This Is Who We Are [DVD] review by As I Lay Dying

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  • Released: Apr 14, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (78 votes)
As I Lay Dying: This Is Who We Are [DVD]

Sound — 9
If you like As I Lay Dying you will LOVE this DVD. The sound is as clean as a recorded live performance can get. I just hope you have a nice stereo/surround sound system to enjoy it! Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso play their well known licks with precision and attitude. You can hear bass player Josh Gilbert chugging along right along with the guitars. Front man Tim Lambesis screaming passion into the mics. Phil and Josh also have some vocal parts. Josh has the voice of an angel! he seriously does. You can hear his voice soar on the live performance of "I Never Wanted". Last but definitely not least, drummer Jordan Mancino keeps the beat with his rediculous double bass skills and his mind blowing fills.

Content — 10
"This Is Who We Are" is a 3- Disc set Disc -1 is a 2 hour documentary about the band. You see the different "phases" of As I Lay Dying. The band has been through at least 10(maybe a little exaggerated..or maybe not) member changes. Dan Ackerman, Singer of "Destroy The Runner" used to play guitar for ALID. That's just a little random fact for you lol..I never knew that though until I bought this. It is really motivating how you see how a group of kids can grow up to become international rockstars. You start to feel like you know them after it is over. They never expected to blow up how they did, they just had a passion for music and they accomplished way more than they may have ever dreamed of, like being nominated for a Grammy Award. You watch them go from playing anywhere they can in 2001 to anywhere they want in 2008. They all seem like really cool, down to earth guys.By the time Disc 1 was over I was pumped because I was ready to see them Rock! Disc 2- Disc 2 is full of live performances. They play in venues near their home like "The Jumping Turtle" in front of 500 people, all the way up to Germany's Wacken Music Festival in front of over 10'000 people. My Favorite section is when they play at The Grove in Anaheim, CA because they have badass art up all over the stage and the lighting is just epic. Throughout the disc they perform songs from their newest CD An Ocean Between Us as well as songs from earlier albums. Disc 3- Disc 3 includes about 8..maybe more.. Music Videos. There is at least an hour if not more of Extra Footage, and a couple more live performances. When you click the "Extra Footage" title it goes to a menu of titles. Like "Meaning" which includes the Meaning of their lyrics and the beliefs of the band. "Moves" where these two female actors/fans impersonate the band member's "Signature Moves" and their demeanor on stage while the band laughs about it. There is tons of other stuff including litle Video Bios on all of the members. I still haven't watched all of the Extra' is all too much to watch in one day..I tried though lol

Production Quality — 9
The Production is awesome. I'm not an expert in the field of production but I can tell you what I think lol. They did a great job of getting all kinds of different angles of the band on stage. Also did a great job of capturing the vibe of the venue, sometimes you feel as if you are there watching them. They make good use of different types of cameras. There are parts where the band might be out seeing sights in a foreign country and they are filming it themselves with a normal handy cam. Then it will shoot to a performance where it is in High Definition. There is only one thing that I think would have really made this DVD a lot better. I wish that there were more close-ups of the Nick and Phil shredding. I mean don't get me wrong they do a good job of not favoring any member on camera more. Being an aspiring guitarist I just wanted to see their technique and style on the fretboard more than I did. That is my only complaint and really wasn't that big of a deal because I was too busy head banging and playing air guitar most of the time anyway.

Overall Impression — 8
Really the only other Metal DVD I have seen is "Children of Bodom's Chaos Ridden Years" which was legit. I think that is why I wish the guitarists got more camera time because in COB's DVD Alexi is the frontman as well as lead guitar and has ton's of solo's..I recommend that DVD too. Although this DVD was AWESOME I was slightly dissappointed for some reason. Now that I think about it I know why! Because there wasn't a performance of "Bury Us All" and that is my favorite song next to "Forsaken" which IS on the DVD. I love how they took the time to interview past members and go through all of the band's history which I appreciated.IT makes me like the Band alot more to know who they are and to see a little bit of their lives off stage. There all also a few "guests" in the DVD there are a few scenes with Adam D from Killswitch Engage(He helped produce An Ocean Between Us) goofing around with the band and a scene with the Frontman from August Burns Red, Jacob Luhrs performing with them. If I lost this DVD I wouldn't buy it again..not at $40! I would when the price came down..but it is definitely a must have In your Metal DVD Library.

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    AILD is amazing and so talented!!!!! Even if Metalcore does die these guys wont!!!!! And I agree almost everyghing in metalcore 0-8-7-5 for a huge example THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA not hateing the devil wears prada they are good but just saying! But ya...AILD isn't 0-8-7-5 at all!!!!!
    ^SiVART^ wrote: AILD is amazing and so talented!!!!! Even if Metalcore does die these guys wont!!!!! And I agree almost everyghing in metalcore 0-8-7-5 for a huge example THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA not hateing the devil wears prada they are good but just saying! But ya...AILD isn't 0-8-7-5 at all!!!!!
    Ha, i totally agree.i hate this mall-core, dance-core crap thats coming out so bland and tasteless.Wheres the Beef!!!!!