Between Us review by As I Lay Dying

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  • Released: Aug 21, 2007
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 9.1 (335 votes)
As I Lay Dying: An Ocean Between Us

Sound — 6
My friend reccomended this album to me. I've never had any expirience with AILD until now, so this is going off of first impressions. Before I get to the bad, I want to point out that these are talented musicians. The guitar riffs are good and the solos are an air guitarist's dream. It's certainly proven on "The Sound Of Truth" and "Departed". The problem is that the riffs rely too much on the lower notes on the guitar. I swear, they just chunk the first few frets for most of the riffs. It would probably be better if the guitar effects weren't so burbly, the production isn't top-notch. The bass is barely inaudible for most songs, and they pretty much just blastbeat their way through the album. Now, I love double bass and all, but it sounds like he replaced the bass drums with pillows.

Lyrics — 7
My main gripe about Christian rock/metal is the lyrics. Being an atheist, I don't like hearing some vocalist death growling "God is awesome." The good thing about this band is that the lyrics aren't flat-out Christian. They can be interpreted that way, but aren't what I described above. There are some really great lyrics on this album, like on "An Ocean Between Us", "Nothing Left", and "Bury Us All." There are a few not so good lyrics, like "I Never Wanted", "Forsaken", and "Within Destruction." Like the opening lines of "Forsaken," "I've looked straight into your eyes/ And turned my head for the last time" There are only a few lines like these. Now the vocals, they're okay. Tim doesn't have much vocal range aside from his monotone death growl and the ocassional scream. The death growl isn't great, but it fits the music I suppose. The new bass player's clean vocals are a nice touch, especially when paired with the growls on "I Never Wanted."

Overall Impression — 7
My friend said this was the best death metal CD he had ever heard. To me, it doesn't deserve that honor (for best death metal album ever, see Colors by Between The Buried And Me). The main problem about this is that there just isn't enough variation here. Most of the songs are 3-4 downtuned, doubled bassed, death growled mosh fests. It does start to wear a little thin into the album. The death metal ballad "I Never Wanted" breaks it up a bit. There just aren't enough memorable songs that you can remember after the first 4 or 5 listens to the CD. A band three albums into their carrer shouldn't be putting out this. I'd have to say the best songs are "Nothing Left", the title track and "I Never Wanted." Honorable mentions are "The Sound Of Truth" and "This Is Who We Are." But sadly, even the best songs on here are no "Master Of Puppets" or "White Walls" (Between The Buried And Me). It disappoints me because I was really looking forward to this. If this album was lost or stolen, I wouldn't care.

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    As I Lay Dying is metalcore at it's finest. 8.6 rating? Deserves way more than that. This album is a such a step up from their previous albums. As much as i love Shadows are Security and Frail Words Collapse, you can tell they put a lot of effort and thought into making this album.
    An Ocean Of Christian Garbage more like it. They have a couple good songs, but for the most part I cant stand listening to them.
    [quote]xXChimairaXx wrote: As I Lay Dying is metalcore at it's finest. [quote] I reckon in terms of metalcore, Unearth are better, but As I Lay Daying are second. death is much better though.
    ricthesic wrote: whats up with the emo vocals from the bass?? as i lay dying has forever turned me off of "metalcore" i think their chorus that goes "is this your salvation....." is more emo and pop then the confined and darkest nights chorus i feel ashamed to have listened to them b4 i should have listened to the people that said stay away from that metalcore shit
    your a little bitch. first you say that it sounds like all metalcore. then you say that it has emo choruses? are you saying that all their choruses are emo or are you basing your thesis off of one part of one song? the breakdowns and solos AILD puts out are amazing and they are going in a new direction, away from the metalcore genre, with this album, unless you were to ignorant to actually listen to it. if you wanna talk generic bullshit talk about slipknot. my personal favorite off the album is riff ever, IMO
    Artisan_Bassist wrote: rictazero wrote: this has got to be one of the best CDs i have ever heard. AILD is ****ing amazing. to the unregistered guy, you're supposed to rate the LYRICS not the sound of Tim's voice, and the lyrics are amazing! i don't care if you can't understand it, if you're really into metal you'd be able to besides that, bands usually put their lyrics in their album art thingy.....and if not,you can find them on the internet. It's not too hard to get the lyrics. and besides, Tim's voice is absolutely amazing.
    Uh to the guy above the other dude. Yes you are supposed to rate the persons singing abilities. It will say to require it in the criteria (god i sound like im explaining an assessment task..)
    lmfao the unregistered guys comment about the drums being monotonous and the guitars being the only distinguishing factor between songs is the exact opposite of deathcore.....where the drums are the only distinguishing factor between songs because the guitars are dropped so low (like drop b? or A?) and the vocals are all hard to understandalso Tims vocals are way easier to understand on AOBU than on any previous recording and his is getting better listen to Austrian death machine you understand 90% of all his vocals
    Solid album by a great band! Who's pumped for they're new one? I am! I think they changed they're sound again, but AOBU proves that they can change they're sound and still sound great.
    I tried to scream like Tim, now i cant sing like Justin Bieber anymore..Thanks As I Lay Dying