Win Us Over review by ASG

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  • Released: Jan 22, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (6 votes)
ASG: Win Us Over

Sound — 8
To start with ASG's new album, "Win Us Over," starts out with the same heavy distortion (as I call it ASG Distortion) they have in their previous albums: "ASG," "Amplification For Self Gratification," and "Feeling Good Is Good Enough." The first song is "Right Before Death," which features some dead notes on the guitar. The ASG Distortion continues until the song "Coffee Depression Sunshine." In this song ASG turns the guitars on a clean mode, which make this song the most unique song from them. I personally love this song and it is my 3rd favorite song from this album. When you think that is the only surprise you'll get from ASG in this album you are wrong! That's because ASG offers another unique style of their rock in this album in the song "A Number to Murder Two" which is a song played on the acoustic guitar. This is without a doubt not their best song but it has great lyrics. Other than those unique surprises in this album, there is the great ASG guitar riffs. If you loved the guitar riffs from their previous albums you will without a doubt love this ASG album. I give the sound an 8 because I was upset about the the song "A Number to Murder Two" it just isnt the ASG I love

Lyrics — 8
My overall impression of the lyrics in "Win Us Over" is that they are very interesting. In a few songs the lyrics just are depressing and the others are just ASG lyrics. For example, the song "Palm Springs" (Which is my favorite song from ASG) has some angry lyrics, "If your not scared/Then why'd you bring that gun/Dead bodies baking in the center of the sun/Hand grenades will blow away/The passion let it burn away/Your mother said I was the one/Jesus I'm a sinner/Jesus I'm your sin/Jesus I'm a sinner." Even though these lyrics are harsh they still go great with the music. This ASG album is much like their previous work and is to me the best album from them. But the singer, he is fanomable. Especially his screaming in the music is prefect and even live he is great.

Overall Impression — 9
This album "Win Us Over" when compared to the other three albums from ASG is a close one to put in order, but this album, in my opinion, would go first because it is a newer and better ASG. The most impressive songs are: "Win Us Over" "Palm Springs" and "Coffee Depression Sunshine." This is because "Win Us Over" (the song) includes a nice solo and a nice screaming part. "Palm Springs" for the great guitar riffs and "Coffee Depression Sunshine" for the vocal part because this vocal part is hard to sing beacause it is in a low octive. I love all the songs in this album but I admitt I only listened to "A Number To Murder Two" three times but every other song like 10, 000 times. If I were you and you had not heard about ASG I wouls suggest that you buy this album to be your first ASG album and if you already love ASG you'll love the surprise they pack into the album!

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    "I give the sound an 8 because I was upset about the the song "A Number to Murder Two" it just isnt the ASG I love" Your kidding me! that was a buetifull song! the acoustic amazement i was in when i cranked this up was just a breath of fresh air compared to taking over which was the song before this on the album. his voice is really brilliant.